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R3E Feedback Time

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Andi Goodwin, May 31, 2013.

  1. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    So you've all been playing for a while , you have new content etc .

    It would be nice to get some general chat + feedback about the game as it is at present , not what modes its missing but whats there now ...

    how you feel the overall performance is , how the cars are balanced , how the ffb is , collisions , graphics etc

    things like the FFB is sh** isnt really feedback ; go into depth about what the issue is and throw some ideas at it on what would make sense ....

    if we can can you keep it to your opinions and not go into a general back and forth discussion about other peoples opinions

    i will do my best to make sure the DEV's read this

    many thanks

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  2. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    so heres some of mine

    Graphics .... personally maxed out i still think its using a little too much resources i would expect a few more fps ... but maybe i need to just buy a better card

    collision model ... it seems good at the moment , no real false collisions , no flying into space after a collision

    FFB firstly like to say that im forever tweaking and i am getting closer to what i want , i still need to find a pointier feeling , sharper as such , at the moment i still feel like it has the edges rounded of ...... a clipping meter /pedal input overlay (dare i say iracing ish ) would help

    Setup options (real feel) i would like to see a few more added , tyre pressures /fuel level and a save setups option so i could have a quali / race setup /tyre choice?

    In Car cockpit view only thing im really missing and this is more for setup than racing is an xd plugin to show engine temps and tyre etc to see if my setup would go the distance (maybe this could be an extra page on the motec display )

    Visual settings id like tpo see a couple of options here .... remove flags from the spectators and the generally discussed topic of marker boards ... maybe an option to have the coloured ones or distance ones

    Tracks in general pretty good here they all feel drivable , id personally like to be punished a bit more for getting it wrong and finishing in the gravel pit (get real mode )

    other stuff id like an export to motec feature .... maybe an app that can run to have your dash on an android /ipad etc device

    well thats just a few things on my side

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  3. we always give a feedback here and raceroom Q&A. But we don't still any reply
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    After 100 different controlsets I really like the FFB now with the T500rs.
    The graphics could be more demanding, I have now 100-130 fps on the highest possible game settings.
    For the rest I agree with Andi
  5. Okay, here are some of my thoughts on the game as it is now.

    Graphics: RRRE runs very smooth on my system as it is but, any further gains in FPS might serve to reduce system heat although, it's not a major issue in my case.

    Collision Model: What's that? I try not to use it :)

    FFB: While our approaches to achieving the best feel may differ wildly, I think that RRRE's FFB is really great - especially where front tire grip loss is concerned and the way I can feel the weight of the car. My only real issue with it is what it took in terms of settings within the Wheel Software to get it to feel that way. It requires a radically different setup in the Logitech pro-filer than that from any other game. That will leave many people with a poor opinion of the FFB and physics in RRRE unless they spend a lot of time and effort to find that perfect setup. There needs to be a better default game FFB profile/setup for those using the Logitech wheels.

    Car Setup: I agree with Andi, additional settings and save feature is badly needed.

    In-Car: The only additions I would like here are to have "Look to Turn" and " Helmet View" option, yes - I know that I can wear a real helmet but, I prefer not to. It's one of the things that I really like about Shift2 and Pcars driving views. Yes, I know that makes me unusual, one-in-a-million, etc.

    Sound: What can I say, I'm obviously a very aural person. I think that RRRE has started a kind-of sound revolution of sorts in terms of raising the bar in replay sounds. IMO, iRacing has already raised the bar another notch beyond by increasing the volume and raspy exhaust noise during departure where the cars have the new exterior sound samples. The results are very convincing - especially where the reverb is very noticeable, such as pit-lane. Pcars is making some good progress in this area and AC is said to have new code to support similar features with impressive downshift/backfire sound improvements. RRRE is very good but, may be falling behind now that the other titles are addressing the replay sounds and hopefully, these can be improved even more in the future.

    Some of the interior/exterior engine samples could be improved as well, particularly the BMW Z4. The Z4 engine samples also tend to have a little noticeable looping. Overall, I like the gearbox sounds. The McLaren exterior sound suffers from some whispy intake or compression noise that is out of balance and can be heard from far away but, the exhaust sound is good. I think that the amount of gear-wobble could be increased in some cars.

    More options to adjust the track-side sounds to our liking would be nice.

    Tracks: Distance markers, personally - I kind of like the color coded system as it is but, I also understand the point of those that would rather have them more realistic. Ideally, the option to choose would be great. Another immersion killing aspect is that of off-track rhythmic bouncing that occurs when one ventures onto the path less traveled. It's just too consistent, there needs to be more randomness and variation to the bumps - I know, getting picky here.

    Visuals: I think its in the works (driving moods?) but, the inclusion of varied lighting scenarios would be welcomed to provide more variety in racing conditions.

    Thank you Andi, for asking for our input. I hope some of it is useful.
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  6. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    i understand your frustration , but im very loud so i think the input may be useful

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  7. Overall this is currently my fav sim out of pCars / rF2 / AC. However AC looks like it may win depending on the AI

    • Performance is good on my machine
    • think reflections should be a little clearer on the cars
    • Corner markers - please give an option to put them into normal format. The current ones are horrendous and make a great looking sim look awful
    • In replays it may be nice to have some things out of focus (like the TV)
    • Differing time of day would be nice to add atmosphere
    • Have to put the effects on LOW to get the feel I want but then I think I lose the rumble of the curbs. Would be nice to have artificial curb rumble as a separate option
    • After driving several race cars IRL I still think this sim is close to the real deal
    • Would prefer a little more throttle on over steer as this seems a little tame with zero traction control
    • would be good to re-implement brake temps
    • Different traction on grove vs off groove would also be nice
    • I think the wheels should lock up easier under heavy braking
    Menus / Shell
    • I hated the menus to start with but I'm OK with them now. Still prefer GTR2 type menus but I can live with the current ones
    • Need to be able to see:-
      • Tyre temps
      • Brake temps
      • historic lap times with splits
      • Fuel
      • button to take you to MoTeC with an export of the data or simple in game telem
    • Still seem to be slow down the straights - guess this is an adaptive AI thing so as long as we have a slider in the final version.
    • Would be good to have separate AI strength by Car class & track
    • Far to little damage for collisions in the game - multiplier need to be much higher

    • I personally don't mid the cost vs the pleasure I get from the game but it is expensive. All paint schemes should come with a car purchase
    • Would like a couple of open wheel cars please
    Web Connection
    • Its very frustrating when I lose connection and the game just cuts in the middle of a session. As I play off-line, I would like a system where by the game chks every so often (min once per week for example) I'm legal but not every second. Obviously if I'm buying content I would need to be online
    • Very annoying the .plr is encrypted - please let us edit it
    • Like to turn on and off my own pit lane speed limiter
    • Want to start the car manually when you get put in it
    Wish list
    • Wet weather
    • Marbles / leaves
    • Helmet view
    • GPL cars
    I'll add other bits as they come to mind :)
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  8. Don't have the game yet,
    but I HATE those corner markers! :thumbsdown:
  9. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    thanks for your feedback ... fairly useless but thanks anyway ...(you do know the base package is free?)

  10. I think you should let them respond to the Q&A session before giving them anything else to think about :rolleyes:
  11. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    they will , but this helps me as well ..; and helping me helps you and them .

    but it be nice if you had the gamer that you could take the time to give feedback as many changes have happened since the release of the game

  12. Fairly useless I know :) , I'm usually not one for nitpicking but this detail just irritates me in a game like this. I also know that the base is free but the base doesn't interest me at all and the game is in a too early stadium for me to start playing it already.
  13. Good:
    Interface (i like it),
    FFB (maybe needs a few tweaks here and there),
    Graphics (not as taxing as some would like but they want as big an audience as possible - not just the £2000 PC brigade!),
    Competitions (although giving prizes to random entrants as well as the Aliens would be a nice touch),
    Some very good licences and nice cars and tracks so far.

    Content pricing (£5 for 1 track? Really! For the price of a few tracks you can buy a whole game),
    vRP (just give us it in real money eh?),
    lack of variety (at this moment in time),
    lack of input/feedback from Devs on the question of MP, SP and pricing etc.

    I know i grumble about the pricing all the bloody time, but some of us aint loaded, have bills to pay and kids to feed. I don't mind paying for things if i feel i am getting good value, but for me this doesn't represent good value.
    And the first person to say "well look money x time spent on track/in car = good value" should be ban hammered. No for some of us whose game time is no more than an hour a day paying these prices is a big risk.

    I'm not one to criticise the handling or such like as if its good its good, and if not we all move on to the next one. But the handling and FFB so far are great fun (a word often lacking when it comes to our hobby these days).
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  14. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    This is something I don't like either. I really wanted to give this a go after having played the beta a lot but the pricing model didn't seem reasonable to me. It would've cost me too much, in my opinion, to get a few tracks and cars I like and those few would've only covered half of what I liked.

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  15. I've just had a quick count and to buy all the content (excluding skins) is well over 8000 vRP.
    Now you get 5000 vRP for £38.39.
    Which means you would have to buy 5000, 2000 and 1100 vRP for all or most of the content. Thats £38.39+16.79+9.59= £64.77.
    Shocking amount of money to pay for any game. And by drip feeding content they know people will buy buy buy.
    If they released it all in one in the form of a box retail game with what there is now content-wise at that price it would rightly be laughed into obscurity.
    People only defend the prices saying "you can pick what you want". Yes, but you can also pick what you want from the dozens of cars and tracks in other games and you have already paid for them!
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  16. anthony monteil

    anthony monteil
    Sector3 Studios

    I didn't see you message earlier but I guess you will be happy to know that the BMW Z4 and Mc Laren GT3 got some complete new sounds (both internal and external) and they will be available in the next build (hopefully at the end of June)

    A few new other things have been improved in the sound department aswell, like the external turbo gearshifts. Hope you will like it ;)
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  17. Thanks Anthony. After visiting the Sachsenring last weekend to watch the ADAC GT Masters, i can't wait to hear the new sounds. My memory is quite fresh for a comparison. ;)
  18. Hi Anthony - that's great news, I look forward to hearing those. Thanks for the info and as always, we are glad to hear things being further improved in RRRE.
  19. Keith_G

    Premium Member

    I am having a lot of fun with the game overall. I'm not really critical about the graphics so they seem to be just fine for me. I like to setup cars and try to improve their performance and so far this is like a "magical mystery tour" in this game. Need more info (telemetry) so that I can see what I am doing wrong. I assume this will come with time but make sure it is as real as you can make it so that it really effects the car. At the moment I don't notice that much difference with extreme settings ( set bump and bounce from 6 to 1 or 11 and it doesn't seem to effect car that much). Maybe that is just me.
    -- Are the competitions and the regular driving the same? When I drive the P4/5 in the competition the FFB and steering are smooth. When I do the same with car and track I have bought the steering is very notchy and not as smooth. Are they the same?
  20. Peter

    who cares Premium Member


    It's good that there is no 11/11 bug like the F1 series.:)
    As for the ffb, I never noticed a difference between competition and track test.