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So why is there not much buzz....

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by sid1977, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. I downloaded this the other day but was surprised to see such a small community? I understand the game is in beta but would expected a little more. I've played a few hours using my G27 and i was impressed. Im not a sim nut so i wont begin to comment on its qualities as a sim but i sure had fun going for a few laps. I think the pricing is a little steep, 5 quid for a track seems a bit of a rip off to me. I could spend like 100 quid easily and still not have a complete race experience.
  2. Biggest problem for me is lack of multiplay and so called free to play pricing which in reality makes the game too expensive for what is offers.
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  3. jimortality


    No single player or multiplayer yet so once you've blasted round a few tracks then nothing much else to do.
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  5. Marcus Jaeger

    Marcus Jaeger
    Sector3 Studios

    Single and multiplayer are inbound, and we hope to share more news on those game modes soon.

    We're about to begin a new set of competitions which will give you something to do and give you a chance to win vRP for the first time. These events will be announced on the Insider, so keep an eye out there if you want to join in.
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  6. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    It's driving and sounds are fantastic, but tooooooo long loading screens scared me away from playing the game. :(
  7. I love this game. However. I am not interested in competitions to win vRP.
    I want to drive my car on my tracks. So far so good but...

    What worries me is that by the time I have all the tracks I want I'll have spent A LOT of money.
    I would rather see us rewarded with vRP for purchasing rather than having to enter completions to try and win it.

    Please pay tribute to our loyalty and commitment to RaceRoom. Don't make us jump through hoops in the hope that we can save some dollars on what is already a very expensive game.
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  8. I'm with you Sean, I love this game and I have to date one track and one car but by the time I have all the content that I would like it will / would have cost me a small fortune and just atm money is very tight so I would love to see some sort of loyalty scheme to reward the loyal simbin followers say buy two get one free etc
    only other gripe and Omer touched on this already is that the loading screens are way to long :(
  9. With the question of 'why not much buzz?', I guess it is a beta may have something to do with it. Also, there is some stiff competition out there and iracing is doing it's best to monopolize the market so it needs something to develop a groundswell of support for the 'buzz' to develop. This will not happen without constructive criticism which I am sure Simbin is receiving and taking onboard.
    It is true the cost is a sticking point but it really depends on what market Sim bin is aimed at.
    Chances are, there is a substantial market which does not have interest in all the cars or all the tracks which make the point of the game being 'expensive' negligible.
    Myself for example, I do not have interest in all the tracks or the cars so I spent $25 to purchase what was of interest to me. After which, I enjoyed the experience that 'race room' is providing.The product is very enjoyable and easy to embrace, it is not unrealistic, has similar feel to my own race car and the sound is just nuts. So for my $25 I already have my money's worth after a few hours driving 'George Plasa's (r.i.p.)' awe inspiring BMW on Australia's most revered circuit, enjoyed the hill climb and road circuit ( I mean there is 50hrs there trying to perfect and work your way up the leader board.).
    In addition to my gain, I have provided income to the hard working individuals who provide such a fantastic service of entertainment and helped cement their skills,services and products are available for many years into the future. I like to give back to the community when providing a service like you do at your local restaurant or cafe.

    So really, its cheap, its a quality product but maybe the marketing has not been engaged to find the 'buzz' factor that is being discussed.
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  10. What a great post SW20R :thumbsup:

    Personally I love it. Really looking forward to single player action as I'm not a big online fan. The ability to buy only the cars and tracks you want is great IMO but yes it could work out pricey They've already said there will be bundle deals, discounts and now the ability to earn vRP and other goodies through competitions.
    As Sean said, earning vRP based on your spending is a great idea and very much a loyalty scheme. There is a reason why most of the big retailers run loyalty schemes :)
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  11. I have been following the progress of R3E since january. I was looking forward to new exciting sim. We are in september now and we still dont know what is the direction of this sim. I mean...why is it so difficult to give people more information? We all know that singleplayer and multiplayer will be included. But will it be free to use for everyone? Will I have to pay monthly fee or one time fee to join races on your servers?Would it be possible to play in offline mod? Would it be possible to use own skins? What kind of features we can expect? (official championships, carrer mode and so on). You keep releasing new content and want people to spend their money. But will it be worth it? I dont know anymore. You are going to offer tracks and cars on sale this weekend. But why should I make a purchase if I dont know what is really going to happen with this sim? I already spend some money to buy VRP currency but I regret it know. There is lack of communication regarding game feautures and I really dont understand why is that. We all know it is still BETA but why do you want people to spend their money on your content without knowing more information? It makes me sad. End of rant.
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  12. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    @Juraj multi player, single player, offline and series championship have all been confirmed and are greyed out in the game menu...I've never heard of a cost of playing online brought up and if it did it would make "free to play" pointless?
    There's multiple car classes with an assortment of cars which I don't see currently in iracing or rf 2. Ill agree communication is a bit vauge, as for future licenses the reason there not releasing any details is because most of the official series there seeking aren't finalized or confirmed.
    Not sure why people get so up tight over the price....it's pennies compared to iracing and when rf2 went gold in June I had paid $90 and only got 6 cars and 5 tracks at that point which only 2 cars and 1 track I enjoy, I paid $25 and got much more in RE3 which I feel are better modelled, ffb needs some work but I have confidence it will get sorted. If your a person that must have every peace of content ya it could get pricey, but for me in past sims hardly half of the content even interested me and collected dust. So this method works great for some...plus it's in early stages of beta and has a long ways to go and more to come, simbin has never produced a poor product to date so I doubt this one will be.
    As for direction of the game?
    It says it in the title " build the game of dreams" loads of cars/classes and tracks. Do what you like to race GT/classics/hill climb setup multi class etc. :)
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  13. It's damn quiet at the moment. I hope this is just calm before the storm. I would like to hear some news from Simbin about R3E. (...and by this i mean not just a new hot lap competition)
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Sometimes silence is good @Ernie. That means that people are busy working.

    Developers that talk all day, obviously have not much to work on . :)
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  15. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    C`mon Andi! I know, you have some inner informations about this :).


    Just a joke, because that`s how RRRE site looked couple minutes ago ... and still does :thumbsup:.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013
  16. Yes "sometimes", and i know that i'm a little impatient. :whistling:

    Otherwise ........ do good and talk about it. ;)
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  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You are now which is good :)

    Devs need to be silent programming nerds, community does the talking hehe

  18. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    sorry guys , i was busy .. and if you think i have inside info then your very wrong ..... especially on the r3e site

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  19. This is my personal evaluation only. So here are my impression of the game:

    "Free to play" I feel like it's teasing me. Sure it is free to play, but for those like me that like to have a complete set of cars, it is a bit on the expensive side, and I say that as a 100% iRacing member. At this moment, what R3E is delivering is frankly not worth the prices of the cars and tracks. I am usually the first to chide other members here for their terminal cheapness and I am also the first to tell people to pay for their games, that overall this is a very affordable hobby and that those that work hard to deliver our entertainment need to be fairly compensated, but right now R3E is not fun. The only thing I enjoy are the hill-climbs. But even those get a bit repetitive after a while.

    So for me the lack of SP and MP is a big negative. (I realize that "It's coming" but I cannot evaluate the game for what it will be. Right now it's not a good deal)

    It panders to the arcade racing crowd. And there is nothing wrong with it. I really don;'t mind as long as there is a way for me to turn off the extra help and get the game as close to a realm simulation of racing as I can. In that regard, the big brake markers are a big turn off. Especially considering that if I look at them as a beginner, they are anything but consistent. There are turns where you have to brake at the red sign or you have to get back on the gas, others where if you brake at the one immediately before, you end up in the kitty litter. I really don't see the points of them. Might as well make them in the shape of magic mushrooms and give drivers points for running over them. Let me turn them off.

    The driving is very good, but I cannot shake the feeling that there is traction control and ABS turned on even in "Get real". I don't belong to the school of thought that believes simulated cars should drive as if the axle snapped or the shocks were substituted with memory foam. But I am also a bit skeptical of cars with way too much grip. Especially since setup changes don.t really make as much difference as I feel they should.

    It feels as if the driving was designed so anyone could have an enjoyable experience, which is fine, but the difference from the different levels is really not that dramatic.

    The lack of Skins.
    Of all the revenue generators in this game, I dislike the skins the most. Not only they are grossly overpriced, and some of them are barely different from the one that comes with the car (which is not a smart idea if you want to sell them) but one of the things that made GTR2 great was the ability to skin your own cars. I consider that one of the core features of a sim these days. Yes, we are silly, but I derive a deep satisfaction from driving on the real track, with the actual car and the actual skin (and with the real skins of the opponents) of my youth's heroes. From a business standpoint I don;t think it'as a smart move on the part of simbin to remove the ability for modders to create custom skins while at the same time trying to sell overprioced and frankly largely underwhelming skins for 1/3 the price of a car.

    It's not GTR3. So if you are pissing on me and you tell me it'
    s raining, I won;t be very happy. R3E was originally billed as GTR3. Something happened at simbin and eventually they decided to release it as a Free 2 play game. That's OK, but Simbin has been less than clear about that. I for one did not appreciate it. Simbin can do whatever they want with their property, but don't play games with those of us that have been following you for years. I didn't think it was nice. I strongly doubt the revenue generated by those skins make up for the loss of sales from people that simply decide they are not going to support the gamer because of it.

    Unfortunately, I bought almost a;ll cars and tracks when I was younger and foolish. When I still believed GTR3 was around the corner and R3E was an on;line experiment I could drop in and drive. I bought into it the day it came out and I was fairly sure that in a month or two, no more than 3 we would have multiplayer and AI. Or at least one of the two. Now is over a year later and nothing of the sort is even at the horizon (although I think that DTM is going to require at least the AI to be ready soon).

    R3E is certainly a very pretty and adequate game. It does have the best sound ever in a driving game, by far. But it has no soul. To me it screams at every corner "An accountant made me do it". And I'll be that's exactly what happened.

    Again, there is no shame in making money or catering to the less involved, less crazy clientele for driving games, but if you sell your soul in the process, if you betray your identity, it shows. Maybe Simbin at the end will sell more than they would have if they exclusively catered to us serious simracers. I wish them well. But I won;t be along for the ride.

    The sad part is that since I already purchased about $80 worth of content, I'll bet no one at Simbin gives a crap about how I fell. I am already a fully squeezed lemon.
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  20. there is traction control in get real mode it would be unrealistic if there wasnt