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Race 10 - Portimao

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys.

    I was about to make ABRacing's allocations, and it seems i missed the deadline. The deadline is December 15, 2011 at 14:00, but here in Portugal is still 13:03. We got "screwed" by the time-zones. :(

    Is it ok to make the allocation here?
  2. go ahead :)
  3. Ok.

    Team: ABRacing
    Driver #1: Tiago Orfão
    Driver #2: Carlos Costa

    Sorry for the mess...:(
  4. all players, make sure your pc's have digested the big windows update from this afternoon, maybe reboot 15mins before quali.
  5. I taje care of it, no problem.
  6. Link Live Timing???
  7. Words cannot describe what happened there. And the funny thing is some drivers can't understand why they are protested. Well, at least I can uninstall GTR Evo a couple of hours sooner.
  8. Cenothap, sorry, who are you?
  9. Tiago Órfão - ABRacing
  10. Ah OK Thiago, thank you.
  11. 5 or 6 cars out of the race or severely damaged before the start line because 1 guy wanted to win the race on the first lap. :rolleyes:

    Full Report tomorrow.
    Carlos Costa - ABRacing
  12. thats for me... for sure... :D
    yes, i hit the back from Emil before the start/finish line and no, was not wanted to win the race in lap1....
    cars in front accelerate for the start and then going slow down... we need to have an eye a bit everywhere but cant have it everywhere in same time...
    im really sorry to all who was involved in the crash. sry, im not a machine ;) but seems that ABR is impeccable... :D
  13. all we saw on broadcast was a huge grey cloud and a Gumpert flip-flopping through the air and landing upside down on the start and finish line. Glad the ones even behind managed to slip through. Congratulations to all three podium teams, pity the Gubklubben strategy did not work out better, I can see why you gave it a shot.
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  14. Well, that was an enjoyable race. At least the first half. Managed to stay out of the trouble at the start and ended up in p.13 but with a LOT of cars behind me that were faster... some patient and some not so much so my car got a bit banged up, but nothing too serious. I was fighting as much as I can (which is not so much lol) and was steadily dropping back through the ranks... then almost at half point and a few laps before my pitstop I got hit from behind and I totally went into the next corner (turn 4) wrongly, I spun the car hit the barrier and rolled the Zonda. Luckily I could continue but now my car really was banged up and it cost me some speed.

    After the pitstop not too much happened. Unfortunately I spun right in front of the race leaders and Marco hit me, sorry about that but there was nothing I could do... Ended the race in p.18...

    Big congrats to Flatout for another championship! Well deserved! And a very big thank you to the STC organizers!!! Really sad that this might have been the last STC race...
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  15. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain
    Premium Member

    Congrats to FOR,FDR,GBK and all the other teams what have taking part in the STC:). Really enjoyed being part of this championship and loved every minute of it. Thanks to all the staff what made it happen and hopefully see you guys on track soon:D
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  16. LOL Gregory!

    Gregory the NUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. thats right...
  18. Someone needs to make a youtube video of that with the Benny hill music :)
  19. Somehow, it's nice that we only run simulated racing. Otherwise, probably had some of us have been in the hospital or the morgue today.

    It is easy to be a judge after the event but a restart would probably not have been so stupid.
    but my own race report will follow later.
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  20. Well My race report goes like this!

    I had to race as Mikko's interent was playing up(17 laps practice!!)
    So i was quite surpirsed when i nabbed 4th on the grid(first qualy lap)

    Was quite fun at the start, as i could keep with Tyler, even gained on him for a few laps, but just played it safe, as i knew i just needed to finish!

    That's about it really!

    Grats on the win Mike and Flatout champions again! :champagne:

    Grats to everyone who has helped with STC(Eckhart and Andreas :)) and Huge grats to Xose and i suppose David :) for running this league for so many years!
    Hopefully it's not the end of STC
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