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Race #14, Monza: Post race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Discuss here as long as it is within the rules.

    @Marcel vd Linden: You crossed the white line at the pit exit under red. Thats why you got DQ.
  2. Yeah but i was suddenly starting from the pitlane. I was in 12th position. U should have noticed that
  3. Terrible race. Missed the start cause the lights didn't come on for me. My pedals had some problems and wasn't on full throttle down the straights most of the time. Just got tired of trying to get them to work. Lost front wing and decided to just stop.

    Sorry Spinelli for spinning you in T1. There was some slight lag and I couldn't judge the distance properly.
  4. Not much to say, was settling in behind Teidy and Mallorqui to hang on in their slipstream but they where fighting and wasnt realy happy with that as Foht could run away from them. Then i just missed my brakingpoint slightly and Teidy had to brake earlyer because of the fight with Mallorqui and so i hitted him on the rear, tried to avoid him but i just couldnt get around it anymore and slammed into the wall. Not happy with this and appologies to Teidy, sorry dude hope you could still finish the race.
  5. good race Sami!!!!!! :D
  6. well had an ok qualy p6 then made some positions 3rd place then allar flied past me and then i had a nice fight going on with Mallorqui all good fun driving easy and carefull when i was side by side with Mallorqui on S then Mark just crashed into my back.....i watched replay and he braked after i brake on qualy so....plus i was side by side with Mallorqui already dont know what he wanted anyways with 4 cars distance behind me!!!
    but **** happens and after so much practice and a nice p4 p5 maybe finish i finished 10th having my car turning to the left alone the hole race loosing about 1.5 per lap after the incident!!!
    all good tho cant say much as i made a lot of mistakes in the past!!!
    I learned from my mistakes just hope Mark takes it easy next time
  7. I'd like to thank the team they did a great job all weekend
    I'd like to thank Stefan Kanitz and FSR they did a great job all weekend
    I'd like to thank ISI for rFactor they did a great job all weekend
    I'd like to thank multiBC and the commentator they did a great job all weekend
    I'd like to thank Pedro Melim he did a great job all weekend
    I'd like to thank mum & dad they did a great job all weekend
    I'd like to thank myself I did a great job all weekend
  8. Just like to say a big congratulations to Pedro Melim for winning the championship!
  9. ohhh yes gratz PEDRO! awesome job mate!
  10. Well done Pedro, as I said already in TS :D You have done the best job this season. Well deserved Champione del mundo :p
  11. Another terrible qualifying...don't know what to do, to get that part together...
    Now even the best lap I could do, ended up as a cut, since I did not pay attention to the white stripe down s/f - was watching the clock instead. Then I had to settle for my second best lap and P16.

    Start was decent, but close to braking for T1, del Piccolo swirled across the track, damaging my front (I see from replay that he was hit from behind, so nothing he could do really). Anyway I get out of the first chickane i P13. The car is funny to drive, so cant really do much. Think it takes some 10+ laps, before I really get into it, and used to the new and modified suspension geometry. de Juan/Tuomaala is leading a train of cars from P7 back to me in P12. As I am calculating and running through scenarios of how a pitstop would work at that time, I actually catch them.

    When I have got half way through the train, de Juan has ran away slightly. He is in front of Phillips and me. Tied on points with de Juan for 10th, I absolutely cannot finish behind. Phillips isnt catching up either, so I have to take action. Get past Phillips, but he stays in the slipstream and I can never "get rid" of him. At least we're catching de Juan at this point. Catch and pass de Juan into T1 after 21 laps. Phillips follows through. After pushing like hell for 10+ laps, my "mission is accomplished", so I let Phillips by to "rest" for some laps.

    Since I could not get rid of him, when I was in front, I wait until the last laps before attacking again. I had a plan for how to get past, and keep the position to the checkered flag, but already when starting the penultimate lap, I get a huge run on him. He defends into T1, and as I had no plans to pass, yet, I stay on the outside, but as I turn right in the chicane, my wheel get loose from my desk, runing any chance of getting past in the remainder of the race.
    Got to take another 6th (number four in my last six races), which I am pretty happy with, keeping the qualifying and the damage in mind - at least I got ahead of de Juan :p

    Now I am off to the real race at Monza! :D
  12. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Marcel: It is not my job to give you the instruction how to start in fsr. It is the job of your team and team mates. So ask them what you did wrong.

    Congratulations 1st World Trophy Champion Pedro Melim. Well deserved Championship. Great driving the whole year. Less mistakes, maximum points. Well done.
  13. Lol rob!!!
    My qually was really bad due to no practise from being ill from wed. So p14 on the grid.
    After qually i nearly desided not to drive and go back to sleep!!! But looked who was around me on the grid and knew it would be good fun!!

    Race start was ok i was cautious in turn 1 then started to make up positions, got to p9 i think with alberto infront about 2 secs up the road, i had the pace to catch him in about 3 or 4 laps but i would have needed to use a fair bit of engine life to do so! So i had svendsen behind me who was faster in a straight line and from what i could tell he was roughly 2 tenths slower than my clean air pace but he was also about 2 tenths faster than alberto, so when svendson got in my slipstream i did not fight as i wanted him to go after alberto and i could use boost 1 to save a good chunk of engine life.

    When we were approaching alberto he was in battle with kammann, there was contact between them resulting in kammann spinning, svendsen got past alberto and i made a move straight away and got past! With my engine saving out of the was i aldo put a move on svendsen and pushed "like a hell" to make a gap of atleast 1.2 secs to brake the slopstream!!

    After that i was driving with no mistakes and keeping a close eye on svendsen as i knew he would be mounting a counter attack in the last couple of laps!!! Lucky for me his wheel came loose 2 laps from the end so i could relax and drive under the limit!

    With my practise i was unable to be on the pace of front 4, but i think i achieved my maximum today, so im happy with the result,
    thankyou kjel for a good clean race! Its what makes it more fun driving with someone who has great respect for others!
  14. Well done melim faultless all season.... We are not worthy!!!!!
  15. Thank you Dennis for all your work allthough you are sick! well appreciated!
  16. :( i forgot of park closed! I do race with qualify setup..... that's all!
  17. Quali went fine .1 off pb in p2.Had some illness problems in warmup so wasnt fully ready for race nonetheless i led after a few laps before being overtaken by Pedro and later by allar.So i finished p3 so decent result after few races out.Congrats to teamate Pedro best man won the championship
  18. Congratulations to Melim, well done.

    I also would like to thank Dan for making the broadcast happen today well done.!
  19. Yeah, we always seem to end up fighting for that 5th place :D
    But it was nice and clean today, as always. Good job!

    An grats to Pedro for the Championship!