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Racer v0.8.24 released!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    v0.8.24 is out.
    Expected problems:
    - Carlswood's kerbs seem to have a problem with bumpmapping. They're using static bumpmapping which haven't changed yet (to world space). Might be the tangent creation, hm.

    Get it at: http://www.racer.nl/download/racer0.8.24.zip

    - dyn_standard_bump_reflect_*.cg rewritten to work in world space. Faster & reflection
    is now also affected by the normal map (quite noticable).
    - Same for dyn_standard_bump_*.cg; it now also takes the bumpmap's alpha for reflectiveness (specular).
    - dyn_standard_bump_speca_v/f_cg was removed; use dyn_standard_bump_reflect*.cg instead (which does
    the same thing).
    - Controller stick_friction threshold velocity decreased from 20 m/s to 5 m/s (hardcoded).
    - Added 'u' to position logging (normalized lateral position on the track)
    - Added projected lights intensity: car.ini's lights.light<n>.color (default=4 4 4). In klux. Check
    the Lambo's car.ini.
    - async now runs the physics thread full throttle; it must run on a separate core if you want to avoid
    it impact the other threads.
    - TrackEd reworked to use the full render engine. Flashing also works again. Stack overflow fixed.
    - Wheel setup screen now includes friction/stick friction/damping/inertia sliders.
    - Added car.ini car.ff_friction, ff_stickfriction, ff_damping and ff_inertia factors to tune force feedback.
    - Also added car.ini car.ff_gain, which modifies the ff_friction etc values directly (default=1.0)
    - Added console commands 'ff friction <x>', 'ff stickfriction <x>', 'ff damping <x>' and 'ff inertia <x>'
    for live setting of FF values. Absolute numbers for the controller, not car relative (0..10000).
    - Fixed typo in NightSaturate() (no green in B&W color) in hdr.cg
    - Tangents now generated in 4 coordinates (was 3). Mirrored UV seams are now being duplicated
    to avoid tangent trouble where UV and mirrored UV parts meet.
    - Modeler can now show tangents (T to toggle). It already did normals (N to toggle).
    - Tangents were never used as VBO's; now they are (slightly faster).
  2. I found a problem:
    And when I select Baja Class 1 I get this error: "DGPUShaderManager:MakeObject(dyn_standard_speca_v.cg):can't create CG vertex shader program CG ERROR:"The file could not be read."
    For the second problem it must be updated the shader car.
  3. Downloading, testing it out soon :)
  4. Here is a bug with texture compression that has been there since 0.8.23 at least.

  5. Error... with bmw3seriese90_325i CG

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  6. You sure they do the same thing? 'Cause I was under the impression that dyn_standard_bump_speca* gave bumpmapping and specular mapping, while dyn_standard_bump_reflect seems to give bumpmapping and reflection?!
  7. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Hm, that should read: "dyn_standard_bump_speca_v/f_cg was removed; use dyn_standard_bump*.cg instead". The reflect shader indeed does add reflection ofcourse.
  8. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    That happens with an SRGB (gamma 1/2.2 corrected) image without mipmap. Won't crash anymore in 0.8.25.
  9. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    I get the same thing, will investigate. Something with SRGB vs linear formats.
  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm..some thing went wrong with the nocg.exe.....
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    FPS hugely improved, I'm getting a steady 40FPS!! :D Auto-exposure is still giving me a bit of lag though, otherwise it's greatly improved on the last version I had (.22) :)
  12. Works.. both cg and no-cg. But I really do need a better gpu to
    get the kind of quality I see here (above). Anyway, good work!
  13. Hmmm, so has anything changed with the old standard_bump_*.cg files at all?

    Or anything changed elsewhere that would influence them?

    In my case, they seem to now be showing specular at full power from any viewing angle (road is just really speculary all over :D )

    Seems to be bump related, as if I run standard_*.cg then it appears as you would expect, but obviously missing the bump.

    Also, is there any chance we can have a bump/spec standard shader for tracks?

    rgb diffuse, a transparrency pass (gequal/alpha to coverage type?) on tex0, then rgb normal, a spec on tex1?

    Would just be handy for MANY materials for tracks... :D

    Road surface
    Grass base surfaces
    Wire fences/gates (hence the transparrency, then normals to give some direction to the specular)
    General building frontages

    Looking around more at other stuff, and thinking more, it's a pretty good base material for diffuse type materials!

    Lastly, the camera relative shadow map size reduction strategy is hurting the visual quality of shadows even with these defaults. An external camera to the front of the car looking back along it's length is basically getting half the shadow map resolution on this split.
    Go to the rear of the car looking forward, and the back is blurry shadow, the front of the car is getting a sharp one. Hmmmm.

    This logic needs to apply to the interior camera shadow profile only.


  14. Doesn't seem to work well on track cams either, not sure where it's centering the shadow maps but I find the car driving right out of the shadows fairly regularly.
  15. I've found one glaring issue with bumpmapping, these were Mugello's dyn_bumpmapped concrete walls in 083.
    1st image is in 084, 2nd is in 083

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  16. I'm still having the problem with racer crashing when autodetecting the DFP. While it's not a big deal to me, some new users might have a problem.
    Here is the qlog...

    Fri Nov 26 23:02:39 (INFO): [noqapp/332] --- application start ---
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:39 (INFO): [noqapp/332] 4 processor(s); setting affinity to 0xf
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:39 (INFO): [racer/332] Racer version: 0.8.24 (Nov 26 2010/15:59:53) - customer: Internet
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:40 (INFO): [racer/332] Physics engine: NEWTON v2.24
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:42 (INFO): [racer/332] Safety changed: SAFE
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:46 (ERR ): [racer/332] WorldScene:DestroyTree(); nodes still present in the tree!
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:46 (INFO): [racer/332] Loading car 'lambomurcielago'
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:46 (ERR ): [racer/332] DBitmapTexture:FromBitMap(): OpenGL error (1284): stack underflow
    Fri Nov 26 23:02:51 (ERR ): [racer/332] DBitmapTexture:FromBitMap(): OpenGL error (1284): stack underflow
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:00 (WARN): [racer/332] QDXJoy: can't create/find joystick #1
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:00 (WARN): [racer/332] QDXJoy:Unacquire(); failed (DIERR_???/0x1)
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:00 (INFO): [racer/332] Safety changed: SAFE
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:05 (WARN): [racer/332] QDXJoy: can't create/find joystick #1
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:05 (WARN): [racer/332] QInfo: can't open 'data/controls/default.ini'
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:05 (WARN): [racer/332] QDXJoy:Unacquire(); failed (DIERR_???/0x1)
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:05 (WARN): [racer/332] QDXJoy: can't create/find joystick #1
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:05 (WARN): [racer/332] QDXJoy:Unacquire(); failed (DIERR_???/0x1)
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:05 (INFO): [racer/332] Safety changed: SAFE
    Fri Nov 26 23:03:25 (FATAL): [racer/332] Exception 0xC0000005, flags 0, Address 0x004E163E
    (this dialog text is stored in QLOG.txt)
    OS-Version: 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3) 0x100-0x1
    0x004E163E d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\supctrl.cpp (line 645): ControllersUpdate()
    0x004E443C d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\supctrl.cpp (line 1685): Do()
    0x004E47FB d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\supctrl.cpp (line 1827): rrSetupControls()
    0x004DDBB9 d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\supmain.cpp (line 157): Do()
    0x004DDC27 d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\supmain.cpp (line 201): rrSetupMain()
    0x004D73A6 d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\menu.cpp (line 1720): Do()
    0x004D754B d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\ui_public\menu.cpp (line 1840): RMenuRun()
    0x004035BA d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\mrun.cpp (line 1652): Setup()
    0x0040390E d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\mrun.cpp (line 1909): Run()
    0x00401504 d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\main.cpp (line 222): main()
    0x00401573 d:\source\trunk\dev_racer\src\main.cpp (line 229): WinMain()
    0x0054B8DB f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\crt0.c (line 263): __tmainCRTStartup()
    0x7C817077 [kernel32]: (filename not available): RegisterWaitForInputIdle
    Alex Forbin
  17. The smoke issue mentioned in 083 thread & occurring in 084 still affects only the tyre smoke, not sand or grass.
    It seems that at the start of the race the smoke from a burnout or similar tyre shredding event is ok & sorta drifts & lingers, but after a short time, it starts accelerating off into the distance in a narrow line.

    While the speed it gallops off into the distance is a little unrealistic, the fact it doesn't seem to dissipate & expand in volume, & stays in lines ( I was trying to shoot AI cars with my smoke beams lol) is why it mostly looks unnatural imho.

    Also, a sand cloud moves a lot slower than tyre smoke, which also looks a bit weird...

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  18. There are some issues with the dyn_bumpmapping, I have some white blocks on my bump mapped tyres, while other bits look ok... maybe to do with the new UVW stuff!?

    Looks fine in 3DS Max using Xoliul shaders and the Metal Bump 9 viewport renderers with my normal map... hmmmm.

  19. could be this
    maybe the bumpmap texture needs an alpha now?
    [edit] nope, that's not it.

    On another track...
    With envmap.live_track.render_once=1 I get 120fps on Mugello
    I changed envmap.live_track.render_once=1 to 0 and got ~35fps
    I then changed envmap.live_track.frames_per_update=1 to 2 and got ~70fps, reflections of my moving clouds still looks realistic, best of both worlds.
  20. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    ...not sure...but i think not..i tried with and without a alpha...and its the same resoult...full specular parts on the wheels... :(