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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    same thing for all races full throttle:)
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  2. WOW!! I hate driving in the wet, but loved this!!!!!

    Was at the rear for the first 25 mins then came through with pitstops to finish an amazed 11th and to top it off made it the first race here that I wasn't lapped, booyaaa!!!!

    Congrats podium and all racers on really good clean racing and thanks Daniel for such great weather and PrestoGP.
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  3. Congratulations Marko, Helder, Dino.:)

    And to all the others. :thumbsup:

    Q 10th. Surprising.:cool:

    R 8th. Three in a row!. :cool:

    Thank you all for the racing, in particular focus this week, Anthony for keeping me company for every lap bar the pit-stop. :thumbsup:
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  4. Grats to Helder and Dino for podium finishes, and all who could finish in these difficult weather conditions :thumbsup:

    I will now write a short report, and probably make it more complete later, as I have some packing to do for a trip.

    Qualifying: (3rd)
    I chose wet tyres, and had a mediocre lap with no big mistakes though.

    Race: (1st)
    I was on one stop strategy (100L/80L), and I had wets on both stints. Tyres were constantly overheating a bit in the first half of the race, but on the second stint they worked perfectly.

    I had some nice battles with David, Dino, Sean, and Helder.

    Conclusion: It did not look like I would win here, until at the end of the last stint. Great race!
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  5. Q: 9th
    R : 9th
    tried the 1 stop , started with 100l fuel and slicks , wings 24/32 .. second stint wet tires.
    Great race and lots of fun with Tim for the first few laps and Peter for the rest of the race, great Job Peter :thumbsup: Jim joined the party towards the end of the race :)


    grats Marko, Helder , Dino and to every one on track :thumbsup:
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  6. Exact the same here ! :)
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  7. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Precious little practice for this one:(

    Q, P9

    R, P10

    I didn't have any practice data to go on so I chose to 2 stop on the basis of nothing really, other than I 1 stopped at Silverstone so I thought I'll try 2 and see how it goes:unsure:

    First stint was ok, had some fun with Sean and followed Dino for a while, after the first stop I dropped back a little but then gained it back after the 1 stoppers pitted but the second stop just killed it for me, came out behind Ant and Peter, I followed close to Ant for many laps but couldn't get past, Ant was driving well whilst sandwiched between me and Peter

    Good fun though:)

    Grats to the top 3, thanks to all and especially Nico as always:thumbsup:

    See you next time

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  8. Sincerely tonight was a disappointed result for me even if i get a 2nd in this hard conditions we can think how the 2nd place is disappointed, but well after advantage in all 2 weeks of laptimes, and after practice on wet i was also the fastest, after the pole...lost the race wasn't in my mind before the green lights, but when i see Reik faster, and going alone forward after i have David behind i came down to earth, and realized I would not be so easy/simple as i was think, but well was a good first half of the race, after the stop soon then the expected to change for wets thinking me that will be better to make a early stop to change for it well was completely wrong because the wets for me never worked and was a hard long 2nd stint, but well at the beginning of the stint i was ok trying to push hard, and after all stops, Reik and David i wasn't 100% sure of his second stop, but they did it and i was at front, conscious that Marko was close behind, but never thought to be slower then him but well the fact is that i lose the advantage so fast and he overtakes me easy, maybe because i change for wet tyres too soon and he was fresh on it, well is the racing, but i leave Nurburgring with the desire to run already tomorrow lool well a little bit frustrated but as i say it's racing and heads up looking for Melbourne a circuit i really like, but arfff need to wait 2 weeks loool :sneaky:

    Good race to all, good victory for Marko, one more podium for Dino! :thumbsup:

    See you at Melbourne... ... ... in 2 weeks :x3: :D
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  9. Wanted: New crew chief. Took the last one out and shot him. Now on the run for murder but it was worth it. I only hope Germany does not have an extradition treaty with Australia.

    Q: 12th
    R: 18th

    On a 2 stop in case weather drastically changed during the race, started on slicks because they were working well for me in damp.. After tapping Peter in T1 I got ultra conservative and quickly dropped to 18th. Regrouped and started driving working my way back to 15th by my 1st stop. This is were my nightmare really began.

    I had set up several presets with different tires. I had grossly miscalculated the amount of fuel required for the race and was taking on 15 liters more than necessary for each stint finishing the race with 48 liters in the tank. This is particularly embarassing because I do in fact have a degree in mathematics. I also didn't pay attention to which preset I loaded and inadvertantly switched from slicks to wet. I had gotten used to driving on the slicks and when I came out the wets, now with 30 liters more than I should have had in the tank, it felt like I was driving in ice.

    After 3 laps of barely keeping it on the track, I had several options 1) stick it out until the next pit 2) pit just for tires or 3) pit switching to slicks and taking on my last fuel load keeping my total pits to 2. My crew chief whose body I hope is never found, recommended the last option. So I came in for my last pit only 3 laps after my 1st pit. I'm now out with slicks and my car feels drivalble again, but very heavy with the 2x fuel load.

    As the race goes on I get slower and slower because while my fuel is going down(remember still 45 liters too much) my tires were on a double stint and are wearing out fast. The last 3 laps were excruiatingly painfull to drive. The only bright spot in the race was that I despite all of this and while I did slide a lot, I never once spun or left the track.

    Congrats to the podium and thanks to Nico and RD and everyone else participating. See y'all in Melbourne with a new crew chief. :)
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  10. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran


    I had a lot of fuel left at the end, but not that much, I didn't do any maths at all, I just guessed at it:ninja:

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  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 4th

    happy with the lap, i made the choice to do it on wets, couldve mabe had a second or two if id went slicks but thems the breaks.

    race - 5th

    couldve been better i think position wise, but in terms of racing and excitment it was up there with the best of them for me :) ill write more later but for now i'll let this video tell the story of my race......

    thanks to reik, marko, helder and tim and dino for some great racing :thumbsup: , really enjoying f3000 at the moment and i never thought id say that, thanks to daniel for the weather too :)

    cya all at melbourne ;)
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  12. Q 13th
    I played it safe

    R DNF
    I started rather well, with wets and 125l fuel but after a few laps I started to make mistakes and lost many positions. After a big mistake just after pit entry I lost my front wing and had suspension damage, so it was a long way to go to the pits to repair. I added fuel to last for the rest of the race, and decided to change tires for softs because my wets were overheating and I thought the softs would be better. Unfortunately, they were not (about 1.5 - 2 seconds a lap slower) so I decided to change them for wets around the middle of the race. I managed some good laps but made some mistakes again, and being last was not improving my temper, so I decided to quit before my anger would make me something stupid and becoming a danger for the other pilots.
    Sorry I couldn't finish this race, but it was not my day and my lack of practice is surely the reason why I was so bad. I love the rain but I still have issue with this car. I hope I'll be in shape for Melbourne.
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  13. hello!

    Congratulations Marko Helder Dino and all racers ;) and
    Congrats to all the 2 first race also, I remember very nice battle with Peter, Nico, Sean, Tim, Eliezer, David.... :thumbsup:

    I have been very busy those days, was crazy arrive 3mins before the start, my first practice on wet was on 3 start race practice :confused:,

    Q: no Q I was speaking on the phone and join to qualifying late, incredible my lap expire before a milliseconds to finish my lap :(

    R: DNF NIce start, I used slick, 24/27.. my first sting (no strategy) no gas:( DNF, well I enjoyed my short race :thumbsup:

    thanks Nico Daniel and all guys
    see you next
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  14. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congrats all and well done Marko, Helder, Dino:thumbsup:

    Q better than last rows I cannot :) I was too insicure

    R before jump on track I decided change set so i start with dry set up a bit of fear when first drops of rain fall down:D on my visor but when green ligth is come I found a great feeling with car.Front me Kurt and back Bob Miley ,Kurt was 1 pits and i thought also Bob because on straight I was more fast so one eye on front and one on mirror for many laps i tried overtake Kurt and I be able in lap10 think some little: ....arrrggg lost car on kurbs...tooo brakes..slip slip slip.... and than pits change from soft to wet but the track was changed more slippery so 2 laps for recover the feeling but something in mine strategy was wrong I did second pits but the amount of fuel was too (55/60lit for 2 pits I had tested )so before enter on pits I removed some litres for gain few seconds Nico was 39sec back me and when leave pits Nico was 2sec behind :D him push hard I resisted but on straight before NGK schikane lost a bit the car so Nico pass me I did also some mistake along race met Valter for 2 time but was too ahead and no chance for any attack and Nico gain seconds time run and only 9mins for try catch Nico I pushed for my best and finish race behind Nico but not so far::rolleyes:
    I want underline first dozen of laps realy nice, long, fun, clean, battle with Kurt and Bob true gentlemen anyone of us have always kept right space under the turns nice nice nice .

    all at Melbourne now:)
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  15. I'll start my race report with this near miss on Bob Miley, fight for 21st :)
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  16. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Q: :cry: Wrong tyres and not the best lap

    R: Good getaway, but had Davids car in the way when he went to the inside at turn 1. That was followed by some nice side by side stuff with Sean throughout sector 1 ;)

    I could defend Sean for a short while until he passed me eventually.
    I was very dissappointed with my first stint, simply driving too slow/wrong, not getting enough temperature into the slicks and already loosing way too much time to the top 4.
    Also did a silly mistake when I lost the rear of my car out of a right-corner, thinking that the acceleration process was long ago completed, but than the car broke out when I wasn't concenrating on my traction for just 1 second :sick:

    When it even started to rain more, I got really annoyed with my previous driving + the now wrong tyre-choice too, so I did my one and only pitstop very early in the race (lap 15 I think), to finally get rid of these slick tyres.

    Even though I had to start my final stint with a very heavy car and I've had a very inefficient fuel strategy in the end, due to the early stop; I was still glad that I got the rain tyres early as that helped a lot with the balance and getting better (relative to the wetness) laptimes and consistency into my driving :)
    It became so much better that David and Reik did not catch me back after their 2nd stop and I could somehow come away with p3, even with that crappy first part of the race.

    --> q: 5th / r: 3rd

    Overall I'm a bit dissappointed because that was my strongest track of the season and also because I've had a very good working dry race-setup here over the distance.

    But the result on paper was still good and the racing was too :)

    Well done to all and see you guys next time
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  17. Very nice video David.:cool: Was that Tim's car freezing at 8'35"?

    If so, I was wondering if perhaps this could be caused by multiple Hard Drives "waking up" for some sort of Windows system check.:unsure:

    One of my work PC's "freezes" [becomes unresponsive] for a few seconds roughly three times a day corresponding with HD activity lights on and that familiar mechanical whirring sound. A thought.... power management stuff..... I don't think there is anything amiss with the machine.
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  18. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    yes it was tim who froze and then reappeared, if im not wrong i think this also happened with tim on istanbull? but for a longer period of time, hopefully it doesnt keep happening because its a bit heart stopping not knowing where the car will appear or when.
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  19. Congratulation Marko, Helder and Dino for owning the podium for 3 consecutive races :thumbsup:.

    Q : 11th, satisfied with that, i played it safe.

    R : 12th, coulda been much better considering i had between 45-50 seconds offroad racing!! These wet tires are not bad at all on the grass ;)

    I'm just glad all my off road and track re-entry did not interfer with anyone.

    For my 2nd official PrestoGP race i add a 2nd goal to my race plan. 1st is still to be incident free, 2nd was to finish. I acheive both so i see hope for the futur :)

    On the 2nd lap i overtake Peter for P10 on the last chicane. I think he is a very wise guy and when he saw me going on his left, he just brake early and let me pass easily. Why i say he is wise? because he still don't know me much so he figure out he better don't fight the unknown..... Am i right Peter?? haha ;). Then i stay in front of him for 2 laps but he was pushing me hard, enough to make me do my 1st offroad ride :)

    After a few mistakes i was back at P15 with Valter in front of me. We had some small fights for a few laps, was fun. I never was able to overtake. Thanks for this battle Valter :thumbsup:

    Rest of my race was solo most of the time. So i spend some time collecting flowers on both sides of the track :)

    Thanks PrestoGP organization, Nico most of all for running this forum and servers and everything. thanks Daniel for setting up the weather, as long as we dont race on snow hehe! :) Was a lot of fun !!

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