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Tracks Road America (3 seasons) 1.03

Road America for AMS

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Road America - Road America for AMS

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  2. Chris Stacey

    Chris Stacey
    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium Member


    Patrick you legend! Love this track so much!
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  3. kedy89

    Premium Member

    Awesome track, thanks Patrick!

    That shouts for a CART club race @Tobias Röhner :D
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016
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  4. bigotespacial

    Premium Member

    Thank you so much Patrick!!
  5. You are the best,thank you verry mutch for this and the next comming Tracks:):):D
  6. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Thanks Patrick, Gringo and all other's involved. Another great and goodlooking conversion ! So many beautiful trees and other trackside objects !

    Unfortunately my V8 Supercar found a bug this morning at the entrance of the Carousel GRAB_002.JPG GRAB_003.JPG GRAB_004.JPG
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  7. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    When so much is patched and fixed as with Patrick Tracks he should think about trusted Betatesters.
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  8. I must have a 1000 laps now and I haven't seen this one... do you hit this bug every lap? I wonder if it is only the summer version.

    Any chance you had the GSC version in AMS before this one?

    If so then delete the HAT file for the track and try again.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016
  9. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Hi Gregory, i've hit it twice in about 12 laps. It's seems there's something just off the racingline causing this. Yes, i'm driving the summer-version.

    I didn't have the GSC_version and i've started with a clean "HAT-folder". Every time i shutdown my PC i've configured CCleaner to delete all HAT-files in my AMS-installs.
  10. Not sure whats up... I am running SV8 in summer without any problems so far. From your picture I would say your on the line. I dont get it, but something similar has happened on another track.

    Lets see if more are affected.
  11. I found the same bug described by PieterN.
    however, I take this opportunity to tell you thanks for all these addon circuits
  12. ouvert

    Premium Member

    thank you Patrick (whole team) .. great as usual .. one think I noticed when I spun right next to it (after Turn 2). No biggie but if you are planning 1.01 you might take a look at it.
  13. Was it the summer version? Cheers

    Edit: It would be great to have some video if anyone can capture the glitch
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016
  14. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Next time i'll upload a video if I hit it so you can better see at what place it happens.
  15. I just hit the same thing under the Speedville sign with the Camaro on the Spring version.

    Thank you so much for this track though! :inlove:
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  16. you gringo!
    version summer, V8 supercar and the same position shown in the above posted screenschot
  17. you gringo!
    version summer, V8 supercar and the same position shown in the above posted screenschot
  18. I'm currently camping at the track (IMSA weekend) Can wait to test it out when I get back! I noticed the old billboards and track sponsors. any chance those might get a refresh?
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  19. Thanks Patrick, great track :)
    Just small bug: there's grass blade on tarmac on the outside of T12
  20. 10 min test race at autumn, i hit this point (a bit more in the middle) 2 times. The hole or what it is, is a bit bigger i think.


    Anyway, nice track. Thanks to the Team.