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RSRBR 2013 crashes or doesn't load.

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by swipe_, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. i've reinstalled this many times. it's not installed to /program files. it has all the patches and with no extra mods. when i try to launch "alone" the progress bar gets about halfway and then stops.
    when i try to launch the RichardBurnsRally.exe i can only press enter (which takes me to the first rally school level) because if i press any directional keys the game crashes completely. i have the same result when trying to launch RichardBurnsRallySSE.exe as well.

    i can provide pictures if that would be helpful.

    i'm new to this game and mod and i originally intended to play the vanilla game for a while but after a minute or so into a race the scenery (fences/houses/trees) would all disappear. i've tried the GLSL option, but i can't seem to get that to cooperate. i figured if i downloaded a mod and played on custom levels maybe i wouldn't run into that issue but i'm stuck trying to get it to launch, or i have the other issue when booting up the regular .exe file.
  2. It's pointless trying to get RSRBR to run if you can't run the default RBR.
    So, we need to find out why the default game is playing up.

    Can you supply your system specs?
    Are you running on a laptop with an on-board grahics chip, these are known to give similar problems?
  3. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson

    When I first installed RBR I had problems due to my PC Audio Settings (namely the sample rate). I had it on 96kHz before I think, and switched it to 44.1kHz and that fixed the problem for me.

    If you right click the speaker icon in your taskbar -> click playback devices -> locate the "Default Device" -> click properties -> and then click advanced and see what the "Default Quality" is.

    At the moment, mine is set to 24bits and 44.1kHz, which works fine for me. Try changing that if yours is different.
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  4. If its any use had a problem once with the resolution settings the start up screen lost all the menu settings and crashed the game made a few adjustments to the resolution and it was all good:thumbsdown:
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  5. Me Too!

    I had set the reso to 1324 x768 inthe RBR ini file, the same as my native resolution of my PC.
    All of my menus were blank, just the headers were visible. Using W7 64 bit. I then changed to 1024 x768 and fixed! Not sure if this is the same problem, but couldn't hurt to throw it out there.
    It was Warren who finnaly figured it out, man was it a pain. It was my fault because he did not know I was changing things.;)
  6. i tried changing audio to 44.1Khz/24bit -- no change. still crashes when using directional keys. or stalls halfway when launch specific pack/track using rscenter.

    i changed the resolution several times and its the same thing... dammit!

    my specs are:
    Windows 7 Ultimate (fully updated)
    2.53GHz Core 2 Duo
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    NVIDIA 9600M GT 512MB

    could anyone share your exact install process.
    i usually install the base game, patch 1.01, patch 1.02, RSRBR 2013 mod, all packs, all track packs, update 1, update 1 corrective patch, reinstall the affected packs. then try launch RScenter.

    i've also done it without the corrective patch and also skipping 1.01 and patching just with 1.02.

    sorry if i'm throwing too much info your way. thanks for the replies! i'm gonna try reinstalling it again haha.
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  7. i ended up redownloading the patches and reinstallinhg the game the exact way i did before and now everything is working perfectly!
    anyone recommend an HDR mod that works with the snow. its just a blinding sea of white with the one i have. also, when using the night mod is my car supposed to look like it's lit up?
  8. EDIT: Oops! I posted as you were posting, so my advice on installation is not now needed.
    Glad you got it sorted.

    Yep, it normally looks like that at night.
  9. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Right so i recently bought rbr v1.00.
    it ran no problems. however, i wanted to upgrade and download rbr 2013. i followed the link on rd for advice. i used control panel/uninstall software and deleted rbr. i still found empty folder links via start menu and in program files. i deleted them. i searched system for rbr and it appears gone. however, upon trying to install rbr 2013, it says rbr is still in programme files. i gave up and went to install rbr again. the installer says rbr is already installed! whats going on...help!

    also, if i manage to find and delete it...i then install rbr 2013 and all mods/updates first before installing rbr. am i meant to save them in same folder or something? rbr 2013 seems most complicated update/download i've ever come across:cry:
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  10. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

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  11. Um, no. You install the base game first, always. If it works on its own, you then install RSRBR 2013 on top of it.

    It's not really complicated, since you don't actually have to do anything, other than download and run the installation files.
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  12. not connected on server, Restart RSCenter

    I get this. I don't know what to do.
  13. signed up in RS centre registration thing?
  14. Has RSCenter stopped working for you suddenly or are you trying to launch it for the first time?

    Does the offline section (Alone) function as it should?

    If the error message comes only for the Public and Championship sections and you've properly signed up for the online play, the first thing you should try is to re-type your password (and username too, if needed) on the Menu window.
  15. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i installed rbr and it works. however,i tried to install rbr 2013 and it wont because it says that rbr is in the program folder! :-(
  16. installed your orginal rbr game to 'C:RBR' ? (not program files, just C:RBR...)
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  17. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    yes thanks, i tried removing it from program files via control panel and then...i deleted any empty folders but rbr 2013 and the rbr re-installation still recognised the old rbr as being in program files! i can't get rid of it !
  18. I believe its because RSRBR is still there, they use the same folder so you need to get rid of everything RSRBR/RBR related from your computer (apart from the downloads obvs.) and try the way described in the guide again. Has worked first time for me every time :)

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  19. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i know mate but just can't find the hidden rbr stuff. i willhave a go again in the next few days. thanks!