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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi guys,

    Q 14 think my time is plus 0.4tenths on my PB not bad for me.

    R with much softness I arrived at T1 (I remember Interlagos when I hit Peter) but from back Bob:) hit me EHY man next time knock:D
    I did all 1st stint with damaged suspension the car was a bit oversteer front me there was Kurt at only 4 or 5 sec and I tried all time to catch but when I go out the pit he was at 23sec ( fuel+tires+repair) but after a fews of laps I see Kurt in pit and my advantage was aroun 25 28sec so i managed my race until end and finish in 10th.
    Im really proud of run here good folk and big fun.

    :rainbow:THANKS NICO for your effort another great season:rainbow:


    PS tomorrow we can start with season 6?
    :D:D:D Merry Christmas guys
  2. Thank you all very much for the season.

    My report latter...

    First though a huge apology to Jim. I carelessly punted Jim into retirement on Lap 1. :(
    My replay shows a touch of lag, air between the cars, but clearly I booted him off the track. Tragedy...:( Looks as though that ended Reik's race as a consequence well :( - so another apology is due there as well. Sorry Reik and double tragedy...

    Congratulations to Mark :trophy:for the win and to Reik for the championship:trophy: and a remarkable seasonal performance.

    Huge thankyou to Nicolai, :doublethumb:and to all of you who make up the league.:D

    Seasons' greetings to all!
  3. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Big congratulations to Reik who has been far and away the best driver this season. Sad way to finish, but great season, well done Reik.

    And congrats to Mark for a comprehensive win today. I was a small chance of taking second in the championship today, but Marks performance left no doubt that he deserves P2 in the championship.

    I had a reasonable race, finishing in 4th place. I was good off the line but after the lap one confusion had sorted out, the only real racing I did was to get overtaken by Anthony and then let Peter through as I mounted a curb then span down the straight Senna style. After that, luckly with no damage I managed to pull myself together and bring the car home for the last 30 laps!

    Thanks all for a great season. Thanks to the drivers who have fought hard and improved greatly. Thanks to Daniel for the best weather we've ever had. Thanks to Nico for everything else! I look forward very much to the start of next season (though a little break will be nice too).

  4. grats podium, and all who have finish the race :)

    im not really fit today, last whole week i was in bed.
    my very sorry to vale. not often, what happend now by me :-(
    im glad, you had finish the race very well.

    Congratulations to Reik for the championship:trophy:

    THANKS NICO for your effort another great season!
  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran


    in races sometime happen:wink:
  6. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Peter, there's no need to apology :) I ended my race before on that barrier :frown:

    It's very frustrating to end the season this way. The start was good and Mark from Pole also had a perfect one! Braking into T1 behind Mark, i noticed a fast car in the mirrors, so I "waited" a bit on the outside and also Mark seemed to do, until Alex crossed the line on the inside. We went on quickly and reached the first main straight.

    Mark was a bit away and I knew about less downforce into the slip stream, but somehow I braked still not early enough. To avoid Mark, I had to pull to the outside and on the curb I couldn't brake anymore. So I smashed into the wall on the left.
    Maybe there was a chance to repair, but then Jim hit me and my rear wheel was gone. But no problem Jim (and Peter), the first mistake was my own.

    I'm realy sorry for Mark, because this time we could have had a nice battle. But this keeps motivation high for the next season! I still can't wait it :cool:

    This was realy friendly racing here! thx to every single driver to make it a great atmosphere here! I think releasing all setup knowledges was a huge favour we did ourselves.

    I'm very happy that I was a part of this nice community and hope there'll be more nice seasons to come - I'm in! :cool::redface::tongue::D:wink:

    Thank you so much Nico! It needs guys like you, who don't care about their own likings first. Otherwise we wouldn't have such organiced races. thx mate! Honestly I couldn't do that.

    thx RD and MMG too!

    Maybe we need some times during the winter break in the forum or on the server...

    PS: fingers crossed for your operation Thony :wink:
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    thx for your congratulations guys! :)

    was a pleassure to race with you all...
  8. Hey, grats Reik (for the season) :)
    Nice to see that you all have a great time in the euro league too! (RD is great :bang:)
  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    he jo! thx Nico! Seems you're also doing well in the World Series!? Go on and grap some wins :)
  10. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    No worries Peter, it happens sometimes, your still one of the best in the league:thumb:

    I was early on the brakes (which may have suprised you) as I thought you were making a move inside so it was my intention to let you slide past and try to cut back as you went a bit deep, but it didnt work out that way,

    Sorry Reik:frown:, I was a passenger after that, brake pedal planted and turning into the wall to try and stop but there was no way

    It's been a great season, grats to Reik for the title and Mark for the win here,

    Thanks to the legend that is NICO:thanks:for all the hard work in keeping this show on the road

    See you all next season (if not before) http://www.racedepartment.com/race-racing-club/ :cool:

  11. Thank you Jim and Reik for your forgiveness... Most gracious of you. :)

    Q 10th
    I had a good first run closing up on Andy ahead of me. This would be my best time of the session.

    I finished 2nd but I don't feel too worthy of that. Perhaps the RD will make an appropriate adjustment.

    The start went well to a point. I was more or less in the centre of the track approaching turn 1. Lots of cars close bye. Anthony was on the inside and ahead and braked very late and appeared to get a little over-steer turning into the corner. Braking as hard as I dare I went to the outside of his left rear but managed to tap him slightly then a little bump from behind and then a tap on the left. All survived in that group and off we went.

    Across the bridge I was behind Jim and down the straight. Approaching the braking zone I went to the right to give myself and Jim room and then I see his car catapulting ahead of me as I braked. Must have been to late and too little. :(As I turn into the corner, I see Jim colliding with a Mclaren [there is only one of those] and I knew then it was all over for Jim. :( Bugger. I can't wait or anything....

    From there I raced on behind Tim and with a very quick Ferrari [Vincezenzo] close behind me. Tim was occasionaly braking very late for the haripin and I could catch up and stay with him in sector 3. I nearly lost my position to Vincenzo but I managed to defend into turn one.

    Tim went off over the curbs latter on in the first stint and I inherited the place and closed down on David. David had a spin at the bridge entry and I slipped by. Anthony was ahead and as his tyres went off I closed up toward then end of the first stint. We entered the pits on lap 18 nose to tail. Left the pits nose to tail and for the next dozen laps I chased him.

    End of the 3rd straight 6 laps from home and Anthony went deep and I got alongside briefly. Not wanting another tragedy I was very cautious and so was Anthony as he let me go. That was that and I pulled away to cross the line 2nd.

    I'd like to say that I enjoyed the race, but I have the misgivings of the first lap tragedies to remind me that all did not go well. Not what I hoped for. I am a bit surprised that I was able to hold a good pace cruising all the way to the end. But I do generally enjoy the street circuits. It simply feels so much faster and more exciting than at say Bahrain for example where there is ½ a kilometre to a wall.

    Thank you all for the race and season. All the best for the new year.:)
  12. Not a good ending to the season for me. I qualified next to last. Since I was at the back I made no effort to get quickly off the line and managed to avoid several early incidents. Kurt went wide after the bridge and I got a good run on him and made a clean pass. I was thinking that it might be a good race. After the chicane however my screen went black and I just had to slow down and hope that my car would still be driveable if and when the picture came back. I hope nobody was inconvenienced by my screen crash. When I got the picture back I was last again, and less optimistic about the race. I withdrew a few laps later after hanging on the curbs a couple of times. I hope to regain some consistency and improve my performances next season.

    Congratulations Mark and the podium, and to the seasons winner Reik!

    Thanks for the challenging, and enjoyable but humbling races. You guys set the bar very high, and it has been a priviledge to share the virtual tarmac with you, even if, after the divisions were merged, it was mostly to give you someone to lap.

    Thanks to Nico for all the hard work!
  13. First of all - CONGRATS TO REIK (for the title!) and MARK (for incredible speed and strong win!)
    Big thanks to Nico for all the work he did (I am sorry for missing almost the whole season....)

    Now about the race.

    QUAL. P4
    Set my new PB and took 4th starting position. I did not expect to be so high on the grid.

    RACE. P7
    The race began for me as a nightmare. The start was ok, but it was the first time when I was coming to T1 on the inside, and I simply missed the braking point. Really happy that did not organize a massacre in T1. I waited while most of the guys passed me, and returned on track on P16 I think. By Lap 6 I gained many positions and moved up to P7, when touched the curb in the high speed right hander and spun into wall, broke suspension and lost front wing. At that moment I did not know that I had lost the wing, and tried to do some laps, but the car was totally undrivebale, and I came to my mechanics on Lap 9 to repair the car, put new hard tyres (till end of the race) and drop some fuel into tank. From that moment the only aim was to save my tyres to the finish line. I was wondering if they stay alive till the end. They almost did. Last few laps were very nervous, because I could not accelarate and keep normal racing line - rear tyres had died by that moment. But I've managed to keep my 7th position, and I am really satisfied with this result.
    Thanx to all racers in the league. It's honour to race with you guys!
  14. My race report will be done later, but it is not a sunshine story. Good thing though is that I created my own mess :)

    First of all, those who spesificly deserve thanks are:
    Gunthar for providing the mod
    Daimian for providing Presto GP Updater (need donations)
    Race Department for providing forum
    Those of you who I can discuss stuff with, both in forum, email and pm's, let's call them co-admins
    All the drivers for making a great league

    Further more, I hope as many as possible will be ready for season 6 as well. Hopefully we can build on what we have created so far, learn from our mistakes and make it even better.

    The season will start jan/feb and last to may/june. As often as it is possible we'll match the f1 calendar -> do the same track the following Wednesday after a f1 weekend. This means that 5-7 tracks are predetermined. The rest of the tracks will be a combo of the tracks that f1 do during summer time when we do not race and other tracks that are suggested and voted through. Atm it is a server open with 5 suggestions to fill the empty spot(s). At the moment the tracks on this server is: Imola, Magny Cours, Donnington, Mugello and Watkins Glen (first to are included in the game, last 3 are availeble through PrestoGP Updater). If there are other tracks you'll like to see considered, please give me a shout :)

    I'll open a server with the tracks we know we'll race very shortly, just have to check the f1 calendar first.

    Hopefully we'll get some new members for next season so we can see a full grid again, and hopefully have a good spread in skills so that the "slower" guys like Graham will have plenty of people to compete against.

    Congratulations to Reik for winning the league with a strong margin, to mark for his second place and providing Reik with some competition and to Tim on 3rd.

    Are you sure? :)

    ...the presto way of doing it, care for your opponent more than yourself :) You see what I am getting at? ;)

    Don't understand this, but maybe I'm not supposed to?
  15. Grats Reik for winning the championship, well done.
    Thx Nico for all your efforts in this league. :)
    And also a big thx for everybody on the setup sharing.
    I enjoyed the racing this season , hope to see you all in the next season.
    And Jim you where the perfect teammate like always. :)

    Happy holidays to everyone,


  16. Hey Guys
    Congratulation Reik championship
    Congratulation Mark Peter and Anthony and all participators in this league
    U all punch of great guys, it’s a pleasure to be in this community
    Thank U Nico for your hard work!!!
    Thanks to all that makes it happens.
    Finely Thanks to God
    C U Around J
  17. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations to our new champ :trophy:Reik:trophy:

    and the race podium :trophy:Mark, :trophy:peter and :trophy:Anthony.

    Apologies to Eliezer for the punt from behind entering T1 on the first lap. I hope you were unharmed.

    No pb but I managed to get 14th spot.

    Race: 9th
    I had a lot of fun as usual. Someone chatted about nerves just before the race started. I always have them on the outside when we all stand gla:ing on the grid and the time slowly slowly counts down.

    First lap was OK, besides me punting Eliezer. I had Nicolai close behind and a group with Nicolas, Vince, Peter, Tim and Anthony not far away. After a while Alex was in my mirrors, great fun. On lap four I had lost 3 seconds more to Nicolas, and Alex came from nowhere and just overtook me. I did not resist, I know I would lose to Nicolai if I defended hard, and I was sure he had more speed than I over a whole stint. I was disappointed when I noticed his tag in the garages on the next lap.

    Lap seven. Eliezer have been on my tail for many laps now. I really put the throttle down to keep away. Suddenly I have Alex in front before the bridge. I must try to catch him. In my slow working mind I decided to try to go a little faster, he he. After the bridge a 45 degree slide and when I have the car in the stipulated direction again Eliezer passes me on the left.

    Lap eight. The Kurt is behind me now and gaining on me. He must have installed a turbo charger in his rollator:)

    Lap twelve. I have followed Eliezer many laps and on the bridge I can pass him when he makes a 180. Andy is on my tail, I'm surprised that I can keep about same pace.

    Lap thirteen. I spin after the bridge and Andy goes by. Was fun while it lasted.

    Lap fifteen. The Kurt is on the bridge with me. Will that son of a gun try something, I hope I don't get any team orders.

    Lap seventeen. I pit with Kurt close behind, I'm 7th, I take 48L and a set of soft slicks. Kurt goes for one more lap, wrong move my friend. Andy has been in pits the lap before.

    Lap eighteen. Andy is closing in from behind. Once again I must push the pedal to the metal to keep my position. I can hold him off until lap twentyfive. I spin after T1, Andy flyes by and Mark laps me in the same spot. I did my best to keep him behind, I can't remember the last time I had a chance to duel with Andy, usually he laps me.

    Last ten laps was a bit lonely, Andy left me behind and I was struggling with grip. I'm very pleased to get 9th in this division. Everyone in front are so fast. But next season is an unwritten book, then I will beat you all:) (I hope).

    Thanks all for this eventful season, and don't go and get any ideas of driving elsewhere.

    And special warm thanks to Nicolai. You are Norwegian like Petter Northug, but you are okey anyway:)

  18. congrats to reik to win the europe series !! next year i want to beat u in europe :D
  19. And welcome you shall be :)
  20. Hey no problem, In fact I didn't know that I had been bump from behind. lol