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Mods Replay Mod 4.2

Various views options playable online

  1. ai driver submitted a new resource:

    Replay Mod - Track view and bonnet cam only plus playable online

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    Last edited: May 30, 2016
  2. Coming soon .... no onboard :whistling:

  3. Quite happy with the result. Upload in a few days.
  4. Sorry for the late upload of video for ver1.2 with cockpit and bonnet views.
    Will do one with cockpit views only later.

  5. Test video for cockpit views only. Looks decent. 45 more files to modify.
  6. can do only helicopter view
    to leave us to play online
  7. I have not found a way to play online with helicopter view only.
  8. Looks good! How are you recording this? I would like to record my stages as you have.
  9. You can capture the replay by using screen capture softwares like bandicam, fraps, dxtory etc. I am using bandicam.
  10. Coming soon: with new aerial view.
  11. How to install mod 3.1 ?
  12. Select the folder with the view you want. In that folder copy the cars folder and paste in the game directory.
  13. the idea is very good.
    But the camera moves a lot and picks landscape without image quality
  14. Thanks for your feedback. Found some new adjustments and the result is pretty decent. Will finetune it before update.