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Split failed error

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jkyyt, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. I'm creating a track to RBR with BTB but as I now exported it, the track doesn't work. In RBR it starts to give the normal messages when loading but then the whole screen gets full of "SColNodeEX: :Split failed!"
    What should I do? I have saved earlier version of the Project and it works fine, but there's been few hours of work between those so I would like to know what that error message means and could I make the track work.
  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member


    And quoting Martinez:
    I just found that BTB produces the wrong (additional, in the same place as first) shape cross-section if you ctrl+click outside of the active track (while in edit cross-section mode). This makes errors later when loading a stage to RBR. The same thing occurs probably with btb walls.
    So, always make sure you are ctrl+clicking the right track when you have couple of them in the view ;)
  3. Thanks, but in my case I solved the problem by deleting all objects of one of the XPacks.