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Problems with my steering wheel (Not again...)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, May 26, 2013.

  1. I have a Thrustmaster T500 RS, with the F150 Italia replica.

    This started happening to me in Australia but I didn't care too much because just happened once during the race but now is much worse :s.

    While I'm changing gears, sometimes change twice, so i'm for example in gear 2 and then I'm in 4th (in monaco happened 12 times in 59 laps). But today... Today was changing from 1st to 5th and then from 5th to 7th :O_o:.

    Obviously I can't run like this... Gonna try to call Thrustmaster to try solving the problem but I think that this will take time...

    My question is: Does anyone know a solution to this? cause doing 52 laps around Canada in 1st, 5th and 7th isn't confortable at all for just getting 10 misarable points -_-.
  2. You should try this .PLR setting

    Repeat Shifts="1" // 0 = no repeat shift detection, 1 = detect and eliminate accidental repeat shifts within 100ms, 2 = 150ms, 3 = 200ms, 4 = 250ms, 5 = prevent shifting again before previous shift is completed

    Your wheel problem sounds serious though, this might not be enough to prevent it.
  3. Im alrerady with Repeat shifts="2" and it's happening...

    If I put number "5" the porblem disapears while upshifting, but I can't downshift...

    Gonna call Thrustmaster and praise running on sunday :s
  4. Praise Thrustmaster for not learning anything, they keep putting in these cheap switches that break down when you look at it.:roflmao:

    You might wanna think about it to get the buttons replaced by high end switches however you will loose waranty ofcourse. I asume that the wheel is not older then a year yet.
  5. Just 3 months old....

  6. Yes but how you can change the shifter connecting it into the wheel?
  7. You wheel is double shifting ? Thats problem on EVRY Thrustmaster wheel..My shifters died after 2month,and that happend also to Chris de Jong on 4 different wheels... :( Thats thrustmaster :mad:

  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Maybe FSR should change its main sponsor to Logitech soon enough? :D
  9. It's a shame, I send them an email this afternoon and tomorrow I will call... Im not sure asking for a refound or for 40 shifters.... (Think that if i Broke 2 shifters per 3 months I will need 8 shifters per year omg).

    I don't know why the life of my steering wheel are so short... DFGT 7 months, G27 2 months (sended to logitech and change it but with a lot of troubles with the company ¬¬), 8 months later same problem with the G27 the PC/PS3 doesn't detect the G27. Now the T500 RS...

    When is gonna be designed a Wheel that won't fail anytime omg...

    Do I have to design it by myself?:roflmao:
  10. Kevin, the simraceway quick release mod is far to be good if test it and its horrible in my opinion... The feedback from the T500 RS is much better than the G27...
  11. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Kevin, just call me Tuomas ;)
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  12. BTW, gonna use the only steering wheel that I never broke...[​IMG]
    I used this one for playing F1 2003 when I was 9 years old :roflmao:
  13. just hope that I can select the Non Repair Damages option this time with this Steering wheel :thumbsup:
  14. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Even though you prefer Thrustmaster, it's good you have a Logitech reserve wheel to save the day, right? :roflmao:
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  15. Just hope not having a failure while racing. :roflmao:

    Do you remember the vid that I posted 2 weeks ago a vid where the Steering wheel stopped working while I was training? Imagine this in a race... (Well not difficult to imagine, just look Grosjean and Maldonado's race :D:roflmao:)
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  16. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I would say it would be the wheel's fault then, not yours. Although Maldonado did nothing wrong, Grosjean probably did it on purpose, saying, "the wheel did not correspond." :roflmao:
  17. Saying "I don't buy anything from this of from that" is a bit unfair, as there are different wheels with different qualities (and prices) from almost every manufacturer. Personally I know quite a lot of people using the T500 RS and most of them are very happy with it. Certainly it's much better than any Logitech wheel (and more expensive, too). The older Thrustmaster wheels were more low-quality for instance, so it's normal if they used more cheap components.

    What is the best wheel, that depends on your budget. The SRW addon is just like playing with the G27, as it has the same internals, only the rim changes (and the quick release system). But at the end, if you can spend more money, wheels like the T500 RS or the Fanatec CSW are much better than the classic Logitechs, doesn't matter what addons do they have.

    And if money isn't a problem, this monster is the best option avaiable :D : http://www.simsteering.com/products.html
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  18. Out of range :D

    No BTW I think that the feedback of the T500 RS is much better than the G27, but you will agree me that its a bit disappointing having this problem with just 3 month old.
  19. It´s all about how you treat your equipment, you have to love and take care of it :p I never had such bad luck with my steeringwheels (using my G25 for 4 years already) but I wouldn´t say it´s depending on the manufacturer. I read lots of people have problems with fanatec wheels not working well as well as Logitech wheels failing. Afterall what we use are still toys, and for the prices we pay the quality can´t be the best ;) (unless you buy what David linked here, or something similar) In case of continuous problems with a shifter like this I think it´s worth checking the insights of the wheel and replacing the buttons with some higher quality ones, usually that´s not a very difficult job if you don´t have 2 left hands, it will cost you a few Euro at max and save a lot of time compared to waiting for getting a replacement wheel sent.