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Saturation, deadzone, confusion

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Don Davis, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Keep toying with the saturation settings to feel more connected with the car, but just cant seem to find the sweet spot. One issue i think is i need to set my wheel rotation to 270degrees vs 900 (used to iracing)....my biggest issue is that the pedal settings just seem off. Curious what everyone else is running for settings?
  2. Just a pointer, in FVA they mentioned that the real 2010 Ferrari F10 has a 400degrees wheel rotation, so id say beef it up a bit. I race a lot of F1 mods and personally like it at around 360.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I have my G25 in all my sims on 400 degrees. Mostly without deadzones and stuff. Out of the box does it for me.
  4. I have read on the CM forums that some ppl are running 100% saturation and changing the rotation. I'll try that later today.

    How about pedal saturation? I think right now i have it around 50% for brake and gas, tho i feel like i'm stomping the pedals down too much, havent found a sweet spot.
  5. I would agree with Bigbazz on 360 deg, it might work, since Dirt 2 was awesome with 360 deg on PC with a G25. I learned to set the steering in the G25 profiler to from 50% normal to 60%. I just got to get my G25 working again, since the motors quit. If it works then in the Tech section of the forums, I will post the pics in a link of the rebuild. Also explaining in detail how to disassemble and rebuild the G25. I just ordered the motors from the link in the section yesterday.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Offtopic: Logitech has a two year warantee on the G25. if it gets broken they will happily replace it.
  7. With a G27. :)
  8. I have had it for 3-4 years
  9. Since my G25 is down, I am using 360 deg. with the DFGT. I have tried 270 deg. and 360 deg. in the logitech profiler and both seem to work pretty good. No problems with deadzone once set to 0%. I did change the profiler steering sensitivity axis to be like the G25 at 60%.
  10. i also like it at 400 for rfactor etc but I found in F1 2010 that 400 was too high at Sepang where I had real trouble round the first two corners as I have to take one hand off the wheel to go full lock. I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder lol.
  11. These are my ingame settings:



    In the Fanatec drivers I've set the rotation to 220, as the wheel ingame doesn't turn 400 I had to lower it to make it match. Force feedback on the wheel lowered as well, but I can probably also lower it ingame. Need to finetune the last bits, for now I'm very satisfied with how it drives.
  12. The ingame wheel rotation is about 230.
  13. My understanding is that saturation defines the point where the pedal is fully depressed.

    The only reason I can think of to set it to less than 100% is if you are worried that your pedals are not covering their full output range (eg. when you press it all the way down it sends a signal to your computer that it is 98% down). In that case you would set the saturation to 95% to be sure that you get full throttle/brake when you push the pedal down all the way.

    ETA: Another tip is that for wheel linearity, 50% = fully linear. They should have made the scale from -100 to +100 so it would be obvious that the middle is neutral.
  14. Yes, I actually changed my brake saturation setting sto 75%. Now I lock the brakes a bit earlier, with 100% I found out I had to press really hard to get maximum brake pressure.
  15. I think this explains the issues i'm having. I feel like i'm putting my foot thru the wall and just not getting full braking performance. As i get the controls down the game is becoming more satisfying to play. I think i will continue reducing the wheel rotation tho.
  16. The lower you set the brake saturation the better it should get for you then :)
  17. This is from the codemasters forum and turned out to be the one and only setup after a couple of days of testing:

  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I was on more or less the same settings. Only have different steering rotation and 80% overall forces in the profiler.
  19. I just decided to buy it on Steam and right out of the box, the handling was missing something. After a few runs and various tweaks, I have settled on Steering DZ-0, steering Sat-40, Linear-100, Throttle DZ-30, Throttle Sat-95, Brake DZ-40 and brake Sat-75. It feels very nice now in track test. I am a bit suspect about online races though, as the cars seem to handle a bit different from the offline setup.
  20. Thanks for the input guys; I also noticed an immediate "lack of feel"/feedback when driving initially. Changed the settings for 35% saturation, 15% linearity, 100's on weight, enviro and feedback (not knowing the weight is actually dulling the actual feedback). So no wonder it has a disconnected, unresponsive and vauge feel to it-especially compared to rfactor. I'll try the recommended settings in a next run though.

    Codemasters should really clarify the settings a bit better since it's not as straight forward as rfactor or iracing. Plus, haven't found a caster setting in the garage. Seems like the cars should be stable running fast in a straight line (from aero forces, tire inertia w/ cambering, castering) but turn in quickly, but rather have had an opposite effect so far. Maybe it's just the controller settings...