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Race 9 - Bahrain

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. WIP :tongue:

    TIME December, Thursday 1 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Paul Ricard STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race
  2. Thread Open!
  3. Could we possably have the weather forcast up today because it should have been up yesterday morning?
  4. Sunny.
  5. says the bunny :) (sry couldn't resist)

    started practice yesterday, and I still looove the track even though last season I had a black screen and hit a poster that turned out to be virtual concrete and killed my Doran; the season before I encountered the dreaded pit bug, where you go into pits but nothing happens and you try next lap and next lap and next lap until you are left, free of all petrol and all worries somewhere at km 2.7 :( It can only get better this year. Feels strange, my last tracktime in STC ever.
  6. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain

    Good 2 see your racing Eckhart :) is there some 1 to take your spot in the commentary box?

    anyway best of luck and enjoy your race
  7. We have a problem around here: any time we try to join the STC server and when choosing our car, we get a minidump before the preview of the car appears.
    Does anyone knows if we are doing something wrong?
  8. Does everybody in your team have this problem?
    I tried the server and got in without problems with my own car as well as with 3 others including yours.
    So obviously the problem is not on the server side.
  9. Is it possably that you have an other mod installed?
  10. not that I know of, volunteers contact Xose and David.
  11. Thank you Mikko and Georgios for answering.

    But, unfortunatly, I am not able to use any skins from STC... I do not understand what is happening... My team mate and I are only using the sim for this championship.
    In my case, I have already participate in Road America without problems and at Sugo, but there I had to try 3 times before I could join the server... Using default skins, no problems...
    Well, if I manage to run tomorrow, it will be with a another skin, what a pitty...
  12. @Daniel: I already had that problem before, in another championship. All cars which used custom skins would cause a minidump, while cars with the default skins were fine. I unninstalled every single mod, reinstalled the skins, reinstalled only that mod and the game kept crashing. The only solution was to unninstall Race 07 and install it again. It worked, maybe you can try that out. Won't take long to install again, just save your settings to some place and give it a try. Hope this helps. :)

    As for this race, after the last race in Sugo, which was destroyed by a crazy Corvette driver who ruined my race completely (and no report about that, so no penalty...), I don't think we will have anyone on the track today.

    Mário Peixoto, Sonic Racing Team driver
  13. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    I had this problem occasionly in the past. It is caused by custom skins, but more or less randomly. It is somehow caused by an excessive memory-usage.

    Sometimes it helped when I waited a while in the car seclection skin before swapping to the skin i wanted to use.

    Or another way: Select your skin in single-player offline mode so that it is already preselected later.
    Than go to online-mode and see if it works.

    Last solution is like you said, to not use customskins for this race.
  14. Due i just arrived home and missed the allocations on the site by maybe one minute i write it here if nobody have something against:

    edit: The problem was that i wasn´t sure if anyone else can drive for Andreas H, cause he have very short time to arrive till the race. So wanted wait till today. (the reserves are only fake, i have no clue if they are able to drive :))

    first car: Andreas Löffler
    second car: Andreas Hultgren
    reserve: Gregory Degreef
    reserve: David Garcia
  15. Yep, and I got your PM aswell a bit before... no problem Andreas.
  16. why did your team decide to not hand in a report?
  17. I think that start needs a review.
  18. What to say about this reace... well, not much to be honset.

    Only made a few laps before qualy because I have had no time before. Managed 16th on the grid.

    The race started good and after Tom(?) and one of the Gubbklubben juniors went off I was fighting for 15th with a COR driver. He passed me and we then played mause and cat for a while. I then tried a pass but half spun in my attemp but didn't lose much time. This 'game' went on 'till the pitstops. Then I had a pretty boring race. Lost a place in the pits to a Koöhenigggseaggisegg and when he dissapeared I had to try and hold the gap to Tom. He eventually cought me and passed me right away. Made a little mistake when he passed me as I downshifted one to much so put neutral in which didn't really slow me down as I expected. From then on I had no one to care about so just brought the car home in 18th.

    Sorry to Eckhart for the little hit at the end. You cought me off guard with your braking. Totally my fault though. Thanks Andreas for the setup, it was great! And well done in the race ;)

    Grats FOR for a dominating and boring result :D
  19. David going to pits I saw "RED FLAG, ONE MORE LAP". I immediately slowed down and started checking my temps and stuff and saying to guys, one more lap. Then I check the chat and see GREEN FLAG... seems David mixed up with the buttons. Stuff happens when you do stuff. :D
  20. Thanks for a great race all its was my first race in the STC GT championchip for me so its was a hard race and its was so hard whit the audi becuse the audi is not the best car off the GT cars!. but im was glad whit my qualifying im came in too P3 whit the time 1:53,1 and ind the race im came in too a P6 so its was a fine race and thank you very much too my team FDD Yuri and FDR for the good help and the greats setups :)
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