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rFactor 2 Meihan SportsLand And Supra 0.5

Drifting is coming to rFactor 2

  1. Rastas
    Weel guys,this is another conversion for rFactor 2 hehe :)
    I hope thoses that have rFactor2 enjoy theses mods,still in wip stage btw.
    Meihan-original track made by Jonathan Simpson for rFactor 1,very thanks for the permissions broski,so all credits to you ;)
    Toyota Supra-original car made by Some1 and Niels for rFactor 1,permissions givem in RD Forums :)
    Both track and cars have all main functions of rFactor 2 working,reflexions,shadows,chassis flex,tire model etc :)
    Big hug for all and very thanks for the suport broskis :) GRAB_013.JPG GRAB_021.JPG GRAB_025.JPG GRAB_021.JPG GRAB_025.JPG GRAB_026.JPG
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