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Screen recording

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Gav Elias, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Wasnt sure where to ask this question as there is no obvious forum, but as I am using AC I thought I would stick it here.

    What do people use to screen grab their laps etc? What is best, able to capture 1080 videos with hogging PC resources much?
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    I don't want to speak for anyone else here, but I use a program called "Action!"

    Easily the best screen recorder out there. I've tried Fraps, Afterburner, Bandicam and just about every other program available, and they all were pretty terrible for some reason. I could never get completely smooth videos.

    But, Action! Has been tremendous.

    There's also been a few other threads on this same topic. Check them out if you want more info.
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  3. Stelios

    Premium Member

    If you have an nvidia card there is Shadowplay in the drivers with 2-3% hit while recording 1080p .... you should try it.
  4. Apart from Fraps etc. I often use Open Broadcaster Software..


    Doesnt have a fancy layout but its free and quite easy to use.
    Personaly I record in MP4 format @ 1280x720 .. Makes for small file sizes wich are easy to upload. Quality is decent.

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  5. I read about that a month or so ago and downloaded and installed it, but AC was not in the list of supported titles.
  6. Stelios

    Premium Member

    It works like a charm. It just does not support triple screens yet.
  7. Downloaded Shadowplay but it had a horrible GUI and I could not get it to work at all. Used the manual recording shortcut but nothing happened. Changed shortcut key, no difference etc. Just seemed cumbersome.

    Action seems good, but Fraps and. Camtasia seem the best and most user friendly for me so far.
  8. The shadowplay ui is horrid, but once you turn it on and configure it it works great.

    There is a switch in the ui you have to click on to turn the thing on. Then you can set shortcuts bitrates etc.
  9. Yeah, tried that but still nothing. At one point i had a green dot with a red line through it and it didn't seem to change or record anything no matter what i pressed and NVidia site had nothing about what the icons meant?!?!
  10. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Shadowplay is so easy and there is virtually no performance loss.
    This is why you have to "learn" how to use it.
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  11. If
    If you have to "learn" something as basic as screen recording, it means it is not very intuitive. Action, Fraps, Camtasia are what I call intuitive in terms of select screen, press record, press stop at end. Simple. If you have to "work it out" or "learn" it, it is not a good sign in my opinion.
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  12. You guys are kidding, right? I am far from computer savvy but it took me less than a couple minutes to figure out how to use Shadowplay...Turn it on, choose manual record and whenever you hit Alt+F9 there is a green dot in the bottom of the screen and it is recording...not sure how much simpler it could be.
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  13. Are you trying to record triple screen? If so you will get green dot with red line through it as Shadowplay doesn't support that yet.
  14. Nope. I am trying to record a single monitor. I have tried everything I can think and it just doesn't work so gave up. Might try it again once it is out of beta and a full release.
  15. I obviously tried all that as i explained and did nothing. I changed the shortcut keys too and did nothing. At that point, there is no guide to help you and left to your own devices to work it out.
  16. I use shadowplay and have had no real trouble with it. I do sometimes get the line through the circle icon but I'm not sure if that is something to do with tabbing out of AC and back in again? I've still been able to record even with the line/circle thing...

    Fraps destroyed my PC and the games just weren't playable whilst recording real-time.