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Skins Renault F1 team 2014 1.0

renault f1 team

  1. yohanndeejay58 submitted a new resource:

    Renault F1 team 2014 - renault f1 team

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  2. Nice, Very Good Like It
  3. Cool, but you should asked for permission :p
  4. Schumifan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

  5. Hello, sorry I forgot to ask you before posting, but if you desire I just removed the file. you also loved renault f1 team? sorry for my bad English.
  6. No, no problem;)
    Of course!
  7. good work +1 for that
  8. Why should he? You made that skin for 2012, didn't you? So he made it again for 2013, which surely wasn't copy & paste & reupload. Correct me, if I am wrong, I don't see how someone should ask for permission to recreate an existing skin from the past.
    Do we ask Codemasters for recreating their skins in (D)HD?
  9. : Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup: Très bon travail
  10. no problem with Tomek, it's just a matter of courtesy, it is better to ask before, and I reminds that are working for renault f1 2012 is excellent and beautiful. Thank you to him for his work. Thank you once again Tomek.
  11. Merci
  12. You should carefully read the
    "driver and pitworkers by Tomek f1
    2012 renault F1 team" he used my work.
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  13. Yeah, the problem with: Reading a mod's description. Must've slipped that, no offence. Mea culpa, buddy.
  14. whit this mod,my game crash....corrupt savegame at new delhi :(
  15. Excuse me, my game is French, it's just be why the game crash for me this is not the case. really sorry. If someone else just tell me if the mod works or not?
  16. Hi,I think that the problem is in some files.:cautious:
    For example, you have the folder "cars/ca2/track" 26 circuit,original is 25.:thumbsdown:
    -On the folder"tracks" have a mod install for only circuit and the circuit is difference from original circuits,i think.:thumbsdown:
    -You have a camera mods on the folder "ca2" cameras.xml:thumbsdown:
    I think that this has caused the problem.:)
    I started a new career while removing all these files, let's see how it goes.;)
    Great mod,I'll let you know if it works,ok?
    greetings :thumbsup:
  17. Can you make a McLaren 1999 team mod for Carterham please ??? :);)
  18. ok, so just be because I used differente that moose camera camera.
    let me know.
  19. I want to try but I'm not a specialist, it will take me a little time
  20. LOL, I thought about replacing Lotus with this Renault Team until I noticed, you based the skin on the Lotus already :D
    I wonder why you replace the caterham, I think replacing the Lotus is actually fine.

    nice skin though, I like it, wanted to have this team back into the grid