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Database Reduced Tyre Wear 1.3

Tyres will last more laps.Tested only on 100% race legth, in Career mode.

  1. Gabbynaru submitted a new resource:

    Reduced Tyre Wear (100% race length) - Tyres will last more laps.Tested only on 100% race legth.

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  2. This man deserves an ovation for putting in 72 hours of testing these values.

    Just to note: This mod should work on Career mode as well as Grand Prix mode. But I don't believe it works on tracks that aren't on the 2013 season circuit. Let me know if this is true, Gab.
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  3. Yeah, I'll test the classic tracks too, and, if necessary, give them strange new values too. I have to learn them first though.
  4. great job!
    Two days that will follow you, you've completed everything quickly!
  5. Oh one more thing. While this database is primarily for 100% race distances, there are reports that this also works for 50% distances. If anyone has the chance to confirm this please post here to let us know as well.
  6. I tried with the modified values manually.
    I make a career 25% and I can confirm that the method works great!
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  7. does this affect/corrupt already available save games?
  8. Nope. After all, I tested each track in career mode.
  9. Juventino, what are your rounds to pit?
  10. never get the tires to the limit if you do not want it.
    in some cases also reach 5 laps more
  11. Gabby, how did you pick your pit strategy with this mod? Whenever I try to pick a strat before the race everything is greyed out because it assumes my tyres will last the whole race :/
  12. Huh? What track? And, did you change the settings manually?
  13. Drove Bahrain, 1-2 Pitstops by AI, I needed one. 25%(14 Laps) Soft could last 6-7 laps hard I guess even 12-13.

    Regards and thanks.
  14. Ok. Tyre don't fall so fast...can do 4 - 5 lap more on any tyre in carrer on 25 %...but my flashback don't work.
  15. Hm... can you try and change the flashbacks to 99? I want to make sure its not an after effect after changing the flashbacks from the 99 I had to what I remembered to be the default settings. Just, open the database, go to difficulty and change all 5 or 6 columns from flashbacks to 99 (rather than 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0).
  16. Scratch that, everythings A-OK
  17. Phew, you got me worried there for a moment. Good to hear everything is alright.
  18. I went trough every race with lotus in grand prix mode and it said 0 stops as default for all tracks except bahrain, silverstone and spain which where 1 stop and austrailia which was 2. Im not sure if its only the menu that is glitched or that if the tires will actually last the whole race, will try it out now.
  19. Even when i change to 99 all columns, don't have any flash. I try to end race(not so dyficult now thank to you guys:) ) and see in next race (sry for my English, hope you understand :) )
  20. Hm... weird. Try changing the in game difficulty from custom to any of the pre-made ones, save it, and test like that. If it works, you can try making the settings back to your custom preferences and try again, but do not scroll down on the flashbacks line.