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Mods Real Challenge Physics Mod 3.5

MotoGP physics

  1. Dyego JhOu submitted a new resource:

    Real Challenge Physics Mod - MotoGP physics

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  2. Mate, you are a genius! How did you add lines into the bike bml?
    Crazy work!
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  3. It would be nice to add tuckedindrag to make Ducati faster on straights without adding torque at all
  4. For you to understand you need some knowledge of a developer:

    Basically these files are of the same class of the one in DEFAULTBIKEMOTOGP.BML:


    So you can use the same variables of one in another (the version 1.7b of the BML Editor supports CTRL+C / CTRL+V between files)

    The main is the DEFAULTBIKEMOTOGP.BML, but if that specific variable is in the bike bml, it will override the one in the DEFAULTBIKEMOTOGP.BML.

    In that way you can make specific behaviors to each bike.
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  5. I aways thought that the ducatis are more brutal than others, not because aerodynamic. Am i wrong?
  6. Complementing:

    I've not tested but i think that you can make it for every bike when changing this:
    You can create a specific behaviors of Mahidras, Husqvarnas, KTMs, Hondas, Suter or Kalex.

    I THINK. Never tested it... :ninja:
  7. It's a little difficult to turn in. Not talking about the direction change speed but the rider actually making the bike turn in. The pilot is so slow that I run wide at almost every apex at tracks like Mugello, Catalunya, and Assen.... Tried tweaking the bike set up but it doesn't help.
  8. Yes, Ducati engine has more power
    Turn earlier?
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  9. If you try to enter the corner with much brake it's difficult to make the bike turn more.

    Try to brake earlier and release it while you entering the corner...

    Remember that much brake can lock the front tyre, so use some engine brake too.

    I ride in the tracks Mugello and Assen and i've got this only when i'm trying to push the brake point more...
  10. Hey could u add that ducati has more top speed/power than the other bikes?

    Would be very nice, and sorry for my english, im from germany
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  12. Yes that corrected wide trajectory issue I was having. Awesome job on the mod!!! I like how easy it is to wash out the front. Milestone makes trail braking wayyyy too easy.
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  13. Someone can help me can not post messages on the web gives me this error
    The following error occurred:

    You can only rate a resource version that you have downloaded.
  14. For some reason this version disables my xbox 360 controller. I noticed in 1.4 my controller wouldn't work around 1 out of 5 times of launching the game. I would have to restart the game to get it to work but in this one it won't work at all. Any clues as to why this is happening?
  15. I think that is something related to your PC...

    I just changed physics things. In my PC my XBOX 360 controller is working fine...