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Post Race Chat Thread Season 6 Race 1 Silverstone

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Graham Healey, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Disappointing race for me after a good showing in the practice race.

    After a decent start from the back I was chasing Kurt into Abbey and tried to make a pass. Unfortunately I don't think Kurt saw me and we touched and I turned over. The car righted itself after skidding along upside down. Luckily my head took the hit and the car was drivable afterwards. Sorry for being too impatient Kurt. Thanks for the good racing afterwards.

    I was still optimistic for a decent race, but I span twice on exiting Club and lost a lot of time and was back at the rear of the field. Was still going alright up to the pit stop. A couple of laps after the pitstop I got a blue flag as I passed the pits. I slowed near the pit exit but no one came! I guess a leader was in the pit, but I thought someone was behind me. Then as I approached Maggots much too slow a whole load of guys caught me up. I had no choice but to pull off the track.
  2. I'm also very disappointed with my race. I could not find rhythm until after lap 30, by then it's far too late. Also made a horrible mistake in the pitlane, driving far far far past my box and reversing backwards to get back. Hope I didn't get in anyone's way!
  3. i am dissapointed and happy :|

    qualy p 3 - bad time .. but p3 i was a bit wondering :)

    my race p3....

    i want to cancel my first lap !!! .... Position 22 i think....
    after this lap i can go my speed thanks 4 the guys they let me pass ! .. joined on p6 after my stop and i have a nice battl with my idol reik :) great ... but then he has an accident with fabian ... im on 4 ... wow i think hold it .. 10 laps before end alex spins in 3rd sector and iam entered p3 ! Awesome ... want to see my race without this lap !

    alex pushed me the last 5 laps very hard .. but it was a fair and nice battle !!

    thanks 4 the race ... FPES ia a very nice league .. more of this pls ... but cancel my first lap .-)

    cya on my homegrandprix in germany ur welcome :p

    sry 4 my school english :-/
  4. I was wondering how you could end up behind me Christian!
  5. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    great qual, great race, very happy with the result with so little time spent in the last month.

    i definatly think next race we should just go for it instead of the practise starts, people dont act the same during a make believe start, they are more willing to push it, and the amount of them we had tonight done nothing but hinder the situation, everyone was too tense to get it right, the amount of drop outs due to connections didnt help Nico's situation either, hopefully next time we can either just go for it and trust that everyone starts fine or have 1 practise start.

  6. This is how I remember it before reviewing it :)

    I didn't make a super lap in qualy (0,75 off my pb) and started 20th. I keept on the tail of the car ahead (Valerio) of me and stuck to it untill we both pitted after 23 laps. I was only a few meters behind Vale down the pit lane.

    I lost a second or 2 when I stopped 1,5 meters shy of my box. Then, when the pit guys were changing my tyres, I wasn't able to ignite my engine... need to check those button settings. So I lost maybe 2 seconds there as well. I had added 77 liters of fuel and as I left the pits Valerio was nowhere to be seen. I was in 13th I think.

    Now I had Andy on my tail, and there he stayed untill half through the stint he again was 0,2 sec behind me approaching t1, I felt the sum of all his tries to pass I might have been a bit wide... hard to tell, but I decided to leave space for him on my inside, resulting in me going a bit wide and letting Andy past. I tried to keep Andy's tail, but he was ever so slightly faster than me. With 6 laps left or so I was 1,8 or something behind Andy, I oversteered in the exit of Brooklands to laps in a row, allowing Valerio to pass me. I was able to get back on Valerio's tail, but not to pass him, and the race ended the way it started, behind Valerio :)

    Two things:
    1: I was one of the guys that let Christian pass uncontested. This was in my own interest as I would only lose time defending and probably lose Vale's tail. Also it gave me the chance to hang onto Christian as long as possible, using his slip stream to equal the difference in pace. This didn't work for very long :)

    2: My pedals slipped too far under my desk towards the end of the race. this took away focus from my driving and indirectly caused my two offs at Brooklands. It is not an excuse, but it is something I will learn from and make sure will not happen next time :D

    BTW: The results are out:
  7. Practice Start 1 : run a little too much on the inside at T1, nearly hit Bob. Apart from that, it was OK.
    PS 2 : no problem.
    PS 3 : it seems some drivers forgot their braking spot at Vale!
    Qualify : 14th.
    I reached my PB with a brand new qual setup. Didn't test it before, but was happy with that.
    Race : 8th
    Not a very good start. Reik was fantastic in lap 1. I managed to catch his slipstream in the straight but was too slow at Stowe and Vale to stay in range. I made 2 mistakes in my first stint : one at Copse in lap 4 (a 360, hopefully without consequence for Cristian, Jim and Sean who passed me at this moment), and another one at Stowe in lap 13 while Christian passed me (I put two wheels on the grass and braked). The second stint was quieter, until I noticed Reik was a few seconds in front of me. I pushed as hard as I could and saw he had trouble with his tires because there was smoke every time he braked. I couldn't believe I was gaining on him, but unfortunately he spun on lap 40 just before I could try to make any moves. Finished without being lapped!

    Congratulation to podium and finishers. I think the level has increased this season (or maybe I was slower than usual :tongue:).

    Thank you again Nicolai for organizing this event. See you for the next race. Where is that? Answer: Nurburgring
  8. Congratulations Mark, Gaetano and Christian R!:trophy::trophy::trophy:

    Thank you all for the race. What a race! :cool:

    Q 13th – Does it matter? Started 10th I think.

    Race 6th – I got a clean start. Up the Hanger straight I was behind David T with the reining champion Reik behind me. Oh dear! :) hehe... It didn't last too long and Reik was past me into Stowe.

    A few errors ahead of me around Brooklands and I was up to 8th and behind Vincenzo. Vince went over the curb at Copse and I was through and behind David T. It stayed like this until Lap 5 when Reik made an error at Chapel and I passed him! Woohoo! :) Again it didn't last long and he passed me next lap at Stowe again.

    Lap 19 and Reik recovered from another off and I was ahead of him. This time I more or less held position until the pit stop. Reik made a pass into Abbey but he went deep and I regained position until my ill fated pit stop.

    Following David T into the lane, we shared the same pit box. I stalled twice trying to judge the line. I am not use to driving into cars. :) Eventually I got there but lost several seconds after re-starting twice and shuffling forward. Oh well...

    I came out behind Vincenzo and I knew from the first stint that we were close to identical in lap times. About 5 laps from home Vincenzo went wide at Brooklands and I passed for 6th place. It was an epic battle lap after lap with you Vince. Thank you. :)

    Finished in 6th place and on the lead lap! Very very happy. :)

    There were a lot text chat messages during the race and I wont use them this season. However, be assured that I am grateful when you allow me past and I am very very sorry if ever there is contact. And of course it is "no problem" should there be a bump. :)

    Sorry for Tim and those who had connection issues....Thank you all who I passed. Thank you RD, Nico and Presto.

  9. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Im 17 in Q not my PB worse 0,800 but at last not a bad place.Start race clean saw only 2 or 3 smoke and some car on grass but think a clean race.Yes Nico first 23laps you are in my tail and same you I miss my pit place and when Im in pit out lost 3sec. CONGRATULATIONS to TEAM Nicolai,they work well at box AHAHAHAHAHAH:).after this I tried push but no changes along race always 4 or 5 sec.But at the end of race I saw Nicolai that tried to recover the track so for me easy overtake (really correct Nico) only 2 defensive laps and race is gone.12th place
    Congratulations all finisher

    Thanks Nico for race and C U all on next track
  10. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Well, what can I say

    Q, well off my best, P6

    Then as we move from warm up to race, straight away everyone but me is on the grid, so I went to look in the race cam and sure enough I can't see anyone, I asked the question in chat and no reply so I can only assume I've fallen off the server:eek:

    I went back into the lobby and the server said "practice" but also 25/25, I tried to join but "server full" I wasn't sure if the race had started or not so I dare not message anyone in steam chat so I was in cyber limbo for a while, then Nico messaged me, after some attempts I managed to get back in, all I can say is a big thanks to all for being top blokes and helping me back in:cool: and I'm really sorry if it caused people to have to leave b4 the race finished, Sean?)

    Race, started ok, picked up a couple of places, then around lap 6ish as we exit luffield then cars in front froze and then vanished (like an old oak table:tongue:) so pulled off towards the pit lane, as I sat there for a bit, feeling utterly deflated, bugger me! they all reappear again so I went down the pit lane and re-joined almost last

    I then realised that all was not well with my connection as the timing to that car in front seemed to jump about +- 4 secs at will, I was nervous about me being possibly invisible to others and my confidence was shot to bits so I choose to esc. to be on the safe side

    Bit disappointing really, see you all in Germany

  11. Congratulations!! Mark, Gaetano and Christian..

    Q 11th - started 09

    Race 7th -

    Yes Peter, nice battle! :cool: to many laps with a lot of pressure..

    finally my computer was working good!..:D

    Sorry! Tim about the issues

    See u next:wink:
  12. Glad you had a good race David.

    As far as I know judging from the race reports the race start was almost perfect, so the practice is good for something.

    If people are more willing to push it in the practice start, then they havent understood the point of the practice start.

    We are NOT practicing to do "a good"= fast start, but to concentrate on situational awareness rather than jostling for position, and get everyone safely through the first corners.

    I dont mind practicing the starts. The frustration last night was from the disconnects etc. It is a pity though when the race gets delayed so much that people can't finish. Even people one or two hours in front of UK time can get problems when the start is delayed more than 30 mins.

    Perhaps a lot of things would be simpler if a latest time to join was fixed - "join-time-limit". It should be at the end of practice in my opinion, 20.00 GMT/21.00 CET. If you have not joined at that time you are not allowed to join and reserves are allowed to join. No one is allowed to join during the practice starts and qually, except if they were already there at the "join-time-limit" but were disconnected.

    We practice two weeks for the race we should be able to commit to be there before qually starts.

    This would also save us the "load car" problems when people join during qually as well as the hi hi chat during qually for late joiners.

    I realize some people have busy lives and find it hard to join earlier, but I guess that many late joiners could have joined earlier if they had to adjust their schedules to a "join-time-limit" at the end of pracitice.

    Another thing is that I think we should consider single lap qualifying. It would save us a lot of time. With 25 people on track lots of laps are wasted anyway.
  13. HI

    I cant say that is very difficult for be there in the right time, in the first 2 mound be-course i train fodball team from 19,30 to 21.00 and i home 21.15, and cant not Se any problem to join in the qual, just u there before is stop.
    when u make qual whit 25 driver u need to see map where u can get some space to make god lap. i do not hope is gonna be super pole.

    Mark Sørensen
  14. [FONT=&quot]Congratulations Mark Gaetano and Christian[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Good safe start from everyone, that’s the way it should be. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Team Aqua Vista[/FONT]
  15. Congratulations to Mark, Zizzo ,Christian , to all finishers and to the organiser who have done a great job today and i believe most of you had an excited race :good:

    i am sorry if i interfered in your race today, i planned last minute to be on the reserved side and i got a bit overexcited when i saw everyone on track and then i misunderstood the message to join last minute just before race starts as i thought some decided to leave the race but they actually were trying to rejoin...i did not mean to take anyone spot :)..

    hopefully I can make the next race if there were a room for me :)


  16. Congratulations to Zizzo ,Christian , to all finishers and to the organiser

    Race report from SilverStone:

    Qual 1: I was very happy with my time, it was a new best time for me 1,13,7, and sorry to see two Reik internet go down, we were very close in timing.

    Race 1: Must say I was nervous in the beginning of the race, had just been to hard training, was a bit tired in the body.
    the start was really good for me, quickly gained a small hole down to Gaetano zizzo and felt that I should just drive safely and not push too much, so decided to save a bit on the tires for they were not too hot.
    but on lap 18-19 i puss to hard and go into the wall got suspstion Damage: (very stupid because there was no reason to push it at the time was 16 sec in front off Zizzo.
    So the next few laps I was thinking Whether it be worth making it in the pit because it probably would take 10 seconds time, but decided to do it.
    It took a lot of time in the pits, could see in my mirrors that zizzo was close now 4-5 sec.
    But decided to take it easy and not make some mistakes, just drive safely again.
    could see that zizzo was in an accident with another driver. quickly got a good hole down to him.
    But again I should just try to push it again because I could see reik a little ahead of me, it's not every day that happen you can take the master with a round: =) i get some good space from reik to overtake him but in next corner i spin:(
    But got the car back on the track and drove it home safely.
    Thanks for a great race, thanks to all the drivers who safely be taken with 1 lap, and gave plenty of room it was very profetsonelet. thx all.

    Sorry for tim and reik there ha some internet problem, hope to see back in top next race.

    Thanks for a really good league, good drivers see u all on next race.

    Mark Sørensen
  17. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations to Mark, Zizzo and Christian.
    Thx all for an enjoyable evening/morning

    Q; 15, I got my usual grid spot. Hurray!

    Race: 15
    I was a bit unlucky in braking to Vale on the first lap. Just before apex I got a hit on my rear left wheel and got a suspension problem.

    After all the years driving virtual racing cars, I should have been able to keep the car on track with some short shifting and early braking, but I failed and lost front wing. I had to go in for repairs and got out in 24th and last position.

    When the car was OK again I started to climb. I feel unlucky though, all my opponents in front of me left track in some way or another before it got to any close encounters.

    Thanks Nicolai and PrestoGP for another great arrangement.
    But you might consider to leave out five of the practise starts next time (attempted joke):)

    Thanks team mate Kurt for letting me by to unlap myself.

    I look forward to doing better at the next event.
  18. I can see your problem Mark. How would you feel if one of your footballers always arrived 5 mins before the whistle to start the match?

    I realize you are a very important driver for the League Mark, and I am sure something could be arranged to fit you in. :)
  19. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i get what your sayin Graham, but the amount of practise starts we had last night done nothing to help the situation, alot of the disconnects couldve been the fact that the server was cycled through sessions at least 4 times, the server sees this is a reconnect by all drivers.

    and i agree with you that the real start was almost perfect......because there was a lot more riding on it, folk werent willing to push as hard as they did in each of the practise starts, because the rest of their race depended on it, in the practise start we know that we have 1 lap and whatever happens happens so people mentallity change from "i better be carefull" to "its only a practise start".

    next time id vote either 1 practise start or none, but the disconnects is part of having the internet, its never guarenteed so not much we can do about this apart from when everyones on the server and ready, then we should start, if someone disconnects during the race then sorry but id be voting that we continue, last night people had to goto work and to bed and to upset the majority for 1 or 2 doesnt seem fair to me.

    only my opinion guys.


    p.s im not moaning at Nico or any of the guys who disconnected, last night was a situation ive never experienced in presto races before, everything seemed to go against the RD last night it was unfortunate, it can all be right for nurburgring, as long as we dont get too carried away with these practise starts, we have roughly 2 weeks to practise, lets make the practise night the week before the place to do the practise starts, then at least race night is free and clear (except disconnect problems)
  20. I still dont understand this David. Since the Race Director says he won't let us go until we get it right, then obviously "i better be careful" is the way to go. And since no race position is to be gained, why push at all?