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Season 5 - Race 4 - Suzuka - Division 2

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

  2. Congrats to our podium...

    Q. 2nd on the grid. Nearly a PB on my final run but over cooked the final chicane..

    R. DNS & DNF

    Sitting on the grid, I found that I had no controller. :( I raised my arm in warning for all and to say bye, then escaped back to the pits. Suddenly a CTD [pushing too many keys?]

    Hope it went [is going] well for you all.:)
  3. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I need to apologize to Robby for that crash.
    I missed the refuel when i pit and had only 2.30L.I try it to run slow and get back to pits.I allmost make it and i would,but i was in the rong place,right on the raceing line.
    Sorry again.
  4. I had a good race until lap 27,
    a lot of lag on my pc or my www, I was out of pity (Suspension).
  5. Not my best performance but an improvement on the previous race.

    Q: It went okay, I was .4 seconds up on my last attempt but ran wide and lost it all. I think I ended up in 6th or 7th

    R: Had a good safe start and kept it all together for a few laps when I ran wide and lost some places. I repeated this trick and dropped down to last. So I pitted, fixed the damage and filled up for the rest of the race. Was able to make the tyres last until lap 19 when Ipitted just for some new rubber. I picked up a lot of places until I got up to 9th. The car ahead was holding steady at 1 minute ahead and the guy behind wasn't catching me either. Unfortunately a combination of heat, exaustion and mosquitos caused me to loose concentration and I lost it in Degener. Lost a wheel so race over with 10 laps to go. A shame.
  6. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    CONGRATULATION at FINISHERS and PODIUM hope better next time:tongue:
  7. Hey there

    I tried push last laps but didn’t manage well

    R :
    Start was ok, found myself after Cor and Andrei , first cor made mistake then Andrei so I was first early on track felt very good with the car .
    Then lap 7 major screen freezes, I was able get to pit, I checked pc quick and found my windows updating L I tried close it but icon had no respond, I decided to try another lap there u guys c me standing on side I desperately tried to close that windows updating with no success, suddenly its just gone so I decided go race again
    More then a lap behind…I felt pretty fast I new I can cutch some guys
    Lap 31 me and Antony on battle, He dancing with car all over the track like med! (Second time he did that first on lap 20) I manage over take him first corner second corner he bumped me hard from back sending me to wall hard damage and he just resume on his like nothing happened - Antony M. that is a **** driving !

  8. Isn’t funny that you don’t see yourself Eliezer, In Singapore, and Again today, mate I lapped you twice, I was in P2 and Walter in P1, Walter was 8 second ahead of me and Kurt P3 was 15 second behind me, than you come along and put pressure to overtake me somewhere you never overtake, you made me lose control of the car and I nearly crashed, than I lost times Walter was 20 second ahead of me and Kurt is up my ass, mate you are not racing with me! Even thou if you are faster than me you should wait to an appropriate place to pass, you need to pay respect to the drivers so they respect you, otherwise you will never get that respect. That’s one of the reason why I stopped posting my set up in the forum. You need to read the drivers meeting discussions see below
    The single most important factor to make good racing is that the participants are 100% in sync when it comes to how to behave on track. If all our league members were active in this thread then the matter of un-lapping ourselves would be resolved. The slower car in front would notice that he has a faster guy behind him that is one lap behind and would at an appropriate place allow the other guy to pass. And the guy behind would never make a pass unless a very safe
    PS Thank you Walter, Kurt & Graham for a good fair fight.
  9. I'm sorry Joe if I made u loosing control, I don’t think that I did any unclean move at race ( not include the lap my screen was freezing every 10 sec and I blocked some drivers probably ) but need 2 see replay to know for sure ( first thing when get home )
    I know I made mistake at Singapore when battled with u but u also missed turn entering a bit I was out side and turn 2 early then we had contact, I reported to RD with knowing that was it my most mistake, I should say sorry to u directly.
    As u c no 1 reported on me as unfair driver (until now J )
    My stile is a bit aggressive but I focused on other driver's safety at league and I know was wrong move at Singapore but u cant implement that on my battles with others and defined me as unfair driver
    I'm sorry if u stop posting setups only because of me cause your setups and others good setups creators makes race quality improvement for all of us not only for me.
    I sure RD will decide about those incidents and if its my fault Ill take the responsibility
    And yes I was reading that issue at forum about 1 lap down but faster and it was sitting well in my mind because I was exactly in a same situation and puted extra coution but again need to see if I did wrong overtake as u mention

    In all that case I forgot to congratulate POD and Valter for the win
    Well don
  10. first of all well done valter!!!

    in regards to this eliezer i was just blocking your path, which you are allowed to do!!!
    and on lap 31 you decided to brake suddenly around t1 which you did on purpose!!!!
    so don't swear about me because your the F**#cked driver!!!!!!!!!!
  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ****ing this and ****ing that, division 2 seems in good shape :D
  12. Maybe I braked a bit early on t2, didn't c replay yet
    but forget about the "purpose" - those stuff not my way
  13. I beleive this language is not up to league standard at all, we are making a joke of ourselves and by doing that people start laughing at us....

    Anthony, your frustration is totally understandable m8 , but we should be more careful and not fall into the same trap...
  14. Dinca its happend and done . Forget it and look forward to next race .Some thing happen in life .Ps Gratz to the Podium Drivers
    Suzuka crash.jpg
  15. OK I saw replay

    First Joe :

    952 :
    I cut Joe when enter pit after last last corners totally miss, got major screen freezings – drive slow 2 pit. my wrong

    2584 – 2638:
    I was after Joe with fresh rubber closing when get close to Joe I didn't push hard and took caution then Joe lose control by himself then I pass , don't c any wrong here

    3252 :
    Exactly same situation as at 952 ( unlucky coincidence ) but now with hard damage after bumped by Antony to wall
    I enter pit after miss last corners I was sure I wont disturb after cutting there , my wrong sorry for that

    Antony :

    2132-2144 :
    I after Antony faster then him, Antony blokes by zigzag on track

    same thing - I after Antony faster then him, Antony blokes by zigzag on track

    Then enter t1 Antony brake early I took inside line and overtake
    Because the inside line I had to brake a bit more for t2 and I did probably to much
    But looks like its really was surprising Antony and although I was sure atm its was purpose after his zigzag driving, seems that he hit me by mistake...

    Now all cards on table ....
  16. First big grats to Valter on his first win!! Well done mate, good consistent driving in the race gets it done! Grats to Joe in 2nd too, very good defending at the end there when first Kurt then I put a lot of pressure on you.

    I had a very good first half of the race and a pretty good second half. Just the pit stop that let me down. For once I can say that I was one of those that had a shot at winning, in my case it was stop-and-go penalty that spoilt my chances.

    I quallied in 5th with a PB and did what was for me a good start. (I am a terrible starter). After the first corners I was 4th. I started loosing some ground to Eliezer but pulled away from the Werner and the guys behind. Then as Eliezer and Dinca got problems I was in 2nd behind Cor with Valter behind me. Towards the end of the stint I noticed I still had tyres left and was able to push catching up a bit on Cor and putting a bit more distance to Valter. I pitted on lap 19.

    I braked a little too early and had to go back on the gas slightly. I normally let the game engage the pit limiter automatically. Unfortunately I was doing 65km as I passed the pit lane line and the limit is 60km at Suzuka. I came out in front of Cor! But of course I had a stop and go. So when Cor caught me on my outlap I just went to the side to let him pass. I had to go back in anyway and I was too disappointed to fight at that point. (From now on I will do the limiter manually!)

    I came out after the stop-and-go back down in 5th. Kurt came out of the pits just in front and we had a good chase for most of the second stint gradually catching up to Joe. Kurt put Joe under tremendous pressure before spinning at spoon. I tried to pressure Joe myself, but he made no mistakes. I could have gone alongside going into 130R on the last lap, but I know I am no Alonso and Joe is not Schumacher so I backed off. It was better that we both got on the podium than to crash in the last corners.

    In the end I was very happy with 3rd place.

    Again big grats to Valter and Joe.
  17. Hi guys

    Q:9 Not much too say, but awfull :(

    R: DNF
    Oooh my god.. I think it was a hard track to race (ofcourse i have to say this since i didnt finish) but i think it was!! Went ok for the first 10 laps trying to catch Joe (nice race Joe gratz) which was pretty hard. somewhere soon after lap 10 i crash and loose my backwing. now my car is pretty much uncontrollable. Ok so i have to pit and was there for a minute and 10 sec. Coming out fresh and eager to advance i make another big mistake and have no suspension and frontwing and a whole lap before pit. Apparently i allready got a warning due to cutting corner so when i accidently cut the last chikane just before the pit i got a stop and go penalty. Got into pit stopped, drove out without any repair. So now i had to drive another lap to get my car fixed and YES OHH DEAR YES i make the exact same mistake on the excact same chikane for another stop and go.. ARRRGGGG.. Now my car is so uncontrollable that i choose to exit the race instead of taking someone with me!!

    Big Gratz to Valter, Joe and Graham and all that finished !!
  18. Congratulations Valter! Well done Team Sweden!:trophy:
    Grats also to Joe and the ever consistent Graham. :doublethumb:

    On another note, I believe “sticks and stones” should remain in the PM department.
  19. First of all Podium Grats WD

    Q: 15th
    I overdrived myself to get a good lap, in my last stint i was aiming for a low 1.27 lap but messed it up, so last spot for me there :(

    Race: 8th

    Had a reasonable start entered T1 as 12th kept my safe distance to the driver in front of me, wenn going thrue the S'-curve. But i got slightly hit in the back just enough to get suspention probs, but kept the car on track.
    Untill lap 2 in Degner i lost car, spinned and managed to keep the car from hitting the wall. But over the grass kept sliding ( backwards) and ended up in the middle of the raceline sideways. What happend then i have to look at replay, but i saw Anthony and Valerio coming in at me at high speed. Only thing i know is wenn i drove on, i saw that Valerio left game :( Sorry for that mate.!!! ( PM is send already )
    Got my space a bit back and learn to drive with suspention damage. Till lap 8 i hit again the wall and now suspetion and aero damage.
    So pit and made the choice to fix it and to take Supersofts, bc i was 1 lap down wenn i would leave pit and i know that i can drive about 15 rounds on my SS. Mde a good stint till PS enterd the pit as 6th or so. SS again an 75 liters of fuell. Didnt make any mayor mistakes and had a good stint. but 5 laps before end my tires are getting worned..... probably pused to hard. I saw that man behind me was 30 sec away so i decide to go for new tyres. But last chicane i cut and had a S&G ( no warning for me right away a S&G )...damn
    So made that and but got a new S&G for speed in pitlane. Still 6th only 10 sec ahead now.
    Next lap i made my S&G for speed and made that one correct left pit as 7th................. but i still had my worn tyres ;)
    Meantime i was lapped again by nr 1 so only 2 laps left. so dicide to keep on track and try to make it till finish on these tyres.
    I was to carefull and Eliezer overtake me at hairpin... I could follow in his tail but on the exit of spoon i mis shift an could not fight in last meters for 7th place. Overall not bad for me. Let's see what next race will bring ;)

    Again podium grats and alll that finished WD
  20. Thanks Peter :) , and of course all others for the grats :).