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Race #8, Hungary: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. First G1 points! Wohoo :D

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  3. Why the hell does Carlos decide he doesn't like me into the final turn when I was getting out of his way. He hits me.. I lose my rear wing and costs me a nice race finish. Very unhappy..
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    This is a race I want to forget as soon as possible...no comment at all.
  5. P5 good result for me. I knew from the tests that 1st stint would be a struggle as our setup didn't work at all atleast in the first 10 laps. Aalberts probably noticed that xD

    At 2nd stint I was matching the times that guys were doing in the front but it was too late for me so decided to save my tires so I could do as short stint as possible in the end with softs. Then in the end I noticed how early people were changing to softs and I knew from testing that they would lose their pace quite quickly so I decided to take hards about 15 laps before the end. Should've done it few laps earlier since it worked out quite well but I ran out of laps :D Cut the difference to the next guy from 11 to 4 seconds in few laps but it wasn't quite enough.

    Had quite a big difficulties keeping Michael behind me when we pitted at the same time and he took softs. I couldn't let him slip past or my strategy would've been ruined because I knew that he'll drop back when his tires wears off. Nice pressure in the end :)

    Mikko Suokas
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  6. @ Jackson, sorry for that hit at T2 After my forced pit due to wing lost I was on fresh tyres and figured I could pass you at that part due to fresher tires,.. but I guess I misjudged the space a bit. I hope you didn't collected damage from that hit.

    @ Holmes, Shame about that spun, I certainly didn't saw that coming and was not able to avoid you anymore. Its all fine to me these things unfortunately can happen.

    And wel for race this was a nightmare race wich I haven't had since some time now. Problems started when my wheel came off in Q1, 2nd attempt I was .4 up my time to get into Q2 but then on 2nd last corner my wheel came off as the mounting bracket on one side broke off. I tried a 3th attempt but was impossible to drive as the wheel didn't stay in place. So just missed Q2 in 11th.

    As for race, well just kept my strategy and hoped I would have a decent start and gain some positions wich happened got into p8 p7 or so and then with Mikko and Holmes this fight in first stint. Then my race got sacrificed as Holmes spun and I couldn't avoid him anymore, so wing lost and a lot of time lost p15 from that point onwards. More driving in traffic with as result I had to save engine to halfway race as well. To sum things up it was a big nightmare, and until that wing lost it was acutaly looking good as once I got in free air after I passed Mikko I was doing some good times not far off from the leaders so I knew pace was good and podium was still possible but then the problems started.

    Grats to podium finishers.
  7. Firstly, I didnt like the manouver that Alvaro did in turn 1. He pushed me for gaining the position. Secondly, answering Jackson, mate you have 300 ping! I didnt touch you, but somehow you lost the rear wing! If I crashed on you i would had damages and lost my frontwing and to make matters worse you were in the racing line.

    Q1 Was good, i did all laps with Q2 set up and I did 1.18.5

    Q2: I was afraid that brakes, so i putted 2 more lciks in the brake duct (very bad mistake because in race made me loose lot of time). It wasnt a good lap but enough for pole.

    Warm Up: And Surprise! left shifter starts not respounding! So I had to change the control into the neutral, so I had to downshift with neutral button.

    Race: It was a good race start, i was using a long 1st gear because I planned using it in the first stint. But Torres pushes me.

    In second stint i spun two times cause of shifting, when I was the fastest on the track.

    I tried to do smthing different in stint 3 setting soft but didnt work as expected.

    So third position very disappointed. Lets see stewards opinion.
  8. Q1: Safe lap

    Q2: Failed a bit, wasn't really happy with P4.

    Race: Start wasn't bad, I turned 3rd after T1. I was following Carlos and Alvaro but didn't want to force a fight, I was just waiting for a mistake from them. They were going for a longer first stint which gained me a position, I could overtake Carlos after the 1st pit stop. Carlos had a spin, and from then I just had to focus on Alvaro. His 2nd stint was longer so it was obvious he would choose softs for his last stint. I tried to build a gap for the last 11 laps but he came out of the pits 4 seconds behind me. I knew he was going to be mega fast in the first few laps and he closed on me rapidly. After 3 or 4 laps he caught me and the game was on. But, unfortunately I made a mistake at the chicane and he could overtake me. I tried to close the gap in the final laps when his tires started to drop, but I wasn't fast enough.
    Congrats Alvaro for the win.
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  9. Public apology to Mark Aalberts. My race was also looking good until that point, after that it went downhill!
  10. No damage mate. TBH I thought I had some lag and hit you off.. That's why I gave you an easy way around.. ;) anyway it was a fun battle.. And no it didn't cause damage to me..

    Carlos: I am sorry. I have always had a bad Internet connection with you and failed to take this into account when writing my first post. I was just very frustrated because on my screen all I saw was me slowing down to get out of the way of you, and you completely taking me out.. Not a fun race..
  11. Well, the race was exciting, at least what I saw by livetiming :p

    16th and 17th in our debut, we are very happy :D
  12. was in contention for points until i span out of turn three just a lap from my first pitstop
  13. Well, only 2 racers of 6 did finish Grid 2 :D
    My engine B-b-b-blooooow up 5laps before end! xD

    Even radi 6 was not enough...
  14. Q1: I didn't know what to expect since it was my first race, but fortunately I could make it into Q2 with a lap two tenths far from my personal best.

    Q2: Had not practised it much since my goal was to get into Q2, but turned out to be the best Q2 lap I ever did, which was enough to be P6.

    R: I wasn't going to take any risk at the start, and I lost one position to Aalberts, who gained about five spots in the first lap.

    I was P7 with two teammates behind, so I could focus only at the guys ahead. I was quite comfortable behind a group of three drivers, until Aalberts overtook Suokas and I was able to pass him as well. After that, the accident between Holmes and Aalberts took place and that gave me provisional P4, which I held until the chequered flag.

    I think I could've been a little bit faster, but the guys ahead were so far away, and I was managingg the gap to Mikko, it was important to bring the car home and that's what I did.

    Congrats to Álvaro, and see all you in Italy (I'll miss Valencia due to holidays).
  15. Oh God the pressure of Pre-Qualify XD , now i know how the late 80s F1 drivers felt. I didn't managed to repeat my best personal time so i'm a little disappointed, but in the end i think the result would be the same.

    At the first lap there was a huge accident in the chicane, i braked to avoid it but people behind me hit me in the back because of the sudden reduction of speed, but i didn't had any damage to my wings so at least i didn't had to pit, but the car was damaged so i struggled a little in the initial laps when the fuel load was still heavy. When i was closing to my team mate João i spun in the exit of the last corner, guess that in the end cost me a better position but after that the race was quite fun specially when fighting for position so at least i didn't had a lonely race, i'm happy with the race but i hope i can improve in the next rounds.
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  16. Q1 and Q2: I did good times in both and i were very close to the pole in Q2, very good lap of Carlos Martin.

    RACE: I could overtake Carlos at turn 1 and gradually i opened a gap between him and me. Kiss and Carlos did first stop early, more than i expected, and i could maintain the pace easily. I thought that victory was very near, but i noticed that fuel was too low, so i tried to conserve fuel as much as i could.

    Kiss overtake me but later he make a mistake at turn 6 (i hitted him a bit but it was unavoidable, sorry) and i continued conserving fuel until last turn of last lap. I finished the race with 0.2 litres, lol.

    Congrats to Carlos and Kiss for podium.Good race for Fernando that finished 4º in his first race in FSR. See you in Valencia!
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  17. Very fast simdrivers even in forum; I usually take a week to write my race report:)
    As it is I can congratulate with podium guys and say thanks to my team and to the staff.

    Read you soon:)
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  18. PQ I was 1s off my pb time because someone going on and off server.

    G2 was doing ok I knew id be slow to start as I was geared for end of race and the finish... At the start I dropped to last as I was too weary. Got back up to 4th and was holding it well. was waiting until lap 13 to pit.. on lap 11 my car was sliding a lot then all of a sudden I spun then spun again and hit wall lost rear wing as my brakes had failed I had the brakes on duct of 4 but yea wasn't enough....
  19. Summary of my, unfortunately, short race.

    Sorry for the carnage caused :D
  20. looks like you was spun from behind