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Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 CSR Elite Edition

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Dan Coldrick, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Has anyone got this wheel and pedals? is it worth the price? I'm seriously thinking about getting this wheel/pedal combo.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I've currently got a G25 but think I want a belt drive wheel.
  2. What wheel are you buying?

    CSR Elite
    GT3 RS V2

    if it´s the two latter, then stay. It´s a jump up in feel but i would instead buy a CSW/CSR Elite/T500RS
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  3. I'm more after fixing the rattling you get with the G25 and really fancy a belt driven wheel, it's the GT3 I was think of getting, I can't afford to drop £450 on a CSR elite or 350 on a T500RS.

    Are you saying the GT3 isn't any good then? I can sell my G25 to my mate anyway for £75 so it makes it only £150 for a load cell set of pedals and GT3?
  4. No its a good wheel dont worry. Buy it.

    Although i would take another route.
    Sell pedals, buy CSP's, wait until you can afford a CSR Elite/CSW/T500 (even a used one)
    And go from there,

    But you wont regret buying the GT2/3/CSR
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  5. I wish I didn't waste my money on clubsport pedals. I feel like there is minimal difference other than a miniscule load cell. The Sim Sport Hydraulic pedals look pretty sweet though, but at $1500 that's obviously out of your range... BUT maybe not mine! ( I have to think about it... ;))
    But in every bit of honesty, with the $$ your looking at investing I don't think your going to get as big a jump up as your thinking. After modifying the force feedback of the G25 with http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/rfactor-better-ffb-tutorial.24307/ what a significant difference!
    Don't get me wrong, I have a GT3RSV2 sitting in a box beside my cockpit, but it's not what you think. Waiting for an adapter because I have no use for stock wheels anymore. I am patiently awaiting my adapter to see how much better the belt drive is but I'm not super confident (yet).

    If the reply I am writing don't make the sense that I intended it on making than what I'm trying to say is SERIOUSLY try the FFB mod before you give up on the G25. In the time it will take for you to get bored of the amazing feel still not being smooth enough (which is the point I am at with my G25) you'll have more $$ saved up to get a better wheel. Wish I waited, the money I would have had would cover the cost of the CSW instead of having a GT3RSV2 sitting there.


    Just forget what I'm saying because I've been drinking... :D
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  6. I hope to be ordering the GT3 RS with elite pedals very soon, but I have no G25 to compare it with (I have a old Logitech Momo wheel).
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  7. Well I've pulled the trigger and went for the gt3 wheel and CSR elite pedals, I'll post back here once they turn up and post a little review.
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  8. Sweet, if I'm lucky you'll get yours before I order mine xD
  9. Wheel and pedals turned up :) can't play til tomorrow tho :-(
  10. Sweet! Please do share your experience with it! Whether you feel it's an upgrade from the G25 or a side grade (or even worse, but I'm not expecting that :p).
  11. Had my first play, Kjell definitely worth it!!!! :)

    Feels alot better than my old G25 especially in rfactor 2 (no more rattling), iracing feels good too. I'm struggling with the pedals at the mo but that's supposed to be normal when moving to a load cell brake. The wheel is a bit thicker than the G25, feels like its better quality. More buttons than a G25/7, all on the wheel which is nice :)

    I'd say go for it mate.
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  12. Sweeeet I can't wait till I get mine! If just someone would buy my damn guitar it'd be ordered in a split second :p
    Btw, how long did it take from you ordered till you had yours?
  13. Monday and delivered yesterday.

    I ordered on Saturday but that doesn't really count as it was the weekend. I've been playing with it all day, getting better with the brakes now also getting used to the FFB a bit more and it feels so much better than the G25.
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  14. Finally sold my guitar! Gonna order the wheel and pedals ASAP, just need to get the damn cash on to my bank account somehow :p
  15. Still no regrets here :) enjoy
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  16. Finally placed the order for mine! :D
    I'm so stoked I can barely contain my excitement! LOL
  17. Fingers crossed it'll be with you by the end of the week!
  18. Just wrapped up my first evening of testing the package, first impressions where "ok", was expecting more powerful FFB, but after messing with settings and driving for a while I found it better and better. It's more detailed than the Momo I had, smoother, and a LOT more quiet! I LOVE IT! :D
    Now to buy a shifter soon! :p
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  19. Don't need a shifter :p Paddles FTW :p Yeah deffo play with the settings Kjell, I've found different settings are needed for different sims
  20. Kacper Kolodziejczyk

    Kacper Kolodziejczyk
    Keep calm and race on! Premium

    I'm on a G25 right now, and am about to buy pedals or wheel+pedals from Fanatec in couple of months. I am thinking of the set you 2 guys bought, or getting the Clubsport V2 pedals. if it was to be the pedals themselves I'd have no hope of getting €170 for the wheel for at least 9-10 months afterwards (so no hope of getting T500 or CSW). I'm kinda annoyed by the loudness of the wheel, as you Dan have gone through the change exact would you say the wheel set would be the better way to go than just the pedals? :)