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Race #11, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. This mod is a ****ing joke thats all. See you in rf2!


    EDIT: Oh yeah, and thanks for waiting! Would have taken literally 30secs!
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  4. I have been waiting for a lot of people today, I simply didn't notice that you were out of the server after moving session (there are a shitload of .rfm mismatch messages, etc).
  5. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage :redface:
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  6. fuuuuuuuuuuu game! Drive thru on the penultimate lap because I didn't let De Jong by quick enough! :mad: Koriala was right behind so I let De Jong catch up more and let him by safely, instead of just braking in the track and I got a f*** drive thru!

    Other than that, hit Tommy's rear in the first lap after unexpected braking coming out the chicane, so lost my front wing, was on my own for the rest of the race short shifting to save my engine! Then Koriala was 2s behind me when De Jong needed to pass, got to a safe point and bam, DRIVE THRU! :( Oh well only lost 1 place I guess! :laugh:

    gg anyway! :thumbsup: Once again another race finished! But with mistakes this time :(
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  7. xD Not much to say about this race. Didn't see that Koriala was so close behind in formation lap and when I slowed down, ofc he crashed to me. After that I had to start from pits and couldn't really catch up because of traffic when I was about to push. Then I just decided to nurse the car home but guess what the engine said? : KABOOOOM! after the second last corner of the whole race.

    That was fun.

    The most annoying part is to get lapped and have the pace between 4th and 5th guy xD
    Better luck next time. Or the time after that. Or the next time of the next time.

    Edit. But these kind of races happen some times. Now i'm having a streak apparently : )))

    Mikko Suokas
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  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Pre-Quali: It was surprisingly easy this time. I was close to my pb.

    Qualifying: Here, I nearly made a new pb. I gained the 14h position while Franz crabbed 9th place, although he dropped 10th after cocking up his lap on q2.

    Formation lap: NOW THIS IS THE PART I HATE THE MOST: I accidentally hit Mikko because he hit the brakes all of sudden, causing me to hit his back. I also wrote "restart" to the comments, but no one answered. I was like FUUUUUU for starting from the pitlane for the first time ever. Mikko didn't apparently get worse damage from my collision, but he lost his rear wing later, so both of us Finns started from the pitlane. Woot. Bye bye, 14th place. :unsure:

    Race: The race was incredibly smooth as it was made by me. I only spun twice or once during the race and lost my front wing just once. After losing it, I requested a pit stop because luckily it was time to pit anyway.

    Shortly after making the pit stop, I got to race with Kore for a short period of time: he spun in front of me and I permanently kept him behind since. And later on, I saw Eziroglou spun in T1, I thought he would let me pass since he had spun, but no: he straightened his car although I was coming, and he hit me in the side. I got some damage, but luckily didn't lose a wing.

    Later, Eziroglou was in front of me, and went wide in the last corner. I thought he would leave enough space for me to pass, but we ended up in a collision once again, with Ezirouglou ending up in the barrier, losing time and his front wing.

    Throughout the race I had to give space for those lapped me, and with just 5 laps remaining, Jonathan was 5 seconds ahead so I tried to go faster, even if I had worn tires. But it ended up with Jonathan leaving to pits, so I overtook him, and I finished 14th. Yes, the same as my starting position if it would've been, but just imagine what race I could've had without starting from the pits! Anyway, overall, I'm happy for finishing another race after Monza :) And congrats for Franz making it to TOP 10 again in quali and race.

    My 3 pit stop strategy was absolutely the right choice, because after every 10 laps of a stint the car began to slide and times began to be slower.

    Also shame that Mikko blew his engine just before making it to the finish :( but our races were ruined up anyway. On a site note it's quite interesting how both Ville and Petar dropped so down in the positions. :O_o:

    Desperately waiting for the Japanese GP :D
  9. Broadcast replay here
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  10. Q1 pb 1.29.1xx Ofcourse happy with that.
    Q2 was right on Petar's time but had a big sideway moment in the final chicane so lost out big time, lucky it was still just 4th on grid with 1.30.1xx wich should have been a 29.4 or 29,5

    Well for race i decided to go with a mayby difficult 4 stop strategy but i felt most happy with a light car around here since my times on a heavier fuel load was way to slow. Ofcourse when seeing Petar's time and finding out in 2nd stint he was to fast for me and no on same strategy i bailed in and moved focus to fight for p2. Had to overtake some guys on track so was fun but in this proces i also lost out a lot of time, a start from front row would have been different ofcourse and the strategy would have worked better i think. Anyway in the end i had to overtake Zoltan Csuti another time for p2, mayby on broadcast this seemed a bit rough but after checking the replay i now know why i locked up under braking and cut across him. His car touched me on the sidepod and that caused my car to be pulled to the left, luckily we both could continue without crashing but it was close. I dont feel it was my fault and luckily i didnt let him pass wich i was thinking about because after checking the replay post race, i know it was not my fault and just a unfortunate racing incident.

    then ofcourse i was p2 with 2 laps to go and somewhere on the final lap i realized i was p1 because Petar DNF. So ofcourse i was happy, a present i happily open for him instead. Earlyer this year he won Valencia when i gave a certain victory away, and now it was the oposite.

    Good start of the weekend for GS and hopefully we can repeat a tripple win from Monza that would be awesome.:D
  11. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Sorry, I finished 15th. My mistake :D
  12. Because my downshifter was broken, I had to use a button as downshifter. Because I didn't have practice with it, I had some double downshift wich ruin my race and q2 lap :( I'm happy with P8 but at last lap P6 was possible. See ya in Suzuka
  13. Oh I wasn't the only one to blow up the engine. :whistling:

    And Tuomas, pretty ironic formation lap. I was joking to you with whisper before start that don't crash to my rear in the start and ofc we crashed already before the start. :roflmao:

    Last time for me to warm up brakes like that. ( Or I don't remember what I was doing exactly. Maybe just lifted. )
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  14. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I saw your whisper, I thought of it as a warning for race, and I ofc knew that formation lap would be safe, but you braked so quickly I couldn't react to it, so I hit your back.

    The German GP was a catastrophe for Finns. We both could've had a better finishing position without the pitlane start. Hopefully we will both get better in Japan :)
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  15. I've got a feeling that Suzuka will be better ;)
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  16. Knowing now that my engine blew up in the end, it's almost better for my mind not to have lost any point position :D That would've sucked. Well anyway end of this story and we'll learn from it.
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  17. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    So Ville, what on earth happened to you? Did your game crash?
  18. Wow what a brilliant race, Chris is really pleased. In 9th with no front wing coming round last corner. Engine blows up, he switches to neutral and rolls the car over the line for 10th. Chris says he had a good weekend and is looking forward to Suzuka, also happy about the commentators words in the broadcast, Hehe.
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  19. Rf2 isnt very good at all - got all the same handling problems of RF1, especially at low speed + the FFB is totally screwed, with zero weight feel - especially for logitech wheels.

    I think FSR should use Assetto Corsa next year.
  20. mo are you joke? rf2 is best game ****s all games lol