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rFactor - Ideas for the new racing events.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Marcel vd Aa, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    In this thread i would like to see you share your thoughts on what you would like to see in the future rF racing club events.
    As i said in the [thread=12325]rFactor - New and Improved[/thread] thread i am going to put together a list of a set number of mods and tracks.
    I am currently thinking of 10 different mods and 20 to 30 different tracks.
    This way we can limit the amount of changes people need to make in order to race.

    After a while, i will change the list to accomodate new mods/ tracks.
    I'm thinking three months would be nice...
    Here are some things i would like you to consider when putting mods/ tracks in your list:
    - They need to offer well balanced, close and especially fun racing.
    - I would also like to see mods/ tracks that are realistic in feel, sound and graphics.
    - Also maybe consider a default car class for a series of races (maybe openwheelers?)
    - For the true hardcore simmers; what would you like to see for a racing series? (possibly F1?)
    - Try to think a bit outside the box, no need to do the same kind of events that GTRe offers. Maybe dirt races...?
    - In my opinion mods that allready have proven themselfs should be considered first.

    I am sure you guys will come up with some great insights on this, and i hope we can come together on this subject to make this a great new start.

    Regards, Marcel
  2. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

  3. hey ,let me be the first,i'm new to rfactor,i've buy it two days ago but i'm still addicted to this game ,for the moment,i only played the PCC mod on the default track,but the porsches are really good,it's not very original but this mod have a great success,also,the epsilon euskadi could be nice,never play it but some friends in french comunitys tell me this mod is great,for the tracks i must try to dl some to tell which one i'd like to race in the events..
    EDIT: maybe we could have long enduro with players switch..
  4. Champ cars, Indy cars, Rallying, Hillclimb,Formula Nippon 2007,F1 1988,F1 2006 CTDP.
    Oval racing(Indy 500)
    The idea of having fixed setups, in my eyes this would make for closer racing.
  5. We need races with mods like Formula Nippon 2007, F1 1988, Champ Car 2007, Indy Car 95, Indycar Series 2008, MMG F1 2007 2.1, Gp 1979, Epsilon Euskadi, BMW E21, BMW M1 Procar, Historic GT and Touring Cars, ProtoRacer Proton 1.10 + ProtoRacer Demon 1.00, Série Internationale Du Mans 2.52, Sports Car Challenge (American Le Mans) 1.20 with this soundpack

    Tracks: Essington, OLDRing, Indianapolis, Varano de'Melegari, Paul Ricard 1988/HTTT, Jerez 1988, Monza 1988, Monaco 1988, Mid Ohio, Estoril 1988, Manfeild, Norisring 2008, Silverstone 1988, Eastern Creek Laser 1.01, Pukekohe Park-WGTL 1.00, Sepang GP4, Misano 2.00, Bahrain International 1.00, Laguna Seca 1.2.

    That's a good list :p

  6. +1
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    My choice of mods at the moment:
    - Legends Cars
    - VW Lupo's
    - Cart Factor (in development)
    - Some occasional rallycross would be awesome

    Ill send you the links on msn/pm Marcel. Thanks for helping out here :thumb:
  8. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    I read your note saying this "no need to do the same kind of events that GTRe offers".

    My question would be why. Speaking for myself I am a bit bored with Race07/Evo. Every time the same cars, no new good mods (development is still active with rFactor). Tracks are ok.
    I like touringcars/GT cars also and would be great to them also in rFactor. Especially GT with the better management in rFactor would be fantastic (pitstops/starting/etc). Most mods support 30+ drivers, which is far more better then the 25 in evo.

    That said, I like to see these mods:

    • Karting (not sure which is the most fun mod)
    • Open wheelers:
      • F1 for the hardcore (MMG or CDTP)
      • Indycar for the hardcore (1995 CART Season or CART Factor (once released))
      • Formula Nippon 2007 (accessible open wheeler)
      • rFactor Open Wheeler Trainer or F3 (included with the full version of rFactor)
    • Endurance mod (one of those, not both):
      • LMS Limited Edition
      • Enduro Challenge
    • Small fun classes like (max 2 of those):
      • Clio Cup FFRacers
      • MINI Challenge 2006 UK
      • VW Lupo Cup 2003
      • VW Golf V GTI
    • More serious tin tops (both):
      • Megane Trophy
      • WTCC BMW E90 (WTCC/BTCC/STCC skins inside)
    • Rally Cross (both):
      • Rallycross Group B
      • Mini Cross (old mini cooper)
    • Fun Events:
      • Truck Series Racing
    • Muscle:
      • V8Factor
    • GT (both):
      • EOAA GT (Needs GTR2 to install)
      • HistoricX (Needs GTL to install)

    I have no preference in tracks. Those depends heavily on which mod you run. F1 needs more flowing tracks while Lupos needs smaller and tighter tracks.
    For tracks its important that they run without (too much) lag and have enough features to accommodate RD.
    Speaking for myself I like good looking tracks, but that are not often the best drivable tracks :)
  9. Mods - F1 2006 CTDP, GP79, F1 1988, F1 1991, Caterham Cup, BMW 320 E21, F3 Euroseries 2007, GP2 2008, HistoricX, CSGT, ILMS, LM70, Lupo Cup, VLN 2007

    Tracks - Spa (current and 1967 version), Imola, Barcelona, Bathurst, Brianza (the old Monza circuit with banking), Cadwell Park, Donington Park, Silverstone, any GP79 tracks, Monaco, Hockenheim, Istanbul Park, Le Mans Sarthe, Montreal, Mosport, Suzuka, Rouen-les-Essarts

    Would it have been quicker to just type any mod / any track?
  10. PCC , or PCC and other cars:) but for sure the PCC lool
    24h scaled
    in the week 20 to 27 february :)
    track, doesnt matter
  11. i would like to see these mods

    BMW M1 Procar
    1995 Cart
    2007 Champ Car
    CART Factor:prolouge
    F1 1988
    Formula Nippon 2007
    GP2 2006
    Epsilon Euskadi
    BMW 320 E21
    Spirit of 76

    and tracks

    Birmingham Motorplex
    Fuji Speedway Katsuo
    Autodrom Most
    Lagnua Seca
    Livet Glen
    Montreal 2008
    Nordschleife The Ring 2007
    Ruapuna Raceway
    Long Beach 2007
    Watkins Glen
    Russian Ring 2007
    Suzuka (not on rfc)

    plus the 1988 tracks
    and the 79 tracks for gp79
  12. please an event in the week 20 to 27 february, its holiday than:)
    some mods:

    PCC 2007
    Porsche fabcar challenge
    Le mans mod
    BMW 1

  13. I love the idea of fixed setups, to me that breeds good drivers. The only time that is made or lost is by how the driver adapts to the car.

    Good idea Ben
  14. Fixed setups, as long as the brakebalance can be adjusted I won't mind running a fixed setup event.
  15. PCC, Champ Cars, GP79, Australian V8's.

    I should say that I will try to make as many rFactor events as I can, unless they clash with league commitments that I have this year.

    Hi guys,

    first of all congratulations to the creators and active members of the group for the great work that always ferments on RD :good:

    the only thing i would ask to improve racing events is about time schedule
    that unfortunately are not the best for those, like me, lives in Italy or nearby where our typical racing start is around 22.00 CET ----> 21:00 GMT :smirk:
    I believe my situation is similar to others EU countries, mainly at south, where lifestyles is different with delayed dinner times etc etc

    the three types of mod you are using in cycling, very good idea, have a racing start at about 20:00GMT, too soon

    i hope relaxed times for next events in order to have it closest to 22.00 CET
    Probably there are many silent not active members with the same problem, I think a poll would be useful, but this is only a suggestion :sinister:

    abot mods i love very much Historix, PCC, F3, Champ car and old F1 ('79, '85 etc)
    about track .... choose one, i'll be with you

    thanks for all in advance

  17. Group B rally cars. Hillclimb or a rally! I'm also having fun with the Beetle mod.
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