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Season 7 Race 1 Spa Incident Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Lap 10
    Time 1216.56
    Me and Eliezer, I run wide in Blanchimont and when I rejoin the track dont see Eliezer at back, was out of my mirrors so him hit me and damage my car but think Eliezer is innocent:).
    Eliezer and me meet on chat Steam and explain the incident, for us is a incident race but the last word is for Race Director.
  2. lap 3 with anthony m.

    dont know what iam doin here .... braking much too late .. or i was hopeig he let me pass ... sry anthony my fault

    thats it i think

    T;428.90 i hit anthony turn 8. sry m8 hope im not ruin ur race with this crap driving
  3. No incidents to report. :)
  4. Lap 4 time 542
    Me and Eliezer : I tapped Eliezer's rear at the "arrêt de bus" chicane, making his car to spin. I began my braking early and had a safety margin, but I released the pedal too early and bumped stupidly into Eliezer's car. I'm sorry mate. :frown: I hope I didn't ruin your race.
  5. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    no real incidents :)

    just saying sorry to Sean! I breaked to late when you let me lap you so you had to let me pass twice. :( really sorry to steal you those seconds!
  6. Hi
    All good Nicolas and Valerio
    Had no damage on both incidents.
    Nico you wait so its OK I saw u take caution behind me at the first laps.
    Vale sorry m8, my fault to, didn't expect u recover quickly.
    Any case The game freeze and crash for me lap 11.
  7. 19 lap blanchimont corner still my screen go on desktop i controll to disactivate antivirus and the uploader daily from it and make steam offline !! but this happen too ;(((((i feel what 1 car take me see in the raply what destroy race at nico im veryvery sorry ;((( can t bealive than race go so!!

    so sry nico ;((((
  8. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    No major incidents

    around lap 17/18 I was close behind Valter with Nico behind, I braked early for Stavelot as I was worried about how close I was to Valter, this supprised Nico I think as he got all crossed up and ran wide, soon after I saw Nico in the garage, at the time I thought I may have caused his retirement, but now I see this was not the case

    Also much earlier I gave Gaetano (I think was) a tiny little tap at the bus stop exit, I don't think he even noticed:cool:

  9. No incidents to report:D

    didnt last long enough lol :frown:
  10. Nothing to report.
  11. Yes, that was my only time off the track :) I was following you and two others, and I followed a bit closely as I wanted to be close enough to make an attempt after Eau Rouge. When you touched your breakes I needed to go off track to avoid tapping you (a tap in Stavelot can be hard to handle). I think it was 100% my own fault, if I am to follow 3 cars that closely I have to accept taking aversive action if needed. I lost to places and a bit less then 10 seconds I think :)

    That is ok Gaetano, but I think you should consider doing what Christian proposed; change antivirus to Microsoft Security Essentials. I am surprised you have not done anything about it since the same happened in the Practice race. It makes it feel very uneccessary.
  12. lap 3 as mentioned above by christian.
    it could of been a little bit my fault. i'm glad i didn't end your race.

    a couple laps later christian bumped me from behind (T;428.90) nothing major he was kind enough to wait for me and last me pass!

    i hope i got out of everyone's way and didn't ruin anyones race.
  13. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Np reik ! lol , only other incident was 14th lap when lapping dave russell he spun and rolled back as i was coming to lap tried to slow etc but still accident and supension damage , only thing i can think of is that if anyone spins etc on track best to jump on brakes this would stop cars rolling back then make it more predictable coming up to a spun car.
  14. Race started quite well, made a couple of positions then I came off the track and damaged my car on lap 2 (i think), went back to pits and panic'd a bit by forgetting to select the right preset and therefore put another 15 laps of fuel in which buggered it a bit for me. Sorry Sean for ruining your race, I should've let you lap me sooner as my race was kind've ruined anyway, but as you say, I span and hoped that you'd make it past me, but I was wrong. Dont think I had any other incidents involving anyone else, if I missed anyone then I apologise! Ill watch the replay back later today to have another look, just wanted to post what I knew now rather than leaving it without saying anything in the short term. Apologies again for not braking when i spun or letting you past sooner Sean!
  15. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    no incidents to report.
  16. lap 1 , eau rouge TS : 130.8,

    i had to slow down behind Nicolai for safety reasons entering eau rouge when i got a small tap "twice" from behind by Nicolas rouge, the tap was not that strong but unfortunately it hit my rear right tire directly and surprisingly it was enough to cause a real suspension damage and the car was owe full to drive on cold tires and full fuel after that :tongue:

    No drama Nicolas all good :) i enjoyed this race..

  17. Yes, I did go quite slow in Eau Rouge and I was afraid it would create problems for those behind. If I remember correctly I was unsure if I had anybody on my side and decided to leave space for a car on my right side in Eau Rouge. I think this is what made me go so slow, sorry for the problems it created.
  18. lap 17 , TS : 1956.

    i was about to lap Anthony M when exiting Rivage, Anthony moved a bit to the left and i thought it was a message to me to pass but he came back again on the right and i had to go on the grass to avoid hitting him but now when i was watching the replay i noticed that Anthony span after i passed him and from my replay it looks like if we had some air between both cars and that might caused him to spin..

    i am sorry Anthony, i tried my best to avoid you and, i should have waited a bit longer to be sure , i did not know i touched you there & ruined your car :(


  19. All good Nico no problem at all, you were doing what was right by being safe there and slowed down and i actually noticed that and was copying you from behind , safety comes first , no intention to put blame on anyone, just a small racing incident :)..
  20. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nothing to declare.