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Race #6, Austria: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mike Partington, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. terrible race, big error in q1, 2 spin and a problem in the pit with a car that crash at pit exit, and a very very important problem with the fsr manager, incredible day.. congrats to my teammate for the first victory.
  3. I want to apologize to the driver I hit in T2 L1. I misjudged my breaking point. No excuses, really a silly mistake on my part. I hope I didn't ruin your race.
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  4. Thank Andrea Ventura, i'm going to say in spanish: ¿Que coño has hecho?
    two weeks training for this...I will run the next races because i paid all the championship but FSR is not what i expected.
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  5. Sorry Juan. It happened to me two races ago and I know how you must feel. I try to be extra careful on start, so much that I end up always loosing positions just to make sure I don't hit anybody. This time I made a mistake, but I assure you I wasn't being reckless. Just misjudged the braking point.
    Hope you will have better luck with the next races. Cheers.
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  6. I felt incredible frustrated after my crash on pit entry until that I enjoyed the race as I had great fun while pushing in order to follow Sandar & Michele.

    Sorry to Dimitry for the crash in Q1. I lost the car in the last corner but tried to stay towards the outside but it wasn't enough. I hope that you didn't lost a important time :-(.
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  7. I had a good Q1. I did a personal best on my last lap. Then in Q2 I guess I was being a bit careful and did a so-so lap. Bad last sector but I was happy with P8.

    I got off the line well but lost a position or two under braking for T1. I thought I had escaped T1 unscathed for once but just as I began internally celebrating I got knocked off seemingly out of nowhere. So I still haven't seen the end of lap one this year without incident. But I was very lucky to have no damage other than flatspotted tires. Still driveable though and the vibrations went away after a while.

    Then I found myself following Dmitry Zaharov and Andrea Cannata in a throwback to the dying laps of Montreal. This time Cannata and I got by Zaharov but I couldn't pass Cannata. Hats off to the two of them. We three were in a close group for most of the first twelve laps without any contact (that I'm aware of). I eventually decided it was hopeless trying to pass so I switched to a 2 stop and hoped I would fall back in nice clean air.

    When I emerged on mediums I soon found myself behind my teammate David O'Reilly and we got all tangled up at T3 as he was trying to let me pass. No hard feelings there. Once again I was very very lucky not to have any damage. And that time the tires didn't seem to even be flatspotted. Just a few % lost on the wear I think so I pressed on for a quiet race from then on, pitting on lap 28 for softs and trying not to be lapped. Ended P7 due to the retirements which is my best FSR finish to date. Some bad luck but some good luck as well. Pretty pleased with the result.

    Thanks to the director and the broadcast team for doing a great job.
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  8. You`re still driving in the lowest division and there not at the front. Everybody have to learn and I think here are many people this year who started their sim racing career this year. Look how clean the WC race today was.
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  9. My race was rather short, I was too lazy (or busy) to practice and got what was deserved.
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Lows Highs and Lows.
    My quali pace was not great but I had a plan to start BOG* anyway expecting carnage at T1 and T2. I would have started pit lane but its such a nasty pit exit here.
    Couldn't manage to hook up a lap and twice had to abort due to extending.
    *As it happened thats where I ended well P22 anyway.
    Was ultra cautious into T1 and picked my way through smoke and spinning cars with some minor contact from one but no damage. Ended lap 1 in P15.
    Ran primes first and was P9 after some drivers had pitted. Stayed out a lap or two extra as the car still felt good.
    I had a small duel with Andreas Ventura for a few laps while managing fuel slightly ( I was planning on being lapped but didnt want to go more than -1.5 litres just in case).
    I was having fun.
    Around lap 15 yet to stop and my team mate David Cook exited the pits and was approaching. I was going to pit at the end of the lap but decided that he was in a good position so I would get out of the way urgently.
    Exit of T2 I lifted and short shifted but for some reason DCs car did not gain much ground. Maybe it was cold primes? dont know. I moved right to allow him the racing line, I thought I had done enough but not quite. My braking on the inside off the rubbered line or just not being on the normal line I managed to be 1/2 car length ahead of where I needed to be and we had a clumsy touch.
    In my hurry to get clear I broke my car on the barrier. Fortunately DC was undamaged and just lost a few seconds and could bag his PB of 7th. Very embarrassing but David understands that I meant well and at least his race was ok.
    I was doubly annoyed as I had done my prime stint and with the high attrition rate and 2 nice options stints waiting I could have been into the points with P9.
    You live and learn.
    Thanks to organisers, media and race director.
  11. A similar situation as in the previous race.
    In the first corner Will Barnes attack my rear right tire, losing control, but somehow managed to correct the the car. Followed by another shock, Pascal Chapon block my sight, suddenly took refuge to the right and I do not have space to avoid Giordano Valeriano, who stopped in the middle of the track. What a circus.:confused::confused::confused:
    Again, again, I lost my front wing and the car was quite badly damaged. No matter how careful it was no use. I guess, I'll have to take another plan, go last and pass a scuffle. lol
    But God looked at me this time, gave me a tenth place, as much satisfaction for the desire to drive.
    I hope that next time we finish the first two curvatures without collision.;)
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  12. You can always protest someone and tbh this race was one of a kind with all those DNFs. In ACE we've been having 5 clean starts and some really good driving, same as in WC. I'd say it's the mix of the talent in PRO rather than FSR as a whole. Good luck in the next races ;)
  13. Race Start - Flat Spot from braking to avoid more than one collision - 4th lap Got taken out - Race End
  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    "The Grosjean Spa / Suzuka clause".
    We seem to continue to be dogged by mutliple contacts on the opening lap at turn 1 and 2.
    I have no axe to grind here as I have benefitted from the lap 1 carnage.

    Do we need to consider any special plans to clean up the act on the Pro Grid. It is after all the entry point and proving ground for FSR. So many drivers from various backgrounds arrive and drive.

    I wonder if the Risk/Return balance was altered with a harsh penalty approach for being the cause of lap 1 contact.
    EG: Loss of any points gained in that race, -2.5 SR, Automatic BOG for next race, Second Offence (within a season) and Race ban etc etc.
    Would it make people take more care if it costs a lot when you are a "lap one nutcase"* , or are we happy to continue as we are? Any more ideas? Just asking.

    I'll post Mike and Kris in on this so they see it.

    @Mike Partington
    @Kris Cobb

    * with permission from Mark Webber
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  15. I agree David o Reilly. Certainly my broadcast slaughter of those drivers isnt helping anything, we need a great solution! Accident tend to happen more in the back field than in the front except for wc which is the cleanest catogory by far. Is that to do with luck or skill/insight. Its the attitude of some drivers and also the relative easyness to get a seat. Even when i started only a few years ago it was next to impossible to get a world series seat from a known team if you were not known or good. Never the less in 2013 in the first 7 races i got damage on lap 1 and didnt get a single report for those actions. I might be slow but you will never see me going out on track without a rear wing and 3 wheels and try to make the best out of it. We drivers and the entire community make the races what they are. Lets act profesional during the weekends and lets not try to win races lap 1
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  16. Wasn't expecting much after being bombarded with exams the last two weeks. Q1 I was surprised to be near to anyone.

    Sorry to @Mihajlo Vićentijević , I got a very good start, braked a bit earlier to be safe but then got squeezed going three wide. Trying to leave space on the inside I ended up getting clobbered and spinning Mihajlo. :(


    Found myself battling with teammate @Henry Hermsen towards the end of the lap then random lag caused kinda saved me from having to leave room at fastest part of the track. :D
    Annoyingly, a top ten should have been ridiculously easy, but I sped in the pits, got a drive-through, then missed my pit box twice AND spun. :D

    Such a shame about @Kerni094 but we'll be back stronger next time ;)



    "How many ZERO cars did not participate/finish? 3. How many sides does a triangle have? 3. What do ZERO drivers have on their gloves? #ILLUMINATICONFIRMED". - Bill Warnes2k15
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  17. I agree it needs to be better. Last season in pro was not that bad. My general thoughts on the matter when I took over as Race Director was 1 warning then a start from pitlane for first lap incident. Canada was caused by lag and I am not looking at the first 3 rounds either. I may need to revise it though as the season goes on and become harsher as drivers become more experienced.
  18. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Mike that already sounds a sensible approach.
    Maybe we just publicise it more.

    One thing I have seen where I race at Presto is that they customarily have 3 practice starts before the actual start.
    If there was a way to work that in with the broadcast it might be good.
    Maybe during an ad break? Only thing is its a bit easier as they dont run a formation lap so it's appear on grid and -go! So not sure if technically its feasible.Oh actually it is-if no one moves it reverts to a standing start after a few seconds.

    Just seems education, and the stick (penalty) might be the way forwards.
    There is a photo above where 3 cars are going for the same piece of real estate. Seems to me that there are at most 2 lanes at the start-T1. You are outside or inside lane. Can't apex from outside lane.
    My car is to the rear and hugging the inside line like my favourite granny, and damn my blue Helmet design looks good.
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  19. Wut.

    Last year in Pro I never had more than 1 clean races in a row. Now I've had 3 in a row already. In my experience last year was atrocious.

    I guess it depends on luck a bit, but on pure averages, this year feels miles better. Go and watch some of last year's races again, so many bugger-ups.

    But agreed that it could still be much better. I'd rather finish 10th knowing the best guys weren't taken out, than 5th knowing they were.
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  20. Its mostly nearer the end of the season that I remember most, but your right at the start of the season there were a few pile ups. I just was not involved in most of them and when your racing you don't really know what went on behind you.