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Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by John Low, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Rick, I think with the League one it will be a bit easier as I set myself the target of having the previous rally's video up before the next rally with the club ones. I am also looking at cutting back how many stages I will cover with the club ones too, simply because of the amount of work involved. I have opted just to do 2 for the latest one but will look at whatever anyone sends :) Am probably looking at 3 or 4 stages though in future with the club rallies.
    With the league rally I will have 4 weeks between each rally so the time pressure shouldn't be there but I may restrict how many stages I do with that too if that pressure does appear. These time constraints are ones I set myself, no one other than me has said they should be out before such and such a time.
  2. Not using anymore.
  3. Guys,

    With the video for the rally, should you wish me to have your skin used for your replays please advise where I can locate the skin pls as Ondrej has. Otherwise I will just be using the generic skin from rsrbr.
    Taking into account there are 13 stages for this rally, doing replays from each stage would be such an enormous task it's not funny. Therefore I would ask you to send to me replays you'd like included, from 6 stages. Just remember, I'm not only looking for epic crashes or moments, there might be a particular set of corners or a whole stage you drove very well and were really happy with.

    Remember too guys, this is not a requirement of this rally or league, this is just a fun side part of the rally. If you could send those replays as soon after the rally as you can to elmomarty@bigpond.com I would appreciate it.

  4. Post your rally videos, screen shots etc in this thread.
  5. Anyone have any links for skins? Subaru Impreza N11. I'm not looking for real worlds ones, I just want a blue car with some yellow stuff on the sides (see avatar) :D
  6. I didnt look on that skins I just posted that skin page :D
  7. Senad, I haven't tested this one, but it looks like what you want:

    Scroll down to the Subaru N11 section, the third file in the list.

    I can't be sure that it will fit the RSRBR2010 Subaru N11 model, but I'll bet it is the same one. You should just be able to download the Texture file and install it.
    I have installed his texture on the Subaru WRC 2000 in RSRBR and it worked ok.

    Let me know if you have problems, and I'll check it out tomorrow for you.
  8. Worked like a charm Warren, cheers :).

    I'll be using this skin (maybe put all the links to skins in one place Rick?):


  9. That looks very smart indeed Senad, I like it a lot. You can't beat that lovely Subaru blue with yellow trim. :doublethumb:

    Be careful not to scratch it now though. :wink:
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  11. Hi guys,

    Have got a couple of requests please.

    Please send your replays as soon after the event as you can.

    If you want me to use a particular skin in the videos please provide a link to it as some have done already. Just makes life easier. Please make sure the skin is easily installed, I would like to have the right skins for people but I am not going to spend ages trying to get it installed.

    If you change skins at some time, please let me know and provide the link and I will adjust it.

  12. Here's the new Championship logo for those who want to resize and use on skins or videos.


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  13. Dont you have PNG version without backboard with reverse colors?

    like this


    (which I used in the promo)
  14. I could do that for you, I just made it the same as the WRC logo colours
  15. I want to drive a Tonny Gardemaister's car, but with my name on it, not Gardemeister, do I need a photoshop, or something free is avaliable, or somebody could make it for me? Only surname on rear side windows
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