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Resurrect Friendly Development Series

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chris Vick, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    With the change of venue and management, is there any plan to resurrect the Friendly Development Series? I have attended two Race Nights now, and found them a bit disappointing to be honest.:mad: For a complete beginner such as myself, it was demoralizing to be punted off the track in my first lap (putting me out), and in my second race, watch complete carnage at the first corner two heats in a row, with a bunch of complaining on the chat that was very distracting.

    I could really use a more civilized environment, and some friendly coaching from faster drivers in order to improve my ability to participate. I fear that I am also making a lot of mistakes, and could use the pointers on fixing them. I don't think that I've hit anyone yet, but I definitely need help with getting out of the way when I spin, and entering the track safely. Of course, if I could do a better job of staying on the track that might help too! :D


  2. Hi Chris,

    Yes, the FD series will move forward, no question about that. However in the normal racing nights we expect the same friendly atmoshpere as in the FD series of course, so at the moment i am not happy at all how things turned out lately in the races, therefore i wrote that kind wish post to every racers in the Important Info area.

    About training, just shoot any question, we will try to help, either with setups, or giving tips if you put a lap replay up, or even by giving help on-line, via TS over headphone while we are together on a server. I am willing to help you like that, just not today as i will be out for the most of the day. :)

    p.s.: surely i am not the only one who is willing to help, in this manner you are at the best place i know on the net. :)
  3. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    +1 here to help. Available next Tuesday/Wednesday after the PCC/Arca races.

    We hope to have TS ready by then also.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    One of the Godfathers of the FD Series is on holiday atm. But like said here before: IT WILL RETURN SOON :)
  5. Great news! Thanks guys! As it is Holy Week, I am tied up until Saturday, but I will send a PM when I am free to try to get some coaching! Also, I will send a replay lap for some comments ASAP.

    Thanks again!

  6. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Just a tip many drivers don't know.
    If you want to learn in Race07, fire up the single play Time Trial/Attack and download a ghost lap from the net (from ingame). This way you can quickly learn from the pros which lines/brakepoints to take.
  7. Ramon,

    Thanks! I have been trying some time attack, but I am finding that even with the same setup (from Cristian Habba) on the same track, with the ghost car, I am still at least 3.7 sec per lap slower. Also, I need some help on how to drive with others around. I find so far that when I pass, I get hit from behind. Also, I have trouble following people on the track at speed. I don't want to hit anyone, so I play it very safe, and then I can never pass even when I am faster. I suppose some of what I need is just more running with other good polite drivers, and I hope to get that here. I managed an evening practice with Warren a while back, and that really helped me to adjust to the presence of others.

  8. hi Chris (it's me Chris lol:)...just kidding :))

    which kind of car do you mostly drive around?
    because some of the cars need a different approach to them....plus not every setup is good for every person (like me with Atti's setup.....his mini setup i can drive, but his wtcc setup i am 1 to sometimes 2 seconds slower than my own setup
  9. Hi Chris;)

    I have been driving the BMW E90. It seems to be the closest in handling to the cars that I have the most experience with in simracing which are the GTR2 GT cars (550 and Saleen). In both cases that Cristian has provided a setup, I immediately improved by a couple of seconds compared to my own setup, so while they may prove to not be ideal for me in the end, they are way better than anything I have managed to create!:D
  10. hehehehe
    understandable ;)
    if driving the E90, you might lower the rear suspension a bit more than normal...because then you can be a bit more aggressive with the car
  11. OK, I'll give that a try!:)

  12. Sorry for the late response to Chris's original post, but now that I have returned I am keen to kick off the FD Series again here at RD. Just give us a little time to think through a few issues and look at current schedules which are fairly heavily loaded at this time.

    Re the concerns originally expressed by Chris, sadly I have to agree somewhat. I had posted some of my thoughts previously at RSC following some of the later FD Series Events where I had become concerned about overly agressive and / or careless driving, particularly in the mid pack racing. The FD Series was originally planned to teach drivers the spirit of clean competitive driving which should then flow on to League Racing behaviour. Bad habits in the FD Series or even our normal Racing Club Events will quickly carry over to our leagues, so we need to address these issues now.

    I plan to re-launch our Racing Club Rules and Code of Conduct so that everyone is clear about our expectations. As Atti has posted elsewhere, we really hope that we don't have to play a policeman role in our club events, so we hope everyone shows the appropriate respect to fellow drivers in all races.
    It's pretty simple really, treat your fellow racers the same way you expect to be treated, if you want lots of aggressive contact, then go race the public servers.

    Stay tuned, and lets keep the friendly racing rolling.
  13. Great to have you back Warren! Hope you had a great holiday! Interestingly enough, while there are a lot of races planned, this Saturday is open. Given the time differences, that is about the only European zone time I can make, so I am always up for an FD event of any type.:D

    Perhaps if there is no formal event we can get some folks together for a training session.;)