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Question re rFactor?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mike Hill, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. I have been getting my PC upgraded recently, and beforehand I have had GTR evo and I really enjoy the game. However, I have not really looked into rfactor much. Is it worth getting as well as evo? what are the pro's and cons for each?

    I would seriously consider running both games if it is worthwhile, and would value your opinions?

  2. rFactor is a great game, especially for the Mods available for it.

    I'm not going to say 1 is better than the other, they both have good and bad qualities.

    Seeing as you can pick up rFactor new for less than £10 on eBay, why not get it and give it a go. Plus you'll open up a whole new bunch of events to participate in via the rFactor racing club. :good:
  3. Thanks for that. I appreciate that you didnt go for the "one is better than the other" option, as that wasnt what I was looking for. Though it would be nice to know in which areas rFactor excels, and in which areas it isnt quite so good - if you know what I mean!?
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Biggest benefit for rF: you have thousands of free mods out there (cars, tracks, utilities etc) that you can download and install. It has an active community to improve the basic game.

    Biggest benefit for Evo: spot on series default in the game, good quality tracks and cars. Always up to date because of steam and hardly mismatches. But less mod friendly as rFactor is.

    I am sure you will not regret purchasing rFactor next to Evo. Many of our members drive both.
  5. Personally, I think rFactor is better than GTR Evo. Better graphics, more mods, more tracks, more leagues. Some of the mods are equivalent to having an entirely different game! GTR Evo is good for online though, and it's quite easier.

    I'd most definitely suggest getting rFactor, I'm sure you will like it.
  6. Yup rfactor is a definite buy imo. You can race with 30 plus players with no lag, I have alot of other sims but rfactor is the most stable online.
  7. I recently got rfactor after playing GTR Evo a lot, they do both have different strengths, I definitely dont regret getting rfactor, and would recommend anyone with GTR adds it to their collection - when you first un the game it can seem a little basic, persevere and dont be put off by this. Add a few mods and it comes alive - also rfactor seems to load and run much faster with higher graphics settings than GTR for me, not that there necessarily superior, just that GTR seems to tax my system performance so much more than Rfactor - Listen at me I sound like I'm falling for Rfactor!!! I think like others you'll end up likeing them both equally broardening the number of events you can enter is always a good thing.
  8. As Steve is really hard advertising for rF I have a question :) :

    I know that for GTRE, because if Steam, it is a problem to buy used versions. How is this with rF. I had a look at ebay where they sell used versions. I guess the updates (I am not talking about mod, really program updates) are for free, are they?
  9. Yes they are free m8:good:
  10. Installed the demo... hmmmm... not all impressed. Could live with the fact that the graphics are not super, but was taking the GT type car to the Nürburgring. Felt a little bit like driving on drugs!

    I guess the physics is ok, but just from the view, it seemed not to be correct, in terms of what you see, the outside world seemed to move significantly slower than it was...

    Guess I will leave it out.
  11. Dietmar, the problem was that you were using one of the stock cars with the game - with the full game people don't use those cars, they will use some of the better mods off here. rFactor gets much better once you take an F1 car out or drive around LeMans in a GT40.
  12. I can share an opinion :)

    + lots of mods
    + lots of players have it
    - graphics
    - FFB without proper plugins
    - feeling of teh grip of the car
    - no wet weather effect
    - no rubbering of the track effect

    + graphics
    + physics -> feeling of the car + FFB
    + wet weather effect
    + rubbering of the track effect
    + some good mods (like GTR2 conversion to GTREvo)
    - less popular
    - less mods (or paid mods like STCC or GTREvo for RACE)

    I drive both - rF for leagues and GTREvo just for fun (couldn't find any league free of charge in GTREVO).
  13. Racedepartment?
  14. I downloaded the demo of rfactor to see if I could get it to run decently on my old laptop(while I save money to build a PC) and I was able to get between 30-60 fps running at medium to low settings. However since the game is pretty mod heavy(and I hear performance varies from mod to mod). Can I expect decent performance from some of the mods like F1, E90 wtcc, bangers, minis and PCC? My system specs are: AMD Turion 2.0ghz processor Ati 9800 mobility 128mb 1gb ram I just want to know if I can expect to run some of the mods at 30fps with those specs(and lower settings) until I'm able to build myself a new pc, or if I should just wait for the upgraded pc to get the game.
  15. you may have to adjust your settings a little on some mods but when i RMA`d my card i ran rFactor with my on-board graphics :good:

    you may run into a bit of stuttering with the banger racing as you`ll get a lot of debris on track :shock:
  16. Makes sense about the banger racing, good to know I can run the mods decently with the right settings though, I'm going to have to activate my demo soon. Does anyone know of a good resource for getting started with rfactor as far as setting up realfeel and mods and such?
  17. rfactorcentral

    i wouldnt bother with realfeel, i had it for ages and it does need setting up a lot now i use the Rac07 settings totaly transformd my FFB :)

    enjoy your new game and hope to see ya on track soon :fwd:
  18. Did you actually try to install a mod in the demo? I am considering this for testing purpose.
  19. tut tut i still cant believe you are still unsure about getting this, i can understand that with rF2 due out this year it might put some of buying rF. but you`ve got a spare 10 euros or so check out the special edition copys on flebay
    you wount be sorry :good:
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