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Project CARS official moderators are mad with power

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by eobet, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. I've been critiquing Project CARS mostly inside the Assetto Corsa thread on their official forums, and for that, I was banned (either that or the posts with me wondering why, in two years, nothing had still been done to the grass rendering), which is simply silly.

    But not only that, I've now also been banned from their Steam forums by posting this:

    Apparently I need to "learn what a critique is", yet on their own forums, whenever someone mentions the lack of feeling, everyone just replies "oh, but you just wait for the new physics", which in itself is an implicit admission of what I'm saying!

    I think this is what happens when you give people moderation power who are too heavily invested in something and therefor can't take a step back and see things from a wider perspective. Living in a bubble is never healthy...

    Also, I dish out similar critique to both iRacing and Assetto Corsa, and nobody on those forums even bats an eye, which is as it should be. If all feedback they want in a forum are from yes sayers, then their product will be inferior in the end.
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  2. I thought you were only on a warning like a type of probation which a number of forums actually do so they just don't ban people outright. That means you were given a chance and a reason why you were given a warning and urged to change the types of dialog that got you the warning in the first place. If you did in fact continue with the type of tone that got you into that position the next act is to ban you. There are a few that have gotten warnings and chilled out until the warning is lifted and going forward have ended up getting more warnings. Thing is they knew when to chill out. As for your case I don't know all the details and was not aware you received the ban. As for our moderators they do a great job of keeping the peace and maintain a civil and positive environment. Sorry it happened to you but such is life take care and I look forward to seeing you in the MP sessions when the game officially releases.
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  3. These were the two last posts I made:

    And some people disagreed with me and some people agreed, as it should be.

    And note how I dish it out both to AC and Project CARS. I don't discriminate when critique is warranted.

    Also, you won't see me in the MP when the game is released, because unless it ends up in the bargain bin, of course I won't buy it now, and neither will I recommend any of my friends to buy it, and instead actively urge them to get AC instead (and naturally do the same on all forums I post on... unless Project CARS drastically improves its feeling with those "new physics" everyone was talking about, but as it stands now, how will I ever know, so I guess I'll stick to recommending AC).
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  4. Well, you're dead wrong imo. Formula Truck 2013 & Game Stock Car 2013 are well worth to buy. And even gives you more value for the money than early access AC atm, imo again.
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  5. From what I can see, they take no poop in the AC forums either.
    You have to try a bit harder on the internet when communicating, lots of subtle things missing when communicating in text and not to mention language barriers.
    Just a little more effort required by some.
  6. If you go on a Forum that is made for the one thing i.e a specific game, football team, spray tan... and then start saying don't **** buy it buy something else/support another team this one is ****.... What do you think is gonna happen? You get a Gold Star?
    The naivety of some people beggars belief!

    If i was to 'critique' AC by saying "Car X feels strange with my settings Y" then that fair game. But if i said "Car X is ****. Everybody buy PCARS!" i would expect admonishment!

    Mod edit
    Censored swears out of post. Please keep it decent ok.... No need for swearing.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 8, 2014
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  7. Yes I ended up going back for a look and I think the post where you called out a moderator and a developer in the same post is what did it sorry to say.
    Not up to me and I am sorry to see anyone go. Again I hope you enjoy the game when released.
  8. Well, as you can see, I did no such thing.

    That post is what I got a warning for, and I think both people I called out were moderators (the only SMS developer posting in that thread was someone doing interfaces, unless I'm mistaken).

    Again, there is no chance now that I'm going to buy the game on release. :)
  9. No it was an SMS employee and a forum moderator. Anyway that's done and over no need to dwell on it really. Also your point is clear that there are other titles that are more engaging for you which is all good but if you are like me and curiosity plays big roll in your choices I suspect you will give the final game a try if not buying it outright we are sim junkies and new software is our fix!
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  10. As usual, SMS/WMD move to silence any negative members of their forums/working area. Eobet, remember, because you paid to be an alpha/beta minion, you virtually signed a contract of work that states you must only praise the game or go. That's how it is. Ask for your investment back.

    Edit: I wonder how many fanboys and WMD/SMS creeps will now make comment.? Lets see.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
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  11. ONT


    LOL .....I see Ben Collins and Nic Hamilton criticize pinpointed parts of pCARS on a weekly basis :)

    And I see lots of members including me be outspoken on things we don't like,

    but we don't get in to personal insults with the devs.

    But it's amusing to see the very persistent vitriol against pCARS from You.

    I don't contribute much with the project (working to much), but I hope it turns out OK for pCARS

    I would not be happy if my INVESTMENT went south (30$ I think it is lol).
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  12. Andy, your nervous tick is creeping through again ...
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  13. I wondered how long it would be before someone from the WMD/SMS camp trolled this thread for a reaction.

    Nice one Chris.:rolleyes::poop:
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2014
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  14. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium


    With that being said: please keep it civilized, thanks. :)

  15. Well you're such an easy target x
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  16. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    So if you'd have class you wouldn't pick on him then, right? Then you'd wait for people to match your level of expertise, knowledge and general awesomeness.

    In other words: stop it or I'll make you stop.


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  17. Go ahead Tom. Do I get a refund?
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  18. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Not at all, especially if you can't even follow common rules of courtesy and get infuriated by the mere request to follow them.

    It really isn't that hard not to insult - openly or not - people.

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  19. Ok - well if you seriously think Andy is offended or deeply hurt by what must be a cruel personal attack from me, then of course I can only apologise. Very surprised though. And it's somewhat ironic. Andy, were you offended?
  20. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    It's not about what he thinks or feels. We've had enough trouble with pCars threads in the past, so this ends here. No more discussions about how this is being handled. We have our reasons but they don't concern you, you're merely bound to two things:

    - following the rules
    - following a moderators directive

    Any questions? PM.