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rFactor 2 Meihan SportsLand And Supra 0.5

Drifting is coming to rFactor 2

  1. Rastas
    Weel guys,this is another conversion for rFactor 2 hehe :)
    I hope thoses that have rFactor2 enjoy theses mods,still in wip stage btw.
    Meihan-original track made by Jonathan Simpson for rFactor 1,very thanks for the permissions broski,so all credits to you ;)
    Toyota Supra-original car made by Some1 and Niels for rFactor 1,permissions givem in RD Forums :)
    Both track and cars have all main functions of rFactor 2 working,reflexions,shadows,chassis flex,tire model etc :)
    Big hug for all and very thanks for the suport broskis :) GRAB_013.JPG GRAB_021.JPG GRAB_025.JPG GRAB_021.JPG GRAB_025.JPG GRAB_026.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. TzZyO
    Version: 0.5
    This car deserves 10 stars! It finally makes virtual drifting fun. Thank you and Mr. Heusinkveld for the base. Didn't like the track much because of the cameras. At the end of the day it's still a welcome addition too.
  2. Florea Calin
    Florea Calin
    Version: 0.5
    Well the track definitely good, works well, pits work, all that.
    The car not so much, its very weird, the suspension is off, need more setup options also, tires, and more. but it works for a start. I can help with that btw :P
    1. Rastas
      Author's Response
      Thanks,but you are wrong about the car,is using all the real data,the physics still the ones made by Neils,i have added new tire model,chassis flex and 72 degrees of lock like the real one,also is runing in some sims machines here in my country and all the ppl love the car,the only thing that is not working in the current version is the 900 degrees,already fixed and in the nexts days i upload a new version.
  3. 2stains
    Version: 0.5
    i've driven a pretty hot Supra irl and this is so similar . The sound and feel you get from the Turbo is outstanding . I'm not good enough at drifting to appreciate the track but in time hopefully .
    For the car and sound and feel along 5 Stars .
    Thank You.
    1. Rastas
      Author's Response
      Very thanks for the review,i have an update to come ;)