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Cars Spark-Renault SRT-01E (Formula E) by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990 0.67

The open wheeler with the best sound for Assetto Corsa is finally available!

  1. Denni submitted a new resource:

    Spark-Renault SRT-01E (Formula E) by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990 - The open wheeler with the best sound for Assetto Corsa is finally available!

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  2. sector5

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    If you want to have the hands on the steering wheel go to the driver3d.ini (in the data file) and change the value:


    And don´t forget to make a auto smooth normals on the steering wheel. It looks like a facet was set on it which makes the wheel look this edgy.
  3. airutonpurosuto8912


    This is the best Christmas preesent ever!
  4. @sector5
    I have no driver3d.ini or is this file in the data.acd file? How could i open this acd file?
  5. sector5

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Yes in the data.acd! You must extract it with a Quick BMS script but I can´t remember from where I got it.
  6. Could be. We are still looking for anyone who have more knowledge about Assetto Corsa physics. The physics will improve with the next versions of this.
  7. Thanks for the update Denni, I hadn't tried your formula e before today's update because of how beta it was but I'm impressed. The sound is great and the overall graphics are getting really good. From my experience with other AC cars it seems like the back end grip might be a little too high and the default car setup seems still a bit floaty. It's possible I just need to play with the setup a bit. Overall, really nicely progressing.
  8. Thanks. We are still a young modding team and need to learn a lot about Assetto Corsa. For the future we have some really interesting things and we want to make the physics more realistic than it is now.
  9. Physics will always sadly be a grey area for formula cars, there is always a massive lack of information for them and a lot of it will be done to how you can interpret the how it "technically should" be, this sometimes goes well, its sometimes goes horridly
  10. ok thanks cause i got some guy saying i stole from this when he can't read the release dates for our mods
  11. Just tried this mod yesterday; It has some promise but physics seems off a lot. Tyres are completely the wrong size, as well as things like the track width etc. Fix these issues and it could be nice little mod.
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  12. Is this mod stil alive?
  13. @Andreas Knöpke Whats the Angry rating for? At me for criticising the mod, or at the mod for needing work...?

    Either way, its a shame; its a pretty unique car and thus would be highly entertaining to have it at a decent standard. Even really really basic stuff like tyre sizes are miles off, so it doesn't really bode well for the more complex physics, certainly not a good first impression.
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  14. Is there coming something? New Skins or Car Update?

    This would be awesome, we have now the first ePrix Circuit for AC.