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See nothing in my mirrors

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by wizzard, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering why i can not see the cars behind me through my mirrors? The car has to be really close for me to see him but thats just like 1 second and its gone. I have everything on max in my options but its like it doesnt show the cars behind me. Even at the start with all the cars bunched up, i dont see them.
    Is this just me or is everyone experiencing the same thing?
  2. i think in your "my f1/graphics" you have to choose reflections "on" and then you will see the car...reflections. :D at least that's the way it works for me.
  3. It's not just you. Mirrors are useless.
  4. Happens to me with everything on the highest setting @ 1920x1080
  5. Agree, mirrors are useless, better off using the 'look back' view. If you squint at your mirrors your likely to end up in the nearest wall!
  6. Yeah when you look in your mirrors on the pit exit you see the SC for 1 second and then it just vanishes so yeah mirrors are **** this year and the gfx in the mirror look like **** too so Goood Job CM!!
  7. Indeed mirrors are useless, they only show a little area around the rear tyres n thats its. Cars pop-up magically when they're closing in on you
  8. Lewis Hamilton has now subscribed to this thread...:wink:
  9. Agreed, I was checking this last night after I'd video'd the race and its a case of "Now you see me, now you don't". Woeful bit of coding!
  10. How dare you! They are the CodeMASTERS!
  11. Thanks guys for the confirmation. Doesnt CM know that mirrorrs are a key factor in F1? The mirrors used on F1 cars are like high tech in the sense that aparently they could see a far distance and clear. This should of been implemented in my opinion to the game.
  12. reflections must be set above 'low' setting
  13. James Chant

    James Chant

    This will also affect the McLaren paint job - it is very dull with reflections low.

    Reflections in the mirrors IRL are poor, due to size and vibrations you can barely see anything, is it really worth a fps hit for the sake of a mirror reflection?
  14. I believe MS7XWDC (Goodness that's tricky to type) said that the settings needed to "Above" low, not low for them to work. Nevertheless, the OP stated that he has everything on High and it still doesn't work, which I can corroborate.

    You're right though, F1 mirrors are rubbish, however, in game, when you can see the track in them stretching off behind you and not the car when it should be closer (According to the proximity arrows), surely something is wrong with the code?

    Quite honestly though, you're better off looking behind that relying on the mirrors.
  15. You can edit mirrors in one of the hardware files to see a bit further... I need to push the limit on visual range though, it's way too short. I upped the detail setting and think i set the range to 600, but with other tinkering in the mirrors setting my game crashed. It may be possible to push range further I will try and test it tomorrow for pc version.
  16. No mirror (right and left)?

    After I put F1 2011 Ultra High MOD by Acura, the Force India race car does not have a mirror?
  17. if you edit the hardware file, mirror resolution, blank mirrors result
  18. Really? The mirrors on whatever car I am driving are ok, but I noticed other car mirrors don't show up when I'm tailing them, is that what you mean?

  19. lmfao!!!!
  20. just program a look back button. thats what I am about to do.