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PC Project Cars honeymoon over?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by jimortality, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. jimortality


    It's been out 5 weeks now and If like me, you've maybe given up on this title? I know we all piled in there at the beginning, hoping for that something but after hours and hours of tweaking, crashes online, frame stutter and goodness knows what else! I've lost the desire to actually start the game, knowing that it'll be straight into the settings. I've started playing R3RE lately and yes I thought no way was I going to spend hours again tweaking when the gave us another update. Thankfully, I've been hotlapping with my bud @Bez and within 2 sessions I'd got the ffb somewhere near. Anyway, back to Pcars and the latest patch comes out with expectation and by the sounds of it, it's not too good. I will give it another go tonight but with all the furore on here and endless tweaking, plus all the endless drivel on the official forum it's kind of dampened the whole Pcars experience for me personally. I was a console gamer for many many years and when I switched to PC a couple of years ago, I thought it was great and what a great bunch of people. When Pcars was released, I saw a very different side to the community that I hadn't seen before especially on here. So, how is Pcars for you after 5 weeks? have you moved on? are you still loving it as of day one? Has the patch made it all good for you? Let me know how you're feeling and please, don't start flaming, trolling or anything else. Cheers guys.
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  2. PaulH


    So, how is Pcars for you after 5 weeks? Its decent, not great like I expected(hype train :confused:), will jump in on a few club races now and again
    Have you moved on? Yes, R3E is the sim I'm concentrating on now, for me its right up there with the best
    Are you still loving it as of day one? Hated it on day 1, FFB was/is a nightmare, after hours & hours messing with FFB instead of trying to enjoy the game, but once I had a decent road feel I did enjoy the club races we have here at RD
    Has the patch made it all good for you? Nope, the AI race I tried at bathurst, about 3/4 AI cars just drove over the grass at T1 :confused:, thought they were sorting that, haven't tried multiplayer since patch.
    Anyway, I will still jump in the odd club race and I do like the Le mans races, it has its place but not no.1 for me ;)
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  3. Yapci


    Unistalled it 2 weeks ago. Maybe try 1.4 but...maybe buy Stock car extreme and keep playing AC and then SCE...
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  4. Whew! Where to begin...
    FFB - I am happy where it is and I get a good sense of what the car is doing with the ability to react and control the car reasonably. It's fun to drive and challenging as well. Getting the FFB back to where I like it is thanks to this community and guys like @bmanic and @Kurupt CDN

    Visuals - I enjoy them but I run a fairly powerful machine so that helps a lot. The weather and day/night transitions are top notch and set it apart from the other sims.

    The patch - so far I have noticed that it fixed one thing: the handling of the Lotus 72D. The car is actually drivable now. MP is still very very troubled. There may be other improvements that I just haven'y seen yet. I haven't encountered a bug jump start penalty or a massive time penalty since the patch, so that is some progress. I have only run a few SP races but I suspect that until AI performance in the rain is improved running a SP career is pointless. A game breaker for many/most.

    NetCode - it's horrible, and is a problem at the very start of MP races. Particularly with a field of more than, let's say, 25 cars. Cars are wrecked when being placed on the grid. They are never removed from the track if people quit out. Some cars are invisible which leads to people who avoided the initial pile up getting caught out when they come around to complete lap one. I believe the NetCode was the cause of the bugged jump starts and the ridiculous off track penalties. This is the game breaker for most, I think.

    The only solutions for this NetCode problem is to avoid using damage. At least without damage on an unintentional tap doesn't lead to disaster. But, that defeats the purpose of even having damage.

    One thing I believe is a problem: the quality of connection that a user has. It's a mystery to me how much this effects the MP experience but it's gotta be a huge factor.

    Have I moved on? - No. Not completely. I will still get on pCars regularly but I am also getting back to R3E. Some advice has helped me with the FFB there. Besides, now that the Dedicated Servers are up I expect that there is going to be some very good RD club racing going on. I am also trying to get into GSCE. Just have to get the proper wheel settings and I may do some club racing there.

    It hasn't lived up to the hype but there is a very good sim in there somewhere. I have enjoyed some very good MP races.

    They (SMS) have lots more work to do but I will still support them, just like I continue to support S3S, but they better hurry up and address some of these issues because there is plenty of competition out there. They do have the console market, but they have someone hot on there tails - KUNOS. I guess a lot of people (devs) need to step up their game because the SIM racing market is filling up and I guess that's a good thing for SIM Racers everywhere.
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  5. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    The only real issue I had were the AI, was happy with the FFB and graphics and still enjoying the game
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  6. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I'm beginning to get a little jaded with pcars,but that's down to the hours iv'e put into it rather than frustration.Iv'e found ffb that works for me and the AI problems have never really troubled me.I also like the physics,which to my unprofessional opinion feel up there with AC.But RF2 is a different ball game,as is gsce.The patch has improved the Lotus 72,but i'm still losing my setups between sessions.
    The official forum for pcars is a disgrace,and their are members on there that should know better.RRe seems to be shaping up nicely and i'm spending more time on it,and it sure looks and sounds fantastic.I just need to get the ffb dialed in a little more(Tips please:thumbsup:).And I finally have a headset Jim.:)
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  7. Ive put in 51 hours and come to the conclusion its ok, its fun enough, can at times offer fun racing but it falls short of the likes of AC,GSCE,R3E,rfactor2 and iracing for pure driving racing feeling via physics and ffb.
    Its all subjective ofcourse but to me it doesnt feel as good as any ive mentioned.
    Still installed, still go back to it every few days to see if i can reignite some love and see if it feels any better.
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  8. Love it, everything else has been gathering dust since its release, as far as i am concerned it beats all other sims hands down in every way, and it will only get better with the continual patching to fix issues and add features.
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  9. I like your positive attitude.:thumbsup:
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  10. It will be a while before I play this game again. Tried to have a good attitude about it, however, there are way too many niggles to deal with. What irks me most are the seemingly simple things that weren't implemented, or doesn't work right.
    I'm sure I'll pick it up again eventually, but not in the near future. Patch or no.
    The game was definitely not a release candidate. Beta 1.0 if anything
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  11. Played over 400 hours in the last 3+ years and even though I enjoy Asetto Corsa & rFactor2 (not as much) I agree with F1aussie that this is the best feeling race game/sim I have played in many years - not since GTR & GT Legends have I enjoyed racing so much. Dialling in the FFB is a pain in the butt but once done I think it works. I have tried R3E and just couldn't feel it plus it lacked atmosphere and iRacing just felt too slippery and icey as if they wanted it to be unrealistically difficult. Horses for Courses I guess !
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  12. I gave up on the game weeks ago, the reason I got it was to enjoy the much hyped career mode, the title's main selling point.

    Unfortunately the AI unbalancing and general behaviour ruins it. Plus the FFB is still a ballache to setup and still doesn't feel as good as the established sims. But to be honest if I want a sim to just drive for pure driving experience, there are other titles with better behaviour & ffb, but I wanted a career/championship experience with weather/pitstops and fair AI, but this isn't possible.

    Does the game have a custom championship mode where you set all options, car classes/types, tracks yourself? Can't seem to find it...
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  13. It does not. I, for one, am hoping there will be one added.
  14. My bad wrong thread
  15. To answer the original question:

    As expected, I've been driving pCARS for years but I haven't been driving "this" pCARS for as long. What I mean by that is during development, things changed monthly, weekly and/or daily. Things were broken for long periods of time, things weren't implemented for long periods of time. What everyone who purchased pCARS has today is a lot different (in a good way) than what the WMD community had for most of the 3+ years it was in development. With that, it's like a new title to me so I'm enjoying what little time I'm able to use it.

    I'm looking to get started into some leagues now as public racing is really hit or miss right now. Hopefully as more fixes come in the multiplayer department, more leagues continue to open up.
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  16. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    I still like it for its online racing , looks and overall feel. Could be better, but im not parting way and will attendclub races.
  17. Still on a long honeymoon. Learning to work around some of her quirks. Just waiting for her to learn to do things like stop squeezing the toothpaste in the middle. Still loving her lingerie. I'm confident things will improve.

    I'm fine with the FFB after using the Tweaker files.
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  18. I really want to like the game, truly I do, but the amount of bugs still remaining combined with the slow pace at which fixes are coming (and the fact that most of the fixes do little to nothing) has turned this from a game I want to turn on every day to something I boot up when there's a patch and see it anything is fixed.

    Also, the incredibly rabid fanbase on Steam and the official forum are incredibly off-putting. Any time you mention something wrong with the title you are just inundated with huge amounts of 'NO YOU'RE WRONG' over and over.

    Either way once the bugs are fixed I can see this being a good pick up and play racing game, but as it stands now I can't even recommend it to friends anymore. Here's hoping they put the PC version in a separate 'space' as the console version and start pushing fixes quicker.
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  19. Personally I love the game. Yes it has had issues and bugs (quite a few but some have been quite funny) but I can't stop playing it (Played Driveclub and that is total s**t compared to project CARS)

    A few problems

    - AI can travel a lot faster on gravel and grass than I can

    - Pitstops are totally bugged at times

    - AI can be stupid to say the least


    Apart from that, I love the game and I think there's a lot more to come
  20. I'm playing Farming Simulator 2015 to tide me over. :DI haven't raced in weeks. Shame, as I was becoming competitive. I have a couple Lamborghini tractors! No, really, I do.:thumbsup:
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