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simxperience accuforce wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tim Meuris, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know something about this servomotordriven wheel?
    It's still under development and over at ISR they were superenthusiastic bout it.
    Anything from an esitmated price or release date would be awesome
    although I doubt it having searched the internet already :unsure:
  2. I'll think the price will be ,let's say; pretty high .
    Offcourse i dont know your budget but i think it's i little bit over my price point.
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  3. By looking at other wheels in the high-end line, one has to think that this type and quality of gear will be quite expensive. Prices range from $1500 USD (FrexGP) - @ $2850 (ECCI 7000) and $4000 (Leo Bodnar Wheel). It was stated that the Accuforce will be reasonably priced but, compared to what? It looks like the overall design is closest to the Bodnar wheel.
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  4. Berney stated on the iR-forums that the price will be less then the ECCI 7000 so my guess is in the $2500 range.
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  5. dammit,
    I hoped them to be in the CSWrange :thumbsdown:
    if that would have been the case then it would have been a nobrainer
    but 2500 euros, hell no!
    maybe my view of 'reasonably priced' is just a bit too ... unreasonable.
    thnx for the info guys
  6. Wake up, you want high-end producs, you pay high-end prices, I think even the Bodnar one is very reasonably priced compared to other suppliers!
  7. I thought Bodnar was the most expensive one?
    and it might be a highend product, but around 2500 is not reasonably priced in my eyes
    if it was the price of the fanatec csw line
    then it would be reasonably priced cause it's better than a fanatec
    but around the same price
    now it's just a better product which is still expensive
  8. Bodnar is the best priced professional grade wheel. Reasonable is relative to what you want and what you expect. Some people find a DFGT for €60 reasonable and a Fanatec CSW astronomically expensive.
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  9. yup William, completely agree
    I just thought when they said 'reasonably prized'
    it would be in the CSW league but apparently my hopes are a bit unrealistic
    sad cause It would sell bigtime

    meh, gotta stop dreaming...
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  10. My Family thinks I have gone completely insane for spending the money for the CSW & CSPv2 as it is so spending 2.5 times as much or more certainly isn't going to fly.

    If one's income is rather limited, spending 2-4 thousand on a wheel might as well be 100k - it's completely out of reach. I think that may be why some people react the way they do to the prices. It doesn't mean the products aren't worth the money, it just means they can't justify the purchase given their financial status. When the cost is said to be reasonable - well, that's all relative to one's financial means - isn't it?

    It's a bit like not being able to make the rent on your run down trailer-park sh!tbox with a shiny new Cadillac Escalade sitting in the driveway - priorities are a bit wonky. Sadly, I know people who live like that.
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  11. indeed Racenut,
    and I'm of the principle of drawing a line budgetwise
    after all it's still SIMracing
    I know that real racing is still WAY more expensive
    but that line is one I do not cross
    that line went upwards in the last few months
    but it isn't gonna go any higher anymore
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  12. I still think it would sell big time, a lot of people are committed enough in this hobby to spend more than 4-5grand on the overall build of their rig. Some spend even more. If it's priced less than ECCI and its performance is as good as the Bodnar then it fills a niche for sure. Plus these guys have an awesome telemetry based motion and tactile transducer software that would be pretty cool if the users can fine tune the feel of the FFB according to their preference and not just the FFB strength in game.
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  13. yup
    it probably will
    but imagine if it would sell for 1000 euros
    i think that ll be the end of the CSW
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  14. Would love to have this wheel, but I also will definitely not be prepared to pay that much.

    Doesn't mean it isn't worth that much, it just means that I don't need to spend that much ;)
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  15. Oh how I wish it will be that price! It would really sell like hot cakes.
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  16. I can appreciate the wishful thinking here, but this system will more than likely be in the 2000 euro range. Which will put it in just under the ECCI 7000 in cost. That would be a great price point for Berney and Co, and maybe cause the other high end wheels to come down a bit. Can't wait to see the fallout once they start shipping it!
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  17. Latest news from Berney is that the AccuForce wheel will cost less then 2000 USD. They are perfoming stress-tests on the motor at the moment and tests are going well. This info was posted at the iR-Forums by Berney.
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  18. ahaaa, now this is starting to sound tempting...

    If you know anything new Andreas, please share with us :thumbsup:
  19. Accuforce has become the only respectable purchase before it's even released... strange, but I like that.
    Reality is, they're ALL way too expensive. They claim niche markets get niche pricing, but after seeing how many friends will spend years of their like playing Forza and GT(x), but you even mention getting a real wheel/pedal combo or even just a good ol' G27 from BestBuy or whatever the hell, and BAM. no frickin way are they gonna pay the cost of the entire machine again just to get a wheel. And of course cheap wheels just don't cut it for most people's demands.
    So, where does that leave us....? At the mercy of the "Quality over quantity" equation, and they know it. NONE of the products are priced with any other incentive than to charge as much as people are willing to pay for it. I'm not even complaining. That's Capitalism folks.

    Also, instead of paying 4G for a gaming wheel, you could always build an autocross car and "actually" race. Sim wheels don't seem so important when you can stand in the garage with reality.

    These days, talent does count, but a lot of Sim racing is down to who's got more money to spend on a better responding rig than the next person. Ironic, seeing as racing is generally made to be so completely even of a playing field as to penalize weight simply because a driver is skinnier than another, LOL.

    When everyone is on the same wheel/pedals with the same system, CPU, GPU, RAM, then, and only then, will sim racing step up to the next level.
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  20. Do not compare this combo with mass market steering wheels (G27, Fanatec CSW T500). This is equipment with professional AC servo motor used for CNC with a period of much greater life. This is a combo for life like our MIGE motor...You can pass it to your kids looking like new ...