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Mods Physics Fine-Tuning MOD [Deleted]

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16 | Valentino Rossi The Game Mods' started by Giovaneveterano, Jul 5, 2016.

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  1. Giovaneveterano submitted a new resource:

    Physics Fine-Tuning MOD - PFT mod is back! True realism and challenge against the AI

    Read more about this resource...
  2. I hope the online sheet will be full before the end of this month.
    I appreciate any type of feedback, but keep in mind that more of the values I put into the game are real, so I use less my immagination to bring this game as close as possible to the real thing.
    Thanks to all of you
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  3. I need to restart my career?
  4. No
  5. Tried your mod and found out that is a great physic/realistic mod, but just 2 important things are wrong:
    1) drivers brake too late and don't take the exact turn corner angle
    2) drivers in some tracks (sepang and valencia for example) crash in some turns due to going over the curbs...
  6. I know. Be patient, it's an alpha version, AI is rought and not optimised at all, I'll fix that out.
    Anyway thanks for the feedback, I appreciate so much
  7. I updated the excel sheet (Moto3, Jerez) and commented also with the rider I used. I don't know if it's necessary or maybe u don't want to have comments in this file. Just tell me then haha :D

    I like riding with this mod, thank you!
  8. I appreciate, thanks for the support.
  9. Thank's to Dyego I addes lines to specific motogp bike behaviour:
    • Ducati GP16: fastest on straight line, great for smooth tracks but very physical to drive, slow under braking
    • Ducati GP15: a little bit slower than GP16 on change of direction and corner entry
    • Ducati GP14.2: less lean angle, less snappy out of slow corners
    • Yamaha M1 2016: best bike of the grid, smooth, stable and well balanced
    • Yamaha M1 2015: smooth, stable but with less lean angle than 16 version and less top speed
    • Honda RCV213 2016: jerky, fast and super aggressive bike, superb to hit the apex and under braking
    • Honda RCV213 LCR: same as factory one but with less lean angle and a little more aggressive
    • Honda RCV213 Marc-VDS: less lean angle, less traction, really rought to ride
    • Aprilia RSGP: slow on straight line, not really good in fast corners
    • Suzuki GSX RR: light and smooth bike, not so powerful but really nice to ride
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  10. Thanks for the update!
    Do you need a overwrite of the current times or are good anyway???
  11. If you were riding the M1 not much different.
    At the moment moto2 and moto3 are the priority
  12. Oook, I have done a video from Crutchlow(AI) view:

    Here you can see the AI pace problem when Human overtake them... I hope that can help you :)
  13. Is the problem that they are trying to avoid you?
    Either AI overtakes you and makes you crash or it doesn't so you don't crash
    Short blanket
  14. They are not smart. That problem is really hard to solve, because I have no idea what's going on here
  15. Does this work for all categories and eras? I'm playing gp 16 for now but you know i would love to try some of the older eras aswell :D
  16. No man, not at the moment.
    Alpha version is not 1.0
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  17. MOTOGP - Movistar Yamaha

    I feel the bike awkward, don't know explain how... I think is because i'm doing a mod too...

    When i starts to enter into a corner i feel the bike rotating on its center. I do not feel like that is the front tire doing resistance...
  18. You are right! I have the exact same feel! I'm working on it, maybe it's the inertiaZ value too low
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