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Race 9 - Bahrain

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Not too much to say about this race... quaified in p18 and I was also slowing for the 2nd warm up lap and then I noticed the cars in front of me going really fast. Struggled to try and keep up with the guys in front but never really managed to. Went up to p15 during the pitstops and dropped back to p20 after.
    Then made a small mistake getting out of the way for some faster drivers and loosing the car... Few laps later I got hit from behind by a faster driver (Alexander I think) which also made me spin and had me waiting for a bunch of other cars before I could rejoin the track. Then I nearly got torpedoed by one of the Gubbklubben cars that spun out going into turn 1 (watched the replay and it was VERY close). Ended up in p20, could have been p19 or 18 but happy enough to finish the race!
  2. @Andreas: had lost splitter couple of turns before and was still looking for a breakpoint, more my bad than yours.

    quali: managed a 2:00:7 which put me in last of those timed and 20 of 22 on the grid.
    start was funny, kinda slowmo, first stint went well, kept contact to the field for some laps and then had to let them go as everyone else gained about 1 sec a lap on me at least. Came in to pit in lap22 just as I had planned, in lap 28 I finally got below the 2:00 barrier, lil shout of joy on the straight :) with 8mins to go I lost the back in the first of the two slow turns and hit the wall, losing splitter, limped home with laptimes around 2:07 trying not to mess up other races. with only one car going missing I finished 21st, 2 laps down to leaders. So that was it, my last STC event on the track. feels utterly sad.
  3. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Hm, not the best event for my last race on this season, but atleast not so bad either.

    My quali-lap was totally messed up and this was also my biggest mistake of the night. I lost atleast 1 second on the first 2 sectors and that put me way back on the grid on p13 :(

    Knowing that overtaking is pretty much not going to happen with the Zonda, my only option was to pit earlier than I planned it.
    I was expecting the pace that I had, but I was still hoping to not have to pit so early to not shred my tires too early.

    In the end I pitted first of the whole field and gained maybe 2 positions with that (not sure anymore).
    Got held up a bit after the stop, which was an expectable risk though.

    I couldn't really hold on to the Audi-duo in front of me, so my pace wasn't so great, but atleast it was enough for p9.
    Considering the crappy superpole-lap, that was ok I suppose :)

    q: 13th / r: 9th

    Cya guys hopefully in the future, it was definatly fun to race in this championship for WBR :cool:
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  4. On behalf of ABRacing, i would like to apologize for neither of our cars made it to the race.
  5. pity that you missed a good one
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  6. Please open the Portimao thread and put the weather up.
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