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Andretti Formula E London Skin 2015-10-28

New skin mod for the WCP Formula E mod

  1. Antonio Gregori
    This Is my First mod fo any game so Im sorry for any imperfections

    A skin file for the Andretti Autosport livery which was used for the London E-Prix. Also contans Jean-Eric Verne and Simona De Silverstro as the drivers.
    I was not able to do Simonas helmet so she uses a generic Blue helmet.

    You need the 2014/15 Formula E mod by WCP already installed on your computer for this to work

    Also This car uses a new class (UK) so if you select the UK filter as your opponents only these two cars will appear. you need to go to each driver file (eg. Bird.veh) and add UK to the classes line.
    For examle :
    Classes="FE1415, Beijing, Putrajaya, Puntal_del_Este, Buenos_Aires, USA, UK"
    FE 2.png FE 2.png FE 2.png FE 3.png FE 4.png FE 1.png FE 1.png
    Hope this has expained how to install and Hope you enjoy using this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. tigerlima
    Version: 2015-10-28
    Excellent work! AGURI Team and A.Felix da Costa please!!! Tks and don't stop. ;-)