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Post Patch 2 Tyre Bug Workaround

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Andrew Bortz, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    So far we have got 2 tyre bug both that has taken a few hours to find a workaround on the CM forums.

    1st When exiting the pits if you use the drive out option you will put wear onto a different set of tires each time you go out in the same session even if you select the same tyre.

    The workaround for this is to use the Flying Lap instead, although not perfect for the likes of me who like my outlap it does solve the issue.

    The problem is this in race weekends tyre wear at the end of each session is being transfered from one session to another.

    To avoid this part of the bug all you need to do is upon returning to the pits is select a completely fresh set of tires.

    Hopefully both items will be sorted out by other means.

    Unfortunately R&D objectives have no workaround so i guess the quicker you manage to do the time the better.

    Not sure about online mode will update above as and when I find out.

    Thank you to all the PS3 guys over at CM forums for taking the time to straighten it out.
  2. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Thanks Andrew for informing us on a workaround for this.
  3. This post sums up the current findings pretty well.
  4. Why should we have to do annoying workarounds, why can't they just fix it.
  5. because it's not as easy as fixing one issue and it's all honky doory, it doesn ot work like that any modder / game developer will tell you this.

    By fixing one item you could break 1 item or 5 items, patching is not always easy to do, look at Dice, they make wonderful games aswell as simbin, no1 can get it perfect or right.

    It's a no win situation, as alot of guys we're complaining about the patch taking to long, and now that it's out their still moaning saying the game is broken and should have stayed in testing longer.

    i don't like codemaster's , but kudos for them and sticking to their word supporting the game, 2 patches so far which rivals F1 2010, are we going to see a repeat and CM will abonden 2011 now and fully work on 2012?
  6. Hi all,

    Although I do agree with the above statement to an extent we need to keep one thing in mind: Modders are hobbyists with a lot of talent and get paid with our gratitude. CM on the other hand....well.....do you believe they earn millions on a product like F1 2011? CORRECT! Therefore I disagree as to have too much understanding. Instead of boxing BETA rubbish they should test BEFORE release. ANd dont tell me n1 gets it right. My answer to that: GEOFF CRAMMOND. A guy that still knows how to properly program in assembler and the like. A REAL master of the code not like Codeloosers.
    Well that is my 5 cents.
  7. If you start a "Bring back Geoff Crammond" petition, i'll sign it (many times)! :)
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  8. Have you ever developed anything? This particular bug requires an if .... else .... conditional into the piece of code that puts new tyres. Any second year IT student given access to the source code could patch this in 20 minutes, seriously.
  9. I want to find out for pc, is patch 1.2 patch2? And where is the link?
  10. Is patch 1.2 patch 2?
  11. yes, it is
  12. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Same here Bill. And if he wont come back. Have a "Give the F1 License to project C.A.R.S." petition.
  13. Rob Hermans

    Rob Hermans
    Shortening straights and straightening bends ©

    This part of your question wasn't answered, so try this:


    But next time, try to remember the old adage: "Google is your friend" :rolleyes:
  14. hi
    RaceDepartment - Error WHY
  15. Don't talk nonsense. Any second year IT student will know that you can't make a comment like that without any access to the code you're talking about.

    It drives me crazy that Codemasters can't seem to fix something without another thing breaking (even if I can't replicate this error myself), but it isn't half as annoying as the people who seem to think one line of code amongst likely millions would've sorted it and they know best.
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  16. How about keeping Andrews help thread free of our personal opinions on the patch?

    There are plenty of other threads to go and let rip with your indepth know-how on patching applications guys!
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  17. Sorry but no. Anybody with minimum experience developing code has a fair idea of how a big program is structured and modularized (key word). It is totally irrelevant how many millions of lines of code the program has, the method in charge of picking the tyres on a pit out is a module totally independent of (for example) network code, physical model or graphical engine. It just needs to examine a few parameters (the available tyres, the requested type, and the type of session P/Q/R) and based on that modify the attributes of the car with the appropiate set. If the session is P or Q, the behaviour of last version, if it is R, the behaviour of patch 2. A totally deterministic algorithm, no side effects, not dependent on real time input, you don't get it any easier than that.

    I know a quite a bit about what I am talking. This particular bug can happen, but the solution is trivial.
  18. You've made a pretty huge assumption there, haven't you? You obviously meant how a big program *should* be structured, and it hinges entirely on that.

    Since Codies can't implement such a "trivial" solution, I have my doubts that they can made the game launch in the first place. Either that, or you have no idea of the circumstances under which they're working.
  19. Oh, the game must be minimally structured of we would not get even to the loading screen. I don't think that assuming that is programmed using OOP (and not, for example, in BASIC with a lot of goto's :D ) is such a leap of faith.

    I don't think they can't implement the solution (my bet is that some dev already spotted the mistake in the code yesterday, right after the bug was discovered), another question is if they want/can release another patch.

    I also read some comments from last year that give me an idea of the working environment at CM birmingham, I actually think the developers did some fine work, nobody to the date has ever programmed anything bigger than notepad without a huge ridiculous bug. The problem is mainly a) that there is not enough testing (which should be done by other employees of CM) and b) CM is a rat company that does not assign a cent to support their products. With just one or two people they could keep releasing as many patches as needed to fix all that needs fixing (many game companies do).
  20. Sorry.