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Seasons SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD 1.4

Team & Driver Names for 2016 F1 Season

  1. SkyFall submitted a new resource:

    SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD - Team & Driver Names for 2016 F1 Season

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  2. SkyFall updated SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD with a new update entry:

    Teams logos in the GRAND PRIX Menu and all Teams/Drivers for 2016 F1 Season

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  3. SkyFall updated SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD with a new update entry:

    CAREER MODE Update with ALL Teams/Drivers for 2016 F1 Season

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  4. nice, keep going. when we can expect livery update?
  5. what you did is perfect !!!:thumbsup: thx

    and could you make a lower distance of career mod? (database)
    i mean maybe 5 laps just like grand prix. the original game 25% is too long
    i'm asain player, my english is suck:O_o:
    so hope you can understand what i say...... :)
  6. hi thanks for the modding... i have a small issue with the names... alot of the guys are at the wrong teams... (make webber still at red bull, kvyat and ricciardo at force india)... i was wondering if anyone could provide some help onn how to fix it.

  7. Hi Yoshi1821;
    You shouldn't be getting Webber appearing in this Season (2016) so I probably guess that your F1-2013 is set to another language.... The MOD only works for English language (for now :O_o:). so you will probably have to change your language settings:

    Right click F1-2013 in steam library then click properties then click Language tab and choose the language English (I´m guessing this will change the language in game).
    I hope this helps.

    regards, SKYFALL
  8. Thanks for the Post, Wu Pei;

    I´m planning on updating the Career mode... after v1.3 comes out, that includes all Cars/Teams livery.
    I don´t know if it will be part of this MOD or a completely new one. I agree with you 25% is too long and if you do the full weekend it takes a lot of time to advance. I will keep you posted!!!
    Regards, SKYFALL.

  9. Hi SKYFALL, thanks for the quick response, I am in fact playing the game in english, so I'm not sure whats gone wrong. I'll try to reinstall the mod and and see if that helps.

    thanks for your swift reply.
  10. also when do you think you'll be putting out version1.3?
  11. btw i reinstalled it and everything is workking perfectly, i must have misplaced some of the files.
  12. thank you so much and your respond..sry for version 1.2 i misunderstood i thought liveries has in it and i was confused about 30mb file lol xD waiting for v 1.3 this is the best mod so far thanks you so much..and i have another question..is this database works all carreer longs? %25 , %50 full weekend? or just %25?
  13. he said probably next week..waiting for it :)
  14. Good job with the mod works perfect ! But can you do a new update to the car engines because some are not like real . In carrer mod . mid season constructors champ
    1.Ferrari 345 pts Haas is ok but i started the carrer there and thats why they have 2.Mercedes 325 pts such points.
    3.mclaren 162
    4.Haas 120
    5.Toro Rosso 78
    6.williams 37
    7.redbull 36
    8.force india 7
    9.renault 1
    10.manor 0
    11. sauber 0
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
  15. I found a tiny bug, in time trial mode, in garage scene, when driver entering the car, the driver use red bull suit. I found it when using ferrari & manor.

    It caused by database.bin file from mod

    Big Thanks
  16. SkyFall updated SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD with a new update entry:

    2016 SEASON CAR Livery Update, Team Standings and 2016 Calendar

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  17. Just in time for the GP Catalunya, comes MOD v1.3 Please I hope you can take the time to BETA TEST the NEW Updated Power Units. It should be closer to real life 2016 season standards. Review it´s behavior and if you can, please share your insights.
    I noticed that the F1-2013 game has pre-defined starting Grid order in GP Mode (at the time Alonso was World Champion so he gets a lot of Top rows), that is why you get unrealistic performances with some teams. I will try to correct this but it varies according to TIER Level and RACE.... That´s 21 races x 4 TIER x 11 Teams = 924 data corrections :mad::mad::unsure:... (maybe someone will pick it up???)
    Keep in touch.
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  18. Can I now this New ai will overtake more?
  19. If you want you can download my 2014's Haas steering wheel! It work on 2013 as well