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rF2 patch 107 gameplay problems

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Sk3ptik0n, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. This is hte first time I was able to update rFactor 2 instead of having to do a fresh installation. Previously, I had to fresh install because either the update system wasn;t working or during the patchinig process some file or another would not be recognized or written to disk and the resulting installation of rF2 was seriously flawed.

    This time, everything went well, but when I went on track with the Formula ISI I immediately noticed that my framerates were really bad and I experienced a lot of tearing.
    I tried the Clio and things were better, but still frame rate was pretty low.

    I even tried to reduce the graphic quality, but (aside from making the game look like it came from 1998) it didn;t do much.

    Formula ISI is unplayable for me. I have ot tested every car on every track, but overall the other cars are better than formula ISI but not by that much.

    SHould I try to do a fresh install this time too? Is there a chance that the same problem I had before happened except this time I didn't get notified?

    Anyone else experienced anything like that?
  2. I have just tested the Formula Renault and while there is no tearing and frame rates seem normal, I get this really nasty Moire-like effect (It kind of a striping I see on some surfaces, but not real moire as far as I can tell).

    Also, the reflections on the windscreen are really strong and make it hard to see the track. I don;t recall seeing that before.

    here are a couple of samples:



    Sorry for just linking to these pictures, I am using google drive and when I entered the URL in the picture system in the forum, they didn;t work, but the link should as they are public)

    As you can see, both screenshots have this striping in some areas. In the Frenault it's in the body work and it shimmers and changes when driving. In the Megane is in some areas of the dashboard where it behaves the same. Also note the windscreen how opaque it is. I don;t mind a realistic windscreen, on fact I prefer it, but if my car had this kind of visibility I'd go buy a new one.

    EDIT: I was just researching this windscreen issue elsewhere and apparently it is a problem when using the "All cars and tracks" mod. Apparently it doesn't happen when using the megane mod. Except that because of the genius of the way rF2 is built, if I want to race the megane at a track for which I have no mod my only option is to use the all cars and track. The more I use rF2, the less I like this compartmentalization of mods and tracks. It's silly and unnecessary, especially in SP.
  3. Only problem I have had was that all my graphics settings changed to low after the update. And flickering on the mirrors of the formula ISI. Otherwise frame rates seemed normal running everything at max etc.

    Only tried the formula ISI a bit aa I haven't had time for racing games.
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