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Apps SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash 4.2.4

Get your perfect dash !

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    SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash - Get your perfect dash !

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  4. hi Wotever,
    thanks a lot for your great work!I have two questions need your help.
    1)I want to use 3.5 inch nextion screen.is it also supported?and is it easy to reuse the 4.3inch templete?
    2) can i use arduino and nextion at same time?
    thank again!
  5. You will have to adapt the template, it can be edited with nextion editor, you can give a try to see if you can do something easily before buying parts or eventually going back to a stock template.

    Yes arduino can work simultaneously with nextion, you can make work many nextion/ arduino at the same time (just take care of yout usb power).
  6. thank for your quick reply! so that's mean there are no restriction in nextion hardware,only template need update,right? I had just create a new template for 3.5 inch.it looks not complex.but how do I know my template is ok or not before I buy the hardware? check the compile result?
  7. I also want to know,is it possible to get gamedata in arduino code,(such as I want to use speed value to control a fan by pwm).thanks!
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  8. Hi Wotever,
    I found the software description says arduino leonardo is NOT supported,but in the generation code(DisplayClientV2.ino),i found the Leonardo description in comments(for I2C LiquidCristal).would you please help to confirm ? If Not,can we change the serial to serial1 can let the code support leonardo? Thanks in advanced!
  9. I have the Arduino Uno. This board it works with this?
  10. hi Wotever,
    I am using an nokia display, is there a way to change the page or some of the info that are on it like change the delta time to last lap time?
    Thank you very much for share this with us.
  11. Hi Wotever,

    I found this App yesterday and it seems awesome. My Arduino with TM1638 was working in less than 10 minutes :)

    Is it possible to use an IO-Expander like PCF8574 to use more than 8 buttons?

    Thank you for this software!
  12. Hey,

    First of all amazing application you build there! For me it works with Assetto Corsa, but not with F1 2016. I've edited the few lines in the config file, but with no luck. F1 2016 changes it back to "False" when i fire the game up. i tried setting it to read only in prefferences but still no luck. Is there something in game or anywhere else i have to change anything?

    Also, when i try to run 2 TM1638's in chain setup, i change the setupassistant settings to 2 Tm1638's, but only 1 works. Are there any phisycal cable's i have to add from the arduino to the 1st tm1638, or does it work with the regular cable's and just add that flat wire connector thingy it came with?

    Thanks in advance:)
  13. Hello !

    I have started to play with simhub using the following setup : DiRT Rally on PS4 from which I captured UDP stream and which I'm able to playback, arduino nano with 8x8 matrix + TM1638 + TM1637. Live preview in simhub works nicely as well as the 8x8 matrix. But the TM1638 and 1637 remain completely silent. What could have I missed ? Are the buttons on TM1638 of some use ?
    Another question: ProjectCars data is retrieved from UDP or shared memory ? PS4 has UDP support for PCars and is fully documented.
    Is it possible to change the UDP ports simhub is listening to ?

    EDIT: after running some examples that worked using TM1638 and TM1637, reloading the simhub sketch worked.... strange. SimHub It is a real piece of cake.

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2016
  14. Hello vthinsel,

    is now your TM1637 working besides TM1638?
    LEDS and Buttons und Display of my TM1638 are working properly, but TM1637 is still silent. I want to display the speed permanent on it, but I can't find any settings to setup another display than TM1638.

    Thanks for your answer!