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Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by adrian_melandri, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hello guys, i wanna ask some questions. i'm playing career mode, and this is my first career. i joined Toro-Rosso and as you know the race length for Career is 15 laps, the big problem is my first 2 Races in F1 2013, Australia & Malaysia was just terrible, horrible, awful. in Australia i qualified 22nd (it's not qualified actually :roflmao:) and i started the race very good jumps to 15th place and then i'm going to pit, change tires, and after that continue race in 17th but when i was checking the Car Status, the fuel logo just told me that it's optimal well, i thoughts not a problem, lap by lap and it's changed to -1, -2. i mean, well maybe this is a warning, so i continue and last 2 laps my car just slowing down. it's also happened in malaysia, working very hard to get 1st position since Practice until Q3 and i was confident that i can win the race, i changed my tires and back to track, still 1st position. and i change the tires again because i don't think the Option tires will work longer with my car conditions was sliding, drifting every exiting the corners, and in the last lap i'm in 10th place battling hard with Hulkenberg and Di Resta, the big problem comes again :thumbsdown: how on earth i can re-fuel ?:(:sick: i won't off to China without i know how to solve this giant piece of cake:(:(
  2. Re-fuelling during the race in F1 is no longer allowed. So you start the race with all the fuel you are allowed.

    However you wont be able to do the whole race on rich fuel mix, the fastest engine mode. And some races you wont even be able to use standard the whole race, when the fuel indicator starts going to -1 of fuel this means you have 1 less lap of fuel than the race distance, so you will have to start fuel saving to get to the end of the race.

    This will mean turning the fuel mix to lean. You will be slower, but the fuel will go back towards optimal. If you keep it in lean for longer you can even go into +1 and above laps of fuel. This means you could then use rich fuel mix to overtake later on in the race

    Hope that helps explain it
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  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I know you have a reply already, but I started this, so I'll finish it :)

    You cannot re-fuel in F1 2013 (nor could you in real life F1)

    You starting fuel you must last you for the whole race. In F1 2013 there is 3 race strategies that you pick from before the race. From plenty of fuel (but you carry more weight), to a medium strategy (medium weight) to under-fuelling (carrying less weight)


    Whatever strategy you use, you MUST manage your fuel during the race. The normal aim is to keep that fuel lap counter at +1 or Optimal. +1 one is safer.

    To manage that fuel you MUST use the Engine Fuel Mix settings, which are on your Quick Menu when you are driving. The brake bias settings, and the tyre type request options are also on that same Quick Menu. Depending on your controller, that menu is usually on your DPAD

    You normally don't control your fuel use by slowing down, you just change your fuel mix, and control your throttle better, changing gears earlier on the way up the gearbox, on the green lights rather than the red or purple lights. Braking earlier and coasting approaching a corner, rather than slamming it down through the gears and using engine braking

    They are :-

    Rich - More fuel used (better speed/acceleration)

    Standard/Normal - You will spend most time of the time at this setting

    Lean - Less fuel used (slower speed acceleration)

    You WILL have to change the engine fuel setting at some time during a race.
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  4. Thank you very much Graham Laing & Jonathan Rowland for very nice details and explanations !!!!!! ;):roflmao::D:thumbsup: so when the fuel said -1 should i immediately change the mixture to lean or normal ?
  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Yes I would, in fact I change the fuel when it's Optimal, and never wait for -1 laps to be shown.

    The thing is, I don't go fast (Rich) just because I can or because I have the fuel. I use Rich mix to try and create a gap, or to catch up with someone, or overtake.

    Most of the time I will be cruising around in Normal or even Lean.

    Lean is good for saving worn tyres, then I might go Rich to put in a fast in-lap when I am pitting. Once I am in the pit lane I switch to Lean, and I do my out-lap on Lean to let my tyres warm up .

    So much of this depends on how the race is going for you.

    Bear in mind that even if you start with the default strategy (normal fuel), and use the Normal fuel mix setting, that does not guarantee that you will make it to the end of the race. You will probably have to go Lean mix for a while.
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