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Season 6 race 10 MONACO incident report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    nothing to say

    sorry Valter I see you too late for avoid I was concentrate on left side of the street and I dont see you:frown:
  2. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I didn't notice. Please forgive I stopped there. And thx for avoiding my stationary car. I didn't get any damage:)

    Incident: First lap in Massanet corner.
    I am braking hard for cars in front and get hit from behind by David McCradic. It makes me hit Nicolas that is standing there to the right.
    I get a mild suspension damage. I hope you didn't get any damage Nicolas.
  3. A few bumps early on but nothing to report I think. :)
  4. I had an incident with david at the end, sorry for that mate.
    And after that incident i think i hit Peter and ended his race, not sure what happend tho, need to see the replay, im very sorry Peter if i ruined your race :-(
  5. ts 140 : I was hit from behind by Anthony Ishak at Massenet, causing my car to spin. I got suspension damage and was stopped at the right part of the track, heading the wrong way. Anthony stopped just behind me (in front of me in fact, since I was heading the wrong way) to let me recover. I then tried to spin my car in the right way, maybe too soon I reckon, but was hit by Valter who himself was pushed by David McCradic (that's what it looks like on my replay). I lost my front wing in the process. I then was able to recover, but had to pit to repair.
  6. Nothing to apologize for Andy; I stalled my engine... thank you for the racing this race and the season. :)
  7. TS : 140.

    contact with Nicolas..

    I am so sorry Nicolas for that contact, it was my fault,I ruined your race and my race even though I was very careful at the start to make sure no contact with anyone, but then right there it felt like if the guys in the front slowed down a bit more than I expected, I reacted and slowed down but it felt like if the grip was not there to stop the car when the car had a bit of a jump over the hump right on the white strips crossing...

    sorry guys, i could see some of u got stuck with us as well.

    Was not a fun way to finish the season ...I feel bad :frown:
  8. NP Anthony. My goal was to have some points but it was not entirely you fault that I reached only 11th : I also made a big mistake at the swimming pool in lap 5 and had to pit a second time:frown:. Anyway, I'm happy to have finished this race, and I'm proud of my pace.
  9. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    An incident to report

    TS 200ish (lap 2 swimingpool) GZ hit the wall infront of me (around the corner) I was unsighted till the last second, I ran into him

    Sorry GZ there was nothing I could do fast enough

  10. Thx Nicolas, hope i will make it up for you next season with some fun and fair fights on track :D
  11. On lap 1 I touched/hit Peter's rear in Mirabeau I think it was. He was the car ahead of me and came to a complete stop in the middle of the turn (to avoid the car ahead of him who also stopped I think) and I didn't manage to react well enough. I received no damage however and I hope the same was the case for Peter.

    Besides this I think I have nothing to report, but I will go through the replay soon :)
  12. sry eliezer for push in first lap^^ im sry m8 and sry guys for my little crash on the final 2 sector lose controll hope not destroy race at anyone !!!
  13. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    incident with andy i think was my fault, he looks to be taking the blame by apologising but id like to make it clear he wasnt to blame, if anything maybe a bit of both but id locked up coming down his inside and he turned in a bit eary too so if anything just a racing incident, i slowed and allowed him to take his position back which shows i feel it was my fault, sorry andy.

    next lap i was in the same position only this time all my wheels locked from the top of the hill, andy was alert this time though and stayed wide allowing me to slide into a great looking (even if totally accidental) overtake, cheers andy.
  14. TS:137,50 T1: Anthony M hit me from behind, susp damage

    TS:151,11 Massenet: I touch David Mc C and spin around and heading the wrong way.

    TS:153,63 Massenet: Anthony M slides over and take my front wing.

    TS:292,86 T1: After a smaller lag I poped up right in front of Andy and he had no chance to avoid me. I hope it didn┬┤t damage your car.
  15. @ David, ok lets call it a racing incident, case closed :) if i knew you where on ss tyres, i wouldnt even have tryed to defend my position ;-)
    @ Kurt, you scared me by poping up in front of me, but no harm done, car was ok :)
  16. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Big sorry tim :frown: i nearly ended both our races, slow spin out lap 42 i think, i try and correct but i was in 2nd gear :S so didnt spin just blocked track, tim had no chance to avoid me. I drove and looked in mirror seen tim with no fwing i was gutted thought id ended it for sure my car also steering wheel off center 40 degrees supsension damage struggled to drive round track was amazed tim was still driving round with no fwing and prob gonna pass me :eek: was manic end struggling with car.

    Big :sorry: again tim would have been a much better race without that.
  17. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    No noticeable incidents for me


    at lap 25 (I think) my game started stuttering, when I entered the fast swimming pool chicane. Through the next few corners it developed into undriveable huge stuttering. At this point I was a (waiting) passenger but being able to hold the car at the left outside scraping along the wall into Rascass, I hoped to be predictable for the following drivers.
    I waited in the small safety zone before the last right hander and when stuttering decreased I tryed to go on. But it still became bigger and I spun exiting the last corner. So I pressed escape not to be in the way of anyone.

    I hope I didn't hinder anyone there by waiting instead of leaving earlier. Please tell me if I brought someone in trouble!
  18. Sorry to Cristian, I tried to get off the track as soon as possible after I wrecked in front of you.

    I knew this would be a very slow corner on the first lap but I did not quite slow down enough.
  19. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    TS3370 - Lap 43. Sean has a spin going over the top of the hill. In turning his car around he drives onto the racing line, I come around the corner for a big impact! Sean has apologised, so like I said in the other thread, apology accepted, its all good. In terms of learning for next time... Just wondering if you were using track map Sean? Or watching the gap decrease? Clearly you didn't realise I was coming as quick as I was, and perhaps I too should have noticed the gap closing fast all of a sudden! Track map is greatly underrated, its especially good for coming out of the pits and for knowing when its safe to turn your car around on the racing line.

    I'm also wondering what the status of the allowing someone to pass rule is? Clearly in the unmentionable incident between David and I there was a difference of opinion on whether I was at fault. I was talking to Jim about this incident between Sean and I and he thought it was a hard one to judge. Worth noting Sean certainly waited for me so that the battle could continue, sadly I was without front wing by that point, which I suppose at the start of the race would have made Sean letting me through a waste of time since I would head to the pits immediately, with 4 laps to go that clearly wasn't the plan in this case.

    Amazingly no other contact - Largely due to amazing work by all backmarkers, really impressive.

    We're all here to have fun, and I had a lot of fun in that race, so I'm happy. Next season I plan to have a lot of fun making Reik's bid for a third championship much much much more difficult. (Though I realise this is all words til we actually make him sweat). Will there be a season review thread? I think it would be good for us to clarify the guidelines and look forward to a fast fair fun hard fought season 7!
  20. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thats what i thought after, track map, i currently take everything off, just dxmotec thing on. At the point after it im thinking its my fault for sure of accident so thinking i should let by, but thinking its not as clear as im say behind and hit you hit you off or make spin etc. I then look in mirror and see your no fwing im think dam ive wrecked you for sure.
    Im just glad i didnt wreck you completely and you manged to finish, after it now i think i really should have let you by, being as jim said hard one to judge and trying to do it while driving a difficult car round streets was to much so i just raced and we can sort here.
    I still like to think im looking for my 1st real win in mmgf1 with presto, my 1st win with f3000s presto back in the day was at monaco and felt good.
    I hope i can get one or two or more in a hard season 7 !!!