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rFactor 2 Meihan SportsLand And Supra

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Rastas, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Weel guys,this is a conversion for rFactor 2 hehe :)
    I hope all enjoy theses mods,still in wip stage btw.
    Meihan-original track made by Jonathan Simpson for rFactor 1,very thanks for the permissions broski,so all credits to you ;)
    Toyota Supra-original car made by Some1 and Niels for rFactor 1,permissions givem by Some1 GRAB_021.JPG
    Both track and cars have all main functions of rFactor 2 working,reflexions,shadows,chassis flex,tire model etc :)
    Big hug for all and very thanks for the suport broskis :)
    External link removed. Upload the file to RD
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  2. Andrew

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  3. Thanks a lot Rastas. I'll try that later on.
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  4. So i had a go at it, Aasbo supra plus meihan. I'll do some more later in the week with other tracks, let me know if you ever host an online server. I've not been able to dig much yet but overall it looks like it's going well for a WIP. My only grip was the bumps(the road seem to have two zones that aren't on the same exact level) on meihan that were pretty rough on the FFB and the ripples aswell. Maybe some smaller and flatter ones would be more fun, with the supra it's quite rough.

    Physic wise i suppose the convertion is straight forward as it can be? Or Something was changed? It feels better than in rF but i'd take that on the FFB/tires.
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  5. Ohh,hi there Maugy,how are you going? :D
    Weel,is a noob conversion hehe,i go try to fix all that stuf in the track soon i can,about the car is using rFactor 1 original physics plus chassis flex and the new tire model,i have reworked a bit the suspencion geometry,but that was for rFactor 1 to get rid of the steering bug hehe,maybe you can help too if you know more then me,track wise and physics ;)
    Anyway,thanks very much for the reply and a big hug :)
  6. I'm good thanks and you? Been a while. For a noob convertion you seem to be doing pretty good so far don't worry too much. I would love to help but usually i was more into testing, administrating or finding information rather than translate them in game and unfortunately google went full retard a few years ago and is now totally incompetent at finding relevant answers.
    So on a technical point i'm afraid i can't help much and pretty much everyone i knew before has moved on and i have no contact with the others :( .

    Is the steering bug still present in rf2? Personally i noticed something back then on rFactor but thought it was my wheel. I only learnt about it through comments in a youtube video if i recall correctly.

    Just dug in my archives and i'm sending you a PM about the steering lock bug.
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