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Sharp white lines, how to fix

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Marek Kubica, May 1, 2014.

  1. Hello ive got a little problem with AC. During the race white lines and some of enviroment looks pretty sharp, i dont like it. Is there any option to fix it? Posting pics with my specs and settings in ac.
    Bez tytułu.jpg adb.jpg asdb.jpg asdb.jpg asdc.jpg asdsa.jpg
  2. Here i painted what i mean. Bez tytułu.jpg
  3. What are your Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings? Definitely looks like you have no Anti-Aliasing.

    EDIT: Your trees look really strange as well. What graphics card do you have?
  4. Ive got Gigabyte Radeon hd 7770, 4gb DDR3, Phenom II x6 1055t 2.8ghz
    Somehow the most important settings didnt post, sry about that.
    Video Card drivers is 13.251, Windows 8.1 64bit
    Didnt change anyting in video 3d settings in Catalyst control center, its pretty deflaut,
    most options are dependable of application
    its here asd.jpg
  5. What settings are you using in the video card control panel? Can you give me a screen since I'm not using an AMD video card and its been two years since I last used one.
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  6. Well there is your problem. You have no Anti-Aliasing set. Turn that on and that will smooth it out for you. :thumbsup:
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  7. Bang it up to 8x anti aliasing samples in game

    Make sure In catalyst control centre its set to application controlled.
  8. Start by increase Filtering to 16x and AA to 2x. Turn off "show smoke in mirrors", drop world detail by one step. You might have to drop shadow resolution one step and turn off reflections but I would adjust them in the exact order I just gave you. What framerates are you getting? A 7770 with that CPU is going to be a bit weak for AC at that resolution without some compromised graphic settings.
  9. He can't really do that with a 7770 graphics card without the game turning into a slideshow. There's very little to be gained above 4x anyway.
  10. Which is why i wouldn't set Aniso Filtering to 16x.. it has a massive hit in AC, far more than it should. AA on the other hand is not to bad so 4XAF and 4 or 8xAA shouldnt harm his FPS too much.
  11. Bez tytułu.jpg Looks like it now, Set aa on 8x, pretty sure it affects on my FPS in multiplayer races :(. Any idea what settings should i lower?
  12. Drop it to 4x then.. not a huge difference in image quality and will gain you a few FPS.

    For MP i'd drop the world detail a little and turn off smoke. Disabling HDR will give you a big boost.
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  13. AF does not have a massive hit on framerate, its practically free these days with any modern card. Sorry Stuart but I can't agree at all with the advice you're giving him.
  14. Just test it FFS. I know perfectly well AF SHOULD be virtually free these days, but with AC it has a huge hit in comparison to most games. It's my main bugbear with AC's graphics options at the moment. It's simply not optimised properly, at lest not on AMD cards. (i've no idea if the hit is so bad on nVidia)
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  15. I have never seen any penalty from it. Can you give me a specific example of where you're seeing a performance loss using 16x compared to 4x? Track? Car? # of AI?
  16. In every situation. It's been like it from day 1 and has been mentioned endlessly. It's been improved a bit but still has way to much of a performance hit.
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  17. I'll check it again today when I get home, but it hasn't been an issue for me since I started playing AC at Steam release. No offense to you but you did tell him to set 8xAA which is a big no-no and it didn't work out well for him at all, so I'm starting to wonder about your testing methodology.

  18. I just ran this minute an AF and AA test. There was a 23 FPS difference between 4xAF and 16xAF which whilst a whole lot better than it used to be is still far to much of a hit for someone already struggling for a decent framerate.

    The difference between 4xAA and 8xAA was 5 FPS, so it is hardly a no-no for me.
  19. Again, I'll test again when I get home, my results have not been the same as yours.
  20. That's fine..different gear, different results. I could only give him advice based on my findings with a similar card. Everyone's mileage will vary.