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Race #16, Brazil: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Nov 6, 2011.

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  2. From GPCOS:

  3. From GPCOS:

  4. Amazing season by Bono congrats, For me this race summed up my whole season, Finally have some top pace and bad luck strikes, but guess its positive to see myself in the top 5 in WC which amazed me. If I finished in 5th it would have been nice as it would of been GhostSpeeds best result in WC this year but **** happens xD.
  5. I had fun this race
    But was the same no pace and were just getting short in pace
    great job for Precision
    Only way i had some pace this year was Monaco and Spain
    Great this year i had 2 poles and a podium
    Seeing this year,s performance 2 poles and Podium in Monaco were a highlight als Spain:)
    This race just managing in top 10 in q1 then 8th in q2 not bad
    Then great start from 8th to 6th in lap 1 hehehe
    Again great fights with gosbee and my ex teammate Hirrle
    Then after Hirrle pasted me i run too wide again and crashed that was it
    Have a great winter all
  6. From Gpcos:

    Would have liked a strong WC result after the unfortune in some previous of the WC races, but starting from the back i knew it would be close to impossible. Without going slightly too wide in Q2 of Abu Dhabi i think i could have gotten a good grid position and a strong result here.

    The WS race was good but i made a mistake on lap 2 which lost me a position and entered the pits in the wrong lap which cost me a chance to fight for the win.

    The biggest succes for me this year was to get rid of my unusual driving style which was holding me back a little bit. I was completely stuck in that crazy driving style and i didnt know how to get out of it despite a lot of experience. Atze showed me the way, so a very big thank you to him and the rest of the team for helping me unlock this extra bit of potential.

    I believe driving can always be further improved and i have worked hard for the improvements i made so that def gives me some pride in the fact that i never gave up.

    I would like to be there again next year, but that will depend on several aspects and not just if RF2 is out yet.

    Congrats to the Champion for his amazing performances this year. Truly sets the bar for everyone else.

    Thanks to everyone who make this league great and have a good winter!