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Mods Realistic white lightbeams and XENON (HID) 1.35

Makes the lights stronger and more suitable for driving in the woods during the night. 3 Colors

  1. bushd submitted a new resource:

    Realistic white lightbeams and XENON (HID) - Makes the lights stronger and more suitable for driving in the woods during the night, Xenon/White

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  2. No screenshots?
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  3. No screenshots at the moment! But test it out.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Thanks for the screenshots!

    The biggest difference for the white lights compared to the default ones is the length of the lights, which can be seen better in the woods where the light can travel further!
  6. Also, im looking for some feedback, im currently working on a version with even more length to the lights. But how do you guys think the blue lights look? I think they look cool, but i could make them a darker tint, as they are light blue now.
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  7. And how does it feel? Is the light travel longer? Better/stronger pod lights with this mod then default?

    I really like the xenon look! (HID) and I think that looks realistic. But if the pod light distance (light) is like default, then I really would love to see a mod were they light up a bit further away. I Think the default is the greatest yet for a rally sim but they are kind of weak anyway.
  8. The distance of the lights has been tweaked, they now reach further.. The light is also brighter, but not that much, since the games light textures reveal horrible banding if they are too bright.
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  9. Looking at comparison done by Sebastian I'm not convinced by HIDs. IRL HIDs generates about as twice light as standard bulbs but on screenshot it looks significantly darker.
    Also colour of HIDs looks overdone. HIDs with colour temperature 5500K (found recently in new cars) don't give such bluish tint. From picture I'm guessing it's something about 7000K which is unrealistic, or kinda cheap-tuning rather than for real usage.
    Also please note, visibility in rain/wet is depending on light colour. The more bluish the worse visibility. I don't think professional drivers would like to use such blue light.

    Sorry for critics. I appreciate the effort though.
  10. Thats the thing, you cant make the lights any brighter, as the textures used by codemasters are rather cheap.. I could try, but the textures would probably be visible.

    As for the blue light, i have no idea what color is optimal. I just know how to produce a blue tint to the color, so i did it.
    Maybe you could give me a RGB color code that you think is realistic?

    The light in my own screenshots are also affected by my SweetFX preset, which makes it even more blue.

    Regarding rally drivers, as far as i know, they mainly use white HID as that is far superior in wet conditions and fog, like you already mentioned.
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  11. I have tried this mod now, and some feedback,

    I barley see any difference for the original light distance and the "x2" mod? I would like to have a longer distance of light for the "x2" mod, because I still think its to short distance to be realistic with todays podlights, if its possible? And if its possible, a much stronger light beam.

    Then for the "realistic rally blue xenon" version, I would recommend that the "blue" color is tone down a bit because I still think its little "to much" compared to real life.

    Then a thought that hit me when I look at a replay with the version I mention above, Is it possible to create the podlights to have a Xenon "look" outside of the car also? As for replays?

    I got you 2 videos from the tube to show a little what I mean.

    The first is onboard with Meeke from a test in Sweden. There you see very well how strong the pods are.

    The second is from day 1 in Monte as of now, were you see the cars showing up in distance and you see the blue xenon pods throw away a "blueish" light but when the car pass you there is a much whiter "look"...

    But I really think this is nice and dont see this as nag, I really like it! :) Good job!!
  12. Are you using any SweetFX/Reshade shaders?

    I could increase the distance even further, i could also release an experimental version with say, 500 % more brightness.

    But my guess is that it wont look good due to the textures, will give it a shot though.

    The difference on the 2x versions is that it is double the brightness, the length of the lights remain the same as the other versions but bare in mind that it does not scale efficently.

    As for your last question, what can be done is that the light remains blue, but the overall "glare" effect remains white, that could maybe give the effect you are after.

    Im working on my other reshade mod at the moment, but i will release a version for you sometime tomorrow.
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  13. I will wait gladly! :)

    would love to get a much much stronger/brighter pods and a bit longer light. Like in Meeks video, would be cool.

    Yea, it would be awesome to have the visual effect in replays as for video 2 I linked in my past message! Would be really cool!

    No I dont use any shaders, just sky textures, particle mod and so on. I think it works fine without shaders.
  14. And a nother question? With stronger pods, is it possible to make te reflection of the light stronger aswell? Like on snowbanks,signs,marshalls and so on?
  15. bushd updated Realistic white lightbeams and XENON (HID) with a new update entry:

    1000 % Test version

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. Will check this out soon! :)
  17. Hell yeeeea!!! Wow, awesome work bushd!! :D
    As D.Ringer says to Mcrae in RAC 1995 when they cross the finish signs on the last SS - "Yeeeeah, spot on!" :D

    I only test "1000% brightness xenon" version...


    - The podlights is now, in cockpit cam, as near the real thing I think it can be! I recognize it from my real podlights anyway! Great work, and it's a massive improvement from the original that's not is like it should be.

    - The distance is perfect, feels also very realistic.

    - We can now see the actual light beam from the pods in the "air" and on nature objects. I think its as strong as it should be! Not weaker anyway!!

    - I think the color of the podlights from a "inside view" is perfect to.

    The only thing I humble would like to request is again the replay "look" (if it's possible?)
    - As my linked youtube movie from Monte, to get the pods to beam away xenon "blueish" lights. Not the headlights (it should be as it is,original.) but just the podlights.. So when the car is a bit away, we see that blueish xenon color from the pods light up the night, just as in the Monte clip. (Ogie - 0-10sec in to the video)

    But that is if the "exterior" podlight beam is a different "setup" from the rest and not effect the other light structures? Do you understand what I mean? :)
    Because, the xenon light that we now see in the replays is in perfect color to my eyes, not to blue, not to white...
    But the pods in replay looks like they not are xenon lights... (when I look direct to the pods)

    But anyway, this is awesome work man!!!
    What would we do without you smart guys that can do this awesome mods, to make a great sim even better!

    Sorry if my English is hard to understand sometimes.
  18. I think that can be done, message me your steam and we can talk there.