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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Fuuuull throttle:D
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  2. the 1st corner got me for the 1000th time, and this time in a completely new way. I tiptoed my way all the way through the corner and then when I thought it was over it decided to spin and smash into the wall on the left. Both front wheels gone. I pressed escape as soon as I could. Dino did very well avoiding me:confused:

    (FIDJASUHFUA(FJHUIADSFHAUIDFUIASH:mad::mad::mad: im going to kill that corner some day
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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 3rd

    decentish lap to get me 3rd, wasnt bad position to start on a 1 stopper.

    race - dnf

    total gutter for me, probably ends my championship hopes, these things happen though :(

    started well, fought with reik for a while, got a gap to stay behind sean, touched the grass slightly on entry to turn 5-6? which spun the car rearwards into the wall, wheel off race and hopes over.

    grats to podium

    cyas next race.
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  4. Started 20th and last and finished 12th so well happy.

    Congrats podium.
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  5. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualied 10th I think

    finished 5th, or was it 6th? lol

    All in all a stable performance tonight, except I lost track of time before start. I am so sorry for that guys. I didnt know where to put the damn car on the first lap.

    Should I have moved to the very back of the field?

    How does the blue flag rule work at the server? Does anything happen after max warnings?

    Wont happen again.

    Grats to Sean, Dino and Reik!

    And yeah Tim, I blame everything else but me this time. Next time, I just say next time!!! ;)
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  6. Great fun for me this one :), although it's my second DNF of the season :( (and my aim is to finish races).

    Qualified 18th/20 OK lap, but not enough to get higher.

    I got a good start and gained a couple of places.
    I think in the 1st banked turn I almost smashed somebody, very very close. I knew I had one car behind, I saw a blip in one mirror, tried to give space at that side, then I saw a bloody full car appeared on the other mirror!, I moved back to the other side thinking he had switched, and I realized there were two. From outside it must have looked like I was defending a la Schumi, sorry. After this split second pinball both Valerio and Kurt overtook me.

    Then I started to slowly get back to Kurt, until I overtook him.

    Something like 15 laps! of awesome fight for that position followed. He could gain back the place here and there, but then I would take it back. He was all over my mirrors turn after turn, I think on a clean lap he was faster than I, but when I had him behind I was just faster in the good turns to overtake.

    On lap 17, I believe, he had a semi-spin, and lost track of him. But I pitted in lap 20 and when I got out I had him 3 seconds behind and gaining. Another batch of laps sweating for me, until I I saw him going sideways in my mirror in turn 1. I did not feel any contact, so I hope it was too much throttle and not my fault.

    With 5 minutes left, and Kennett rather stable 8 seconds behind, I just had to bring it home. But while being lapped by Reik + somebody else we had a quite bad misunderstanding about what side to take, contact in the penultimate corner and unfortunately I went head on to the concrete corner, losing a wheel. I will comment that one in the incidents, fortunately I think I was the only victim from it.

    Still, the rest of the 57 minutes were glorious, thank you Kurt. I hope my defense was fair for you.
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  7. Very good race. Decided to not practice a lot since that first practice went so well. Was the right choice to leave good and positive feeling. 1:33 on the first real lap in practice with Sean setup. Track is pretty simple and i know it very well.

    Qualy: 14th, which was total surprise, missed 6 tenths from PB. But i did have best 3rd sector ever so that relieved some tension from the race.

    Setup was tough with high fuel load, totally different balance. Went with 1 click less front wing, 1 click more rear wing and more stable diff lock. Some minor changes to get more weight to the rear (front rebound softer) and increased front brake pressure. Very minor, it only helped to keep the rear a bit more stable. I lost about 2 tenths in the middle sector, 1st sector was the same and a lot easier 3rd sector. Very good and stable. Totally throttle controlled, had a bit of "locked" foot (don't the name but when your foot starts to get stiff, you get that in the real car too when you're past that first 200km...), luckily it was near lapping so i had a tiny moment to stretch it.

    Did 2 stopper and got passed by 1 stoppers :(.. so 14th in the end was a good solid result. I kind a hoped for that 11th place i kept so long. My times started to get so much worse with worn tires that i didn't really had any other options. Most likely would've ended in the same place but with more frustration.

    I'm very satisfied with my current race pace. Help has helped, thanks to all and to special thanks to David for being patient. I knew that i'd find that and it's getting really close. Getting used to sliding rear end really makes a huge difference to laptime, this time i went in to controlled 4-wheel slides, very comfortable being on the limit and defending off racing line. Even attacking :)

    Two minor mishaps, one spin and once went long. Minor suspension damage but i couldn't feel it. Did best lap (i think) with "damage" so it could've not be bad..
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  8. Alberto: i would've caught you 5 laps before the end.. Was looking for that fight, i had pretty fresh tires and was following the lappers very very close by.. I was planning of slipping by in their tow.

    EDIT: A tip from my tinroof days..
    At some point in practice, after setup is about done and everything is ready so near the end: Take few laps and drive the whole lap as fast as you can but stay off the racing line. Imagine that there is always someone by your side. Do it for both left and right side. Makes the first laps a LOT easier when you know when to brake off racing line.. Like that fast right hander, i knew i can take it on 4th gear hugging the inside and loosing only a tenth (but loosing lot of tire..)
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  9. I thought you would (especially when I lost 3 seconds letting a car pass in the main straight, I had run out of blue flags and had to brake), but then the difference bounced back to 8 seconds and I kept it for a couple laps, so providing I would not botch it, you would have needed a second and a half per minute, maybe too much?

    Pity for the points, I don't think I can recover from this one to fight you in the league standings.
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  10. I was certain but now we will never know. That two seconds were me letting Reik (and someone else) pass, went on grass for a bit and i could keep up with them afterwards. It would've been close, like i said i was looking for that fight and i was pushing at qualy pace. When you spun i think i was 2 secs behind Reik. (edit: yup, i was only 5 seconds behind when you spun. Without that it would've been about the length of pit straight.. that would've been very close indeed..damn. Next time, don't spin.:) )
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  11. Very happy with tonight, thanks for a great evening guys! :) What an awesome way to start my time in Presto GP!

    I know in preparation for this race, I cut a few corners, just out of limited time. It was just days ago I signed up, so I hadn't done any thorough testing to see what kind of tire life expectancy I could hope for. I ended up doing a 2 stop when a 1 stop could have been better.

    After qualifying 19th, I managed to get through to 15th in the race. Driving this car was great fun itself, and it all finished on a high note right at the end in pursuit of Kurt for that final position.

    Can't wait to do this all again at Interlagos! :D
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  12. A mixed day for me, but a fun one.

    Q: 7th Highest qual position ever and first time I've set a PB in qual. (I had a feeling I should have just gone back to the garage for a beer :)

    R: 11th A bit of a disappointment, but considering the degree of self inflicted stupidity and massive hole I dug, still a satisfying result. Got a poor start and was in 9th after T2 gained position back on lap 2 then another on lap 3. By the end of lap 8 I was in 5th and then actually closed the gap and caught up to Dino and Tim by the end of lap 10.

    So.......I'm not only in 5th but actually hanging with Tim and Dino. I thought holy crap this is cool. In that split second lapse in concentration I missed my braking point in T1 tapping Dino, sending him into a slide he fortunately recovered from and me off the track to the left. Lost 3 places before I could reenter safely. In 8th with very good pace so things are still going OK. That is until the pitstop from hell....

    Entered pits @1437 lefts pits @ 1497 That's a 60 second pit stop folks for 55 L and tires. Missed my box 3 times overshot, backed up too far, overshot, backed up too far, overshot, backup just right. Oh the horror......

    Exited the pits in 16th and spent the balance of the race working my way back to 11th.

    Grats to Sean, Dino, and Reik and thanks as always to Nico and all who participated. See y'all in Brazil.
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  13. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    First lap was ok; second lap I actually managed to time perfectly on the last second, but unfortuntaly the lap itself was really bad, so no gain and p4

    I had horrible first 20 minutes of the race. Missed a ton of lines, had some very scary moments with almost loosing the car on some places like t1, in which I felt very safe in practice. Lost huge amounts of time by a ton of mistakes and also a position to Tim.

    The push into t1 I got from Bob somehow did not affect me that much, apart from some seconds lost. The funny thing is that from this moment on I drove much better and made almost no mistakes anymore all the way through the end of the race.

    Made it back to Tim just in time for the piststop. Fortunatly for me a good inlap + a good pitstop brought me past Tim for the remainder of the race.

    Second stint was allright, still a bit too slow compared to practice, but atleast clean and consistant. I was a bit surprised to stay in front of Reik though at the end.

    One of my not so good races this season, but a very good result since there was happening stuff to all the guys at the front, except to Sean :D Better luck next time for Guus and David.

    q: 4th / r: 2nd

    Well done to all for the clean race on a rather dangerous track; see you guys next time :)
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  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Sean, Dino and Reik!

    And grats all who finished!

    Q: 12th. A lucky lap. In the tow of Jim.

    R: 10th
    This was really a magic race. Everyone I came close to, drove with such a superhuman precision. Using all their racecraft to go close, challenging, but with no contact hard enough to move a praam off line. Jim, Nicolai, Nicolas, Kennett, Peter and Valerio. We did go close through the carousel like a newly engaged couple. But did we touch? - No.

    This track seems to bring out the best in us. I got a lot of my lost inspiration back yesterday. The old Presto GP gentleman way of driving is still here :thumbsup: There's nothing like completing a whole race without ever being helped off track.

    Thanks professor Nicolai, weather man Daniel, RD and all drivers!
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  15. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Quali:16th Race:13
    not a bad race for me, perhaps one stop was better and with my skill more fuel was about 1sec for lap but for me is mandatory;) 2stops this season anyhow nice meeting along race with some fellows Kurt, Bob Laube and Valter sorry mate I made you slow down before in a pair of turns you have avoid a pile-up I see all in my mirrors:D for a bit of time I have a dream no lapping but at 2 or 3 laps to the end Sean and only Sean passed me, a tiny result:)

    Congratulations Sean Dino and Reik

    Thanks PrestoGp, Daniel and RD
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  16. First, I apologize again and am so thankful there was no damage. I've never made up time on such excellent drivers like you and Tim. I am used to watching you drive away. I was stunned.

    Second, it appears that I awakened a sleeping bear as a result and actually assisted in your podium effort.. It seems reasonable for you to send me a fifth of Gin and a share of the second place prize money. :D
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  17. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Let's say I will not report you to the FIA and we are quit :devilish:
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  18. Ouch :)
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  19. GREAT TRACK for me !:thumbsup:

    Q: 16 ( sorry Vale :) )
    first try: mistake in first corner:(
    than a second try, with defekt suspesion.

    R: DNF

    had trained well / + Sean, thank you for setup
    I drove up to p7 in lap 8,9,10,11
    and some wonderful laps with nicolai,
    with a very light kiss on TS 1391
    sorry nicolai

    but at TS 1951, I suddenly had no more clutch
    and all additional buttons were dead!
    such a ****! sorry
    I had to press esc ! :(

    Grats Sean, Dino and Reik!
    Thanks PrestoGp, Daniel and RD :thumbsup:
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