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SimXperience Accuforce wheel

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by mclarenf1papa, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. I'm planning on getting the SimXperience Accuforce wheel whenever it comes out (as long it's in the ~$800 range) so I was wondering if Simvibe and sim commander will be compatible with AC..... I'm assuming they will be.
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  2. so am I
    but I read that the accuforce wheel would be under 2000 $
    although I highly doubt it if that will be under 800$
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  3. Yeah, the AccuForce sounds really interesting. The cost would be a major hurdle for me but, one has to have goals and dreams. :)
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  4. .if will be more than + - 800 euro
    I will go CUSTOM :)

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  5. There's a big discussion in the comments of the insidesimracing preview. Most say under a grand :) It doesn't have the complicated crazy things that the FREX and ECCI wheels have, so I'm sure it'll be much cheaper than those. Plus SimXperience usually have reasonable prices :D
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  6. can you post a link please
    can't seem to find it :unsure:
  7. Here:

    Pretty good video. Sounds like an amazing wheel if they can keep the price down :D
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  8. IIRC, the team at Sim Experience have stated that the target retail price is just under $2000 USD. I think that info came from the iRacing forum.
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  9. :cry:

    Why is it so much money? After all, it's just a motor, a steering wheel, prob. a circuit board, and some buttons..... That's too bad......

    Although I did just read that the 2k would be for the whole unit (or something like that) So they might sell things separately. Like the Fanatec CSW ;) Hopefully I can just buy a racing wheel off of a friend for cheap to cut down the cost :D

    Or maybe I should just get a few more jobs :roflmao:
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  10. Well, that may be true - it was not specified what would or would not be included. I do believe that the Leo Bodnar wheel uses a similar design and that runs about $4000 usd. I can't speak as to what the differences are between the two though.
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  11. AFAIK the Bodnar wheel is more powerful, and comes with more equipment. And it's a "professional" wheel....which doesn't really mean much :l

    But I think pricing the Accuforce more than a FREX is a bit.....optimistic..... :p They'd get a lot more sales if they put it under the 1K mark. It's a big barrier for some people (me included).

    Just my 3 cents. Because 2 cents sometimes isn't enough.....
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  12. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    If you look at the rest of their products, nothing overt there is cheap or even close.
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  13. I know, but the prices are relatively reasonable for what they're selling.....
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  14. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I agree, but they also look like they don't cut corners. And since they are a business they have to set their prices to make creating their products commercially viable.
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  15. ...motor, wheel and soft will cost + - 700 euro
    with TOP quality parts :) without promotion :confused: ;)
    max 1000 euro including LED and buttons etc. :rolleyes:

    but this is DIY way :) and some people don't have skills / time to do that...
    and prefer company design, batch etc. with just one warranty ;)
    that cost more $ as always :)
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2014
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  16. Yes, the Bodnar wheel is powerful but, who wants to twist their arms into pretzels? It sounds like the AccuForce will be plenty strong, cool running and reliable.
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  17. I'm not saying anyone does ;) Just naming some reasons why it would be more expensive....
  18. Sure and that makes sense but, if all the extra power is wasted headroom - then why spend the money unless for bragging rights. I'm sure it's not quite that simple but, once we know more about the AccuForce, it will be interesting to compare.
  19. I know..... but for whatever reason, it makes the Bodnar wheel 2K more expensive.....
  20. Well, the Bodnar wheel's more clearly aimed higher than 'sim enthusiast' which means a smaller market, so they need to cover development costs via fewer customers which they serve in a different way.

    The T500 is already $600 new, making this $800 isn't a big price jump from there for what sounds like a different class of hardware.

    I suppose once the extra power is available, they'll have to find other ways to differentiate the quality feedback they can produce.
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